By George A. Boyd © 2014

A fundamental principle of the mind is identification. It has a major role in personal and spiritual life; it governs what we will become—and when we become that—what we will do, be, and have, once we have attained it.

At the personal level, let us say you want to become a plumber. You imagine, visualize what it will be like to become a plumber. You decide to make that happen. You go to school. You complete your apprenticeship. You become a journeyman plumber. You get your state license.

When this is accomplished, you realize, I am a plumber—and you can now be a plumber in the eyes of the community and the State. Then you can do plumbing professionally. You can have the income that plumbers make, and the satisfaction of serving people in the community.

The same thing is true in the spiritual life. Let us say you are completely blown away by a Yogi Preceptor, and you decide you want to attain that state of consciousness. You imagine what it would be like. You begin the Path to becoming a Yogi Preceptor by taking initiation. You practice a transformative meditation that transforms your cosmic consciousness progressively through the bands of the First Cosmic Initiation. After sustained practice, you break through all barriers, and finally attain the Guru Padam, where you fully become a Yogi Preceptor.

Now you are a Yogi Preceptor. You can do what Yogi Preceptors do: teach, guide, initiate, and counsel others, and embody the goal to them. You can now have what Yogi Preceptors have: spiritual powers, respect and reverence from others, and the ability to assist others to reach this same attainment.

That dream with which you identify, be it a personal goal or a spiritual one, is crucial to your life, because it creates your destiny.

Identify with nothing, and you repose in being, and float though life, monitoring the present moment.

Desire something and dream of attaining it, and you will mobilize your entire mind to assist you become it.

Be careful what you decide is worthy for you to become. Some people dream of being gang members, human traffickers, drug dealers, terrorists, thieves, murderers, rapists, and dictators—and bring evil and suffering to many, when they realize that dream.

Your mind is a dream-fulfilling mechanism. Therefore, dream noble dreams, aspire to greatness, a noble and magnanimous character, to excellence, to goodness, and to become an instrument of love and Grace, and make the world blessed because you are here.

Do not settle for mediocrity. Do not follow the crowd. The genie stands before you and asks, “Oh Master, what dream may I fulfill for you?” Choose well, for what you dream; and that with which are fully identified, you shall become.

What Is Your Calling?

By George A. Boyd © 2018

Q: How do you know what your calling is? How do I recognize it?

A: There are two types of calling: Purpose and Divine Calling.

Purpose is the Soul’s expression in your human life. It operates through your personality. It has three aspects:

  1. Talent – This occurs when your Soul calls you to express a talent you’ve already developed in your career, in a volunteer setting, or in a hobby. A talent operates in the personality—the expression of a talent brings you joy and satisfaction.
  2. Skills Augmentation – This arises when your Soul calls you to refine an existing skill through discovery and intensive practice to become a direct, masterful and elegant expression of your Soul. This transforms a talent into genius through building a bridge to the Soul through the Superconscious mind.
  3. Purpose Enactment – This appears when your Soul expresses its gifts in your human life directly—your Soul specifically guides you to carry out specific actions towards a goal. This is called your extrinsic or expressed Soul Purpose.

In a Divine Calling, you work with spiritual Master to develop your spiritual essences to Liberation and Mastery. This supervising Initiate assists you complete your spiritual journey, while you practice sustained meditation until you attain Liberation. There are four aspects to Divine Calling:

  1. You consciously experience that you have a calling to unfold your spiritual essence and fulfill your intrinsic Soul Purpose.
  2. You experience the awakening of spiritual devotion and you yearn to reunite your spirit with the Divine. You have a calling to experience spiritual salvation.
  3. You have a powerful drive to develop the Soul’s abilities, wisdom, and love to the highest extent, so you can help others using your spiritual powers and wisdom. This leads you to activate the latent abilities within you, and fulfills the Soul’s potentials through its form on every Plane of Life.
  4. You complete your development of tracks 4, 5, and 6, and you reach the shores of mastery. The Divine anoints you and gives you a mission to carry out in service to humanity—to initiate, guide, teach, counsel, heal, and minister.

The most common type of calling is talent (1). Most people discover their talent as a passion, a powerful interest, or something they love to do. You typically uncover your talent during your education, or while you are training for your career. Once you uncover your talent, you work with it until you are proficient, and then you share it with others. You express your talents in your career, in your own business, and in your hobbies.

You reach the skills augmentation stage (2) when you already have an established talent, but you have this inner drive that compels you explore how far you can take this skill. It is this drive that turns a regular musician into a virtuoso or a maestro; or an entry-level employee into a leader and chief executive officer of a company. This calling drives you to excellence and mastery of a skill.

When your Soul awakens, it may guide your personality to carry out an aspect of its expressed Soul Purpose (3). When this occurs, you may experience that something greater than your Self is expressing its gifts and genius through you. Sometimes you may also intuit that you have a mission that your Soul directs you to complete in your life, and you are aware of this inner directive every day.

When your Divine Calling stirs you, you begin to work on spiritual development, unfolding your Soul (4), opening the path to freedom for your spirit (5), and developing your latent abilities, wisdom, and love (6). When this process is complete, you ultimately reach spiritual Mastery (7).

In Mudrashram®, we specifically teach you how to discover your Soul’s extrinsic Soul Purpose (3), and how to develop your spiritual essences to respond to your Divine Calling (4), (5), and (6).

Those of you who are attempting to discern your genuine Soul Purpose from the siren voices of your mind may enjoy our Purpose Workshop in our Public webinar series, which shows you how to uncover this core of purpose within you.[Click on the Public webinar tab.]

Those whom the Divine calling has awakened to the quest for spiritual homecoming, will benefit from our intermediate courses, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program. These will train you in how to unfold your Soul (4), how to open the Path of the spirit (5), and how to develop your latent abilities, wisdom, and love (6). If you follow this track to its culmination, you will journey step-by-step to Mastery (7)

If you are able to tap into your Soul’s intuitive stream, you might ask your Soul these three questions to clarify the three aspects of calling for your Purpose:

  • “Show me the talents I have. What is the best way for me to use these talents?”
  • “Show me what skills I am developing, so they will be refined to the highest degree. What will it look like when I am expressing this skill at the highest level? What do I need to do to arrive there?”
  • “Show me what aspects of your purpose you are enacting in my life. How can I cooperate with you to ensure your purpose is completed?”

Once you know your calling, you will move ahead in your life with clarity and confidence, knowing that you are doing what you were born to do—and in carrying out your calling, you are also making a difference in the lives of others.

Patterns of Demonization of the Personality

By George A. Boyd ©2016

When disciples and devotees of spiritual traditions that operate outside the cutting edge of spirituality develop stage four imbalances—to the point where they fully identify with the nucleus of identity, ensouling entity, or spiritual essence cultivated in their Path and ultimately develop this essence to the full extent they can using the techniques they practice—it is common to find that in the groups where they learn these techniques, their ego and/or personality are demonized.

Demonization of personality occurs when:

  1. The group’s spiritual teaching holds that the ego is a snare or hindrance holding their disciples or devotees back from spiritual realization, and teaches them how to recognize the activity of the ego.
  2. The group’s spiritual teaching advocates that the ego be dismantled, destroyed, or dissolved, so their disciples or devotees can achieve enlightenment.
  3. The group’s spiritual teaching suggests that a Cosmic Force of Evil (Satan) or Illusion (Maya) placed the ego within human beings, and that disciples and devotees must be constantly vigilant to avoid having these forces deceive them.
  4. The group’s spiritual teaching urges that their disciples or devotees keep their attention fixed in an altered state of consciousness, so they can suppress or stop the ego’s functioning.
  5. The group’s spiritual teaching only identifies ego with its defensive and manipulative functioning band; and its unconscious mind patterns, which we call, the shadow—and not with its positive and integrated functioning that enables the nucleus of the personality, the Self, and the Soul, to express through the body.
  6. The group’s spiritual teaching believes that entire human personality is evil and it is part of an evil world, so disciples or devotees must cling to the spiritual Master and remain continually in union with the nucleus of identity, ensouling entity, or spiritual essence cultivated in their Path to not waste their human life or let the wiles of evil seduce them.
  7. The group’s spiritual teaching disseminates techniques that enable their disciples and devotees to detach and dissociate from normal personality functioning and spend every waking moment in a trance-like, altered state of consciousness.

In Mudrashram® we point out that the integration centers of the Conscious mind (ego) and the Metaconscious mind (Self)—and the aspects of volition anchored in them—are not evil. No evil Cosmic Force has put them there—they are designed to be instruments to allow the Soul to operate directly on the environment through the body via the ego, and in the social world of other human beings through the Self. We advocate that you do spiritual work—temporarily entering an altered state of consciousness, and detaching and dissociating from the personality for the period of your meditation—but then, return to the fully grounded waking state of consciousness.

We propose that were this perspective embraced more widely by the spiritual groups that advocate demonization of the ego and the personality that we would see less disruption of personality functioning in those that adopt their practices, decreased absorption in trance-like states, and fewer instances of people adopting mindsets that picture a dark and evil world designed to trap or seduce them.

We suggest it is okay to be a human being, to make mistakes and learn from them, and not have to be perfect all of the time. We further advocate that your task at the level of the personality is to continue to improve your capacity to function by continuing to learn and gain new skills, so you can become a finer and better instrument for the Soul—more capable, and ready to carry forward the work you were meant to do in this life.

How Do You Verify Where the Soul Is on the Path?

By George A. Boyd ©2018

Many aspirants and disciples try to figure out where they are on the Path. There are a variety of strategies to ascertain this. These strategies include:

  1. You see your Soul and the track it is on. You delineate the Plane, Subplane, and nodal point where it dwells.
  2. A spiritual being—a Guru, spiritual guide, angel, Ascended Master, or the Holy Spirit—tells you where you are on the Path, and you believe this being.
  3. Your Soul’s discerning intuition tells you where it is on the Path, and you believe what it tells you.
  4. You experience the phenomena associated with a particular Subplane—for example, we describe the content of each Subplane of the Superconscious mind in the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course. You have intuitive insights, or develop spiritual abilities or virtues that are appropriate to that level—this corroborates your intuition about where your Soul is on the Path.
  5. You study each vehicle of consciousness, each Subplane, and each nodal point methodically. As a result, you are able to exactly locate where your Soul is on the Continuum. [The Mudrashram® Correspondence Course gives information about each nodal point, vehicle of consciousness, Subplane, Plane, and Division of the Great Continuum of Consciousness.]
  6. You experience Samadhi, complete union with your Soul. Your Illumined Mind discerns your exact level on the Path.
  7. You use a series of correspondences. You trace the seed atoms of your vehicles of consciousness up to your Soul. You know contextually from these correspondences that you are on a particular location of the Path.

Type one is possible for those aspirants and disciples who have developed clear inner seeing. While it is perhaps the most direct method, if their facility with inner seeing does not permit it, this type is inaccessible to many meditators who have not developed this faculty.

Type two, listening to a spiritual being, potentially introduces some errors. Different spiritual teachers may identify a particular spiritual essence as the core of who you are, and will note the progress of that essence towards its origin. For example:

  • Yogi Preceptors will see you as cosmic consciousness, and will note its progress through the Cosmic Body, relative to Brahman in the brain chakra of this form. They will guide your attention to unite with your cosmic consciousness.
  • Supracosmic Gurus look to the seed atom on their Path, and notes your progress towards the origin of this essence. A Transcendental Path Sat Guru will view your spirit, and notice what portion of the Nadamic channels that you have purified.
  • In Mudrashram®, in contrast, we identify your ensouling entity that is at your cutting edge of spirituality and reveal to you where it is on the Great Continuum of Consciousness.

Type three, your Soul’s intuition, may misinterpret similar themes and phenomena, and wrongly place your location on the Path. For example, the theme of three mountains with a sun behind appears

  • At the top of the Lower Astral Subplane of the Subtle Realm
  • On the bridge between the golden sun at the top of the Wisdom Plane and the doorway to the First Planetary Initiation
  • In the Second Cosmic Initiation, as the veil over the presence of cosmic soul awareness
  • On the Second Transcendental Path, as the abode of the Lord of the Causal Plane
  • On the Seventh Transcendental Path, as one of the stages you encounter when remembering and reuniting attention with Satchitananda

So without contextual understanding of the Great Continuum of Consciousness, and recognition of your cutting edge ensouling entity, your intuition can lead you astray as to where you are on the Path.

Type four, having experiential phenomena characteristic to a particular stage on the Path, can give you clear indicators of where you are on the Path. But like type three, it is subject to the potential error of mistaking the phenomena, abilities, knowledge, or virtues of one Plane for another. For example, the power of levitation, appears:

  • As a special Grace for a Saint in the courts of the Lord in the First Mesoteric Initiation
  • As a power of the Ascended Master in the Second Initiation
  • As a power that the Soul encounters on the Fifth Initiation
  • As a power that is anchored in the Ideational Plane in the First Cosmic Initiation
  • As a power that is released upon attainment of a particular stage on selected Supracosmic or Transcendental Paths

Type five, study of each band of the mind and each vehicle of consciousness, can give you exact knowledge of where the Soul is, but most aspirants and disciples do not have access to the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course, where you perform this methodical vehicle-by-vehicle and level-by-level study.

Type six, entering into Samadhi, is well beyond the proficiency of most beginning meditators. We introduce you to the different levels of Samadhi in our Samadhi Week Program, which those who complete our advanced meditation program, the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation, are eligible to study.

Type seven, locating the Soul through its reflections on each Plane, requires that you be able to access the seed atom of each vehicle of consciousness your Soul animates and a recognition of where each of these seed atoms dwell in relation to the Soul. This implies that you have a perspective or model that reveals to you that when a seed atom appears in a certain way, it is at a certain level, which indicates your Soul has evolved to a certain stage.

For example, if your Moon Soul or Christ Child nucleus of identity is in the second ring in the Courts of the Lord in the First Mesoteric Initiation, it means your Soul is taking the Second Initiation. This same one-to-one correspondence appears at each vehicle of consciousness, and can be used as a bridge to unite your attention with the Soul, and to also identify where the Soul is on the Path.

We teach this method for identifying seed atoms of each vehicle of consciousness in the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation. Those without the contextual knowledge of the Great Continuum of Consciousness, however, may not be able to use this method to clearly target where the Soul dwells.

We recommend that you learn about each of these methods and identify one that enables you to track the progress of your Soul reliably. It is possible for you to know beyond a shadow of a doubt where your Soul dwells and the Rays that animate and express your Soul through your personality.


Reflections on Fantasy and the Veiling Power of the Mind

By George A. Boyd © 2018

Q: Many religions base their teachings upon myths. Aren’t these just fantasies?

A: It is important to understand the different levels of fantasy, myth, and the unconscious mind’s veiling of spiritual essences. These different levels are described below.

  1. Conscious fantasy – This occurs when you keep your attention in the state of reverie or free association. At this level, you are simply witnessing the stream of consciousness that arises in the mind at the current time, without judgment or attempts to alter it.
  2. Directed fantasy – You use directed fantasy when you are brainstorming to get ideas relevant to a particular topic. You might invite your mind to suggest every possible solution to a problem, which you simply write down as they come to you. In creativity, you might utilize this function to come up with different perspectives or backgrounds in a painting, or to call to mind alternative melodic refrains when composing music.
  3. Story-telling fantasy – When you make up a story or a joke, you are tapping this level of the mind. You may also recount—and sometimes embellish—stories that were told to you, or elaborate episodes from your own experience. In this case, the tale you weave is about a person—either yourself or someone else, and you tell a story about them. In many cultures, these stories may be a part of folklore; people retell legends about kings or queens, heroes, or great warriors. Many movies and novels draw their inspiration from this level of fantasy. This level is about human beings, who may have done humorous, remarkable, or heroic things.
  4. Archetypal fantasy – These are the myths that you witness in the Superconscious mind about gods, goddesses, angels, and other spiritual beings. When you tap into this dream-like dimension of your higher mind, sometimes these archetypal beings interact with you: they may show you the phenomena of the worlds over which they have purview or give you inspired discourse. You may access this level when you are passively traveling on the inner Planes, such as when you are intoxicated with a hallucinogenic or anesthetic drug. You may also experience this zone of fantasy in dreams in which your astral body is drawn up into your Superconscious mind—these are sometimes called teaching or revelatory dreams.
  5. Religious fantasy – These consist of a series of archetypes that are embedded in a particular band of the Continuum, and are used as landmarks upon the inner journey on that track or Path. These archetypes become the inspiration for scriptures of holy texts of religious groups; interpretations of these scriptures or commentaries upon them derive from meditations on this level of the mind. These groups may use a variety of prayers or meditations to invoke the archetypal beings that array along this track, and receive their guidance, blessings, or support. Advanced disciples or Initiates of this spiritual tradition may guide your attention, your attentional principle, or your spirit through these corridors of the mind, showing you the sacred Arcanum of the their Path.
  6. The veiling power of the mind – This is the covering of the unconscious mind that conceals spiritual essences. These veils may cover seed atoms of vehicles of consciousness, nuclei of identity, the spirit upon a Path, or an ensouling entity. Initiatory traditions may use mystery tales, attunements, or mantras to reveal this essence, and to remove the veil that obscures it. Once this curtain of darkness is removed, this spiritual essence is freed to unfold along the track on which it dwells.
  7. The veiling power of the Horizon Effect – This is a limitation inherent in the techniques that spiritual teachers of different traditions disseminate that enables someone to travel to an apparent inner horizon on a Path, but to travel no further. As a result of this inherent cosmological horizon effect, spiritual teachings are locked into certain bands of the Great Continuum of Consciousness, and cannot conceive of anything beyond the form of the Divine they behold on their inner horizon—this highest being or Supreme form of God upon which their cosmology is founded.

Most religions operate from level five, where they promote belief in the archetypal beings that inhabit their Path, teach ways to commune with them. They may capture the spiritual experiences of their advanced disciples and Initiates in the scriptures or sacred texts of their tradition.

Those spiritual traditions that initiate others into awakening a selected spiritual essence seek to remove the veil over the essence with which they perform Pathwork. They perform their spiritual work at level six. They employ mantras, attunements, and other evocative methods that clear the track to this essence. Depending on which essence these traditions awaken and unfold, they may move these essences out of alignment with the axis of being—we describe this type of spiritual work as outside the cutting edge of spirituality.

The Spectrum of Methods that Unveil and Unfold Spiritual Essences

There are a variety of methods that can remove the veil over selected spiritual essences, and in many instances, unfold that essence along an inner track, where students of these traditions can experience the archetypes that array along that pathway. The most common essences that selected methods can awaken and unfold include:

  1. The seed atoms of selected Subtle Realm vehicles of consciousness
  2. The Soul Spark and its vehicle of consciousness
  3. The seed atoms of the vehicles of consciousness in the Biophysical Universe
  4. The seed atoms of the vehicles of consciousness in the Abstract Mind Plane
  5. The seed atoms of the vehicles of consciousness in the Psychic Realm
  6. The Moon Soul nucleus of identity
  7. The Solar Angel and the Mighty I AM Presence nucleus of identity
  8. The Soul and its vehicles of consciousness
  9. The cosmic consciousness nucleus of identity
  10. The cosmic soul awareness nucleus of identity
  11. The Avataric consciousness nucleus of identity
  12. The God consciousness nucleus of identity
  13. The Astral Soul and its vehicles of consciousness
  14. The Supracosmic seed atom upon each active Supracosmic Path
  15. The Supracosmic Soul and its vehicles of consciousness
  16. The spirit and the ensouling entity on Transcendental Paths one through five
  17. The spirit and the ensouling entity on the Bridge Path, and Transcendental Paths six and seven

Methods 2, 8, 13, 15, 16, and 17 unfold the ensouling entity at different bands of the Continuum.

Methods 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 14 transform specific nuclei of identity.

The other methods target seed atoms in vehicles of consciousness.

When spiritual work moves these essences off the axis of being, outside of the cutting edge of spirituality, it brings about a state of spiritual imbalance that brings about re-identification with the spiritual essence that these unveiling and unfolding methods activate.

Unfolding of a spiritual essence past a certain crucial stage brings about re-identification with this essence. Where this re-identification takes place depends on the native alignment of this essence relative to the axis of being.

When you move this spiritual essence a critical distance beyond this axis of being, there is a re-integration around this spiritual essence, and it becomes your new core identity. This critical distance can range from 24 nodal points to 108 nodal points or more.

At each level of spiritual work that produces misalignment, there is a key juncture where the mind “snaps” into a new state of identification. This can occur when:

  1. The veil over the essence is fully effaced
  2. The spiritual essence is moved along its track to a vital energetic nexus point

Re-identification type (a) is characteristic of religious conversion.

Re-identification type (b) is commonly associated with Kundalini syndromes and interference with personality functioning.

Those who are interested in learning more about what happens when this misalignment occurs in religious conversion and initiatory spiritual traditions will enjoy reading our book, Religions, Cults, and Terrorism: What the Heck Are We Doing?

We teach a transformational mantra that unfolds your ensouling entity and its vehicles of consciousness at the cutting edge of spirituality, which does not migrate any essences outside of the axis of being. Those interested in learning more about this can look into our intermediate courses, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation or the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program.

Aspirants will benefit from contemplating each of these levels of fantasy and the veiling power of the mind. This reflection helps you develop spiritual discernment.