What Is Coaching?

The goal of coaching is personal transformation. It establishes a structured program to get you from where you are to what you wish to achieve. It holds you accountable, so instead of making excuses as to why you can’t succeed, it inspires you to be your best, and to achieve the results you want.

How is Coaching Different than A Meditation Consultation—either the Meditation Guidance type or the Practical Meditation type?

A consultation gives you key information that you need to resolve your problem, whereas coaching makes you dive deep into your own resources to get an answer.

A consultation is a problem-solving session; coaching is a step-by-step program that helps you achieve a defined result.

A consultation trains you and gives you tools; coaching challenges you transform to solve your problem, and to do what it takes to achieve your dream.

A consultation guides you; coaching empowers you.

There is also a greater investment of your time and money, as you will need to rise to a whole new level of performance to get the results you need.

When Will Mudrashram® institute Begin to Offer Coaching Programs?

We are nearly done with the process of preparing an on-line coaching program in five areas. We have augmented our on-line Introduction to Meditation Program and our Accelerated Meditation Program with group sessions and one-on-one coaching sessions. [Coaching for our meditation classes is now available. Select the group or individual coaching program for the class you wish to take.]

Why Do I Need Coaching?

To reach your goals, you will have to change. Coaching helps you change into what you need to be to reach your dreams. You can’t be a caterpillar, and expect to fly—you must become a butterfly.

If what you have been doing hasn’t been working, you need to find a new and better approach. After all, you can’t keep doing what you are doing now—which isn’t working—and expect better and different results can you?

If you need someone to challenge you—to kick your butt, to call you on your stuff, and accept no excuses—so that you can do and be your best, you need coaching. If you are content to stay where you are, coaching is not for you.

What Coaching Specialties Will Be Available?

Life Coaching – the next step for a practical meditation consultation. It provides a coherent program to actualize your personal vision and life goals by strengthening the will, enhancing the intuition, sharpening the intellect, creatively utilizing the imagination, focusing the energy of desire, improving the memory, and through self-programming successful behavior and healthy habits. This program is now available for everyone, our meditation students and the general public.

Meditation Breakthrough Coaching – The next step for a meditation consultation. This powerfully focuses you so you can make the breakthroughs your have been seeking in your meditation practice. You won’t get enlightened meditating 20 minutes a day! You need to do an intensive focus on the areas where you are having difficulty. You need to do whatever it takes to reach your spiritual goal.

This program is only available for our students currently enrolled in the on-line versions of the Accelerated Meditation Program or the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation, or those who have completed either program on-line or off-line. It is also open to those who are currently taking or who have completed the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation.

Cult Recovery Coaching – Getting over it and getting on with it. This will show you how to reintegrate yourself into daily life after involvement with a cult, how to re-own your authentic values and goals, and how to rediscover your Self. In short, you have wasted enough time on the waters of oblivion, and it’s time you get your life back! We show you how. This program is now available for everyone, our meditation students and the general public.

Dysfunctional Family Recovery Coaching – Letting go of your past and embracing your own life. This program will help you explore the issues that are holding you back and empower you to move forward in your life. This program is now available for everyone, our meditation students and the general public.

Addiction Recovery Coaching – Learning to live your life without your addiction controlling you. This program will lead you to the core of your addiction and empower you to make new, life-changing choices.
This program is now available for everyone, our meditation students and the general public.

What Will the Program Include?

All coaching programs will be available online by 11/1/19.
The program will include:

Coaching Calls
By Appointment
On-line program Intensive program Email follow up to your questions Video (Skype or webinar)

Why Should I Choose to Do Coaching with George A. Boyd?

You need to select someone who has dealt with the challenges you face, and has overcome them—someone who can show you how to get out of the place where you are now, and get to where you want to be.

  • George grew up in a family of alcoholics—everyone on his mother’s side of the family was alcoholic or a drug abuser—and he found his way out of the morass of pain and confusion. He can help you do that, too.
  • George was involved in religious cults from 1968 to 1979, and had to rebuild his life. He can take your hand and lead you back to your life again.
  • George has taught hundreds of people to meditate since 1983. He has taught all levels of students—from complete beginners to the most advanced meditators. He is a master meditation teacher, who has guides students in the methods of practical, liminal, centering, and transcendence meditation. He has shown them the keys to transformation and unlimited spiritual growth.
  • He has written the definitive, groundbreaking, mind-boggling, completely comprehensive study of the entire spectrum of potential consciousness:the Continuum of Consciousness—every Path, every world—it’s never been done until now, and George did it.
  • He has worked as a drug counselor, and helped guide hundreds of people to greater insight into their addiction, and facilitated them to make the choices to get free. He wrote the book, Meditation for Recovery: Key Techniques for Maintaining Sobriety, Sanity, and Serenity.
  • George is a fellow, who, despite working a full time plus job (46 to 48 hours a week) got his Masters degree in the evening and weekend with straight “A” grades.
  • He has authored and self-published 18 books, six of them while he was working full time plus.

Do you want a piece of this?

Yes, George, I am interested! Let me know when your coaching program is up and running!