How to Obtain A Meditation Consultation

There are three ways you can get a Meditation Consultation.

  1. You can order it directly from this web site. Go here
  2. You can send us a letter asking to set up a private meditation consultation. You can write to us at Mudrashram, Post Office Box 463, Venice CA 90294-0463. Let us know your name, address, a phone and/or e-mail where we can contact you.
  3. You can e-mail us with the same information at private at

Which Way Should You Approach Your Issue?

We have several readings and attunements, in addition to the meditation consultation, by which you can explore and get information on an area of concern. We offer you here a decision tree by which you can select the appropriate reading or consultation.

What Reading or Consultation is Best?

You want to learn how to meditate to achieve a specific result, e.g., to reduce your stress.

Meditation Consultation

You want to modify your current meditation practice to get better results, or you want to learn alternate techniques.

Meditation Consultation

You want to know what kind of result you are achieving through your current meditation practice.

Meditation Technique Analysis Reading

You want to know if you are on the right spiritual path.

Spiritual Teacher Compatibility Reading

You want to improve your ability to visualize or strengthen your will power.

Meditation Consultation

You want to learn to contact your Higher Self or commune with God.

Meditation Consultation

You have a personal issue for which you wish to obtain more clarity and gain understanding.

Guidance Channeling

You want to know where you are on the spiritual path and what is ahead.

Basic Soul Reading

You’ve been in a cult and you want to come back to normalized functioning.

Meditation Consultation

You want to understand the purpose of your life, or to make sense of why certain things have happened to you.

Past Life Reading

You want to know who you were in a past life, or where certain abilities you have originated.

Past Life Reading

You want to know where a hindrance to successful functioning and achievement of your goals arises.

Karma Reading

You want to learn new ways to gain insight and to use your intuition more effectively.

Meditation Consultation

You want to know the goal of your spiritual development.

Soul Purpose Reading