What Is A Soul Attunement Guidance Channeling?

The Soul Attunement with Guidance Channeling channels the Grace, Light, and Power of Guides of the Mudrashram® lineage, plus gives guidance for your specific questions. This is an ineffable immersion in the Divine Light. It is an in-person session, or is conducted over Skype as a live video.

What Is a Guidance Channeling, One Question?

Guidance Channeling, One Question, provides guidance for specific question, with suggestions for integrating or applying the material received.

What Will I Get from an Attunement?

  • You will get a boost in your understanding of the spiritual worlds and of your own Soul
  • You may find answers that will help you resolve personal issues that have been impacting your spiritual growth and meditation practice
  • You will learn effective meditation augmented by Light Immersion, which will inwardly lift you and assist you to reach whole new levels of meditation
  • You may receive an Initiation, which is the expansion of your Soul’s consciousness at all levels—if this is appropriate
  • You will get the opportunity to commune with one of Mudrashram’s Master Guides, and receive guidance and Grace

When Do I Need an Attunement?

  • When you need to make a breakthrough—when you are stuck in your meditation.
  • When your own intuition has not yielded the answers you have been seeking, and you need a detached perspective to shed light on these problems
  • When you want guidance from the Source, and to be touched by the Divine Light and Love—to help you make the next step in your spiritual growth

What is the Difference between an Attunement and Guidance Channeling?

  • Guidance channeling only provides guidance that sparks your insight and understanding; an Attunement also immerses you in the Divine Light
  • Guidance clarifies your own intuitive insights; an Attunement illumines your Higher Mind.
  • Guidance addresses your specific, articulated question; an Attunement answers your unuttered questions.
  • Guidance can give you suggestions for potential next steps and other options to consider; an Attunement introduces you to your wise and empowered Soul—which has the power to create change
Available In Person By Appointment By Mail Email Video (Skype or webinar)
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Guidance Channeling, One Question   X X  

We will need your picture for the Guidance Channeling, One Question!

About Your Photo Your picture should allow us to clearly see your eyes and face. There should be a space above your head. We prefer the photo should be from the chest up. Please no sunglasses! We need to see your eyes.
Mailing Your Photo? The photo should be wallet sized 2”x3” [5.4cm x 7.4cm] or above at the best resolution
Emailing your Photo? We prefer that you send us photos with 300 dpi in TIF or PNG format, but JPG is all right. Make the size of the photo small with high resolution. Try to keep the file size under 1.5 megabytes if possible.

To Order this Attunement

By Mail

Mail your check or money order payable to Mudrashram Institute in US dollars to Mudrashram, Post Office Box 1424, San Jacinto, CA 92581 • Please let us know that you are requesting either a Soul Attunement Guidance Channeling or a Guidance Channeling, One Question.

If you wish the Soul Attunement Guidance Channeling, make sure you include your email so we can schedule your appointment or video session

If you wish the Guidance Channeling, One Question, please mail or email us (1) details of your current situation, (2) specifically what you question you have, and (3) what you have done up to this point to attempt to find and answer or resolve the issue. [Remember, for this reading, we will also need your picture!]


If you wish the Guidance Channeling, One Question, email your picture to and email the information described above

You may order either Attunement online