Higher Octave

What Is A Higher Octave Soul Reading?

A Higher Octaves of Spiritual Evolution grants a glimpse of your spiritual development in the Cosmic, Supracosmic and Transcendental Octaves of Being. It shows you your Path, your level of development and the teachers working with you at these profound levels.

What Will I Get from this Reading?

  • You will gain the knowledge about your spiritual development in these Higher Octaves of Being, and identify the essences aligned with your cutting edge of spirituality at these levels.
  • You will learn if you have created any spiritual imbalances from spiritual practices you did at these levels in this or other lifetimes.
  • You will learn about the lineages with which you have been affiliated, and the teachings that come from these sources.

When Do I Need this Reading?

  • If you have been doing meditation practices with spiritual groups whose lineages and teachings arise from the Cosmic, Supracosmic, or Transcendental Spheres, this reading will identify your cutting of spirituality for these higher octaves.
  • If you are having confusion about what spiritual path to follow and you have been initiated by more than one tradition.
  • If you have completed one of our intermediate meditation programs [level one]—either the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation or the Accelerated Meditation Program—and you plan to take the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation, this reading is a recommended adjunct to your study of this advanced [level two] program.
  • If you are having problems staying focused and grounded, this reading can reveal to you any imbalances you might produced using spiritual practices at these levels

Available In Person By Appointment By Mail Email Video (Skype or webinar)
About Your Photo Your picture should allow us to clearly see your eyes and face. There should be a space above your head. We prefer the photo should be from the chest up. Please no sunglasses! We need to see your eyes.
Mailing Your Photo? The photo should be wallet sized 2”x3” [5.4cm x 7.4cm] or above at the best resolution.
Emailing your Photo? We prefer that you send us photos with 300 dpi in TIF or PNG format, but JPG is all right. Make the size of the photo small with high resolution. Try to keep the file size under 1.5 megabytes if possible.
If you have not had a Basic Soul Reading, that reading will be included with this reading. The Basic Soul Reading is a prerequisite for this Reading. [You have had a Basic Soul Reading if you enrolled in the Accelerated Meditation Program or the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation.]

If you have a prior Basic Soul Reading, this will be updated and included with this Reading at no additional charge.


To Order the Higher Octave Soul Reading Reading

By Mail Mail your check or money order payable to Mudrashram Institute in US dollars to Mudrashram, Post Office Box 1424, San Jacinto, CA 92581 • Enclose a picture • Please let us know what reading(s) you are requesting
Online Email your picture to George@mudrashram.com