The Form of the Disciple

Choices on the Upward Path

Accepted discipleship is not forced upon the disciple on the Path, but is chosen. As this commitment requires the highest self-sacrifice and responsibility, not all individuals may be ready or willing to take on Accepted Discipleship when they have otherwise achieved its prerequisites.

When the ensouling entity upon the Bridge Path has ascended to this nodal point and the individual accepts the mantle of Accepted Discipleship, the lineage activates all three aspects of the empowerment triad pictured below.

The Love Aspect imbues the disciple with the qualities of love, mercy and compassion. This anointing of Love is transmitted as a healing, compassionate presence through the disciple, and permits the disciple to make a deep empathic attunement with both the spiritual essence of those with whom the works, but also the deep core of their pain and suffering.

The Wisdom Aspect grants the disciple the ability to perceive with great clarity the content of the vehicles and the stages of the Path that he or she has opened. As the higher reaches of the Path are opened, it grants an interpenetrating awareness.

Those that do not choose to commit to Accepted Discipleship have only the Wisdom Aspect activated. As they make their ascension on the Bridge Path, they are conscious of the higher worlds, but cannot utilize ministerial powers and they are not enabled to make an empathic attunement with the ensouling entities or spirits of other individuals.

Alternately, some individuals may be moved into attunement with the 7th Transcendental Path, where their transformational mantra no longer operates and they shift to purely Nada Yoga practice to open themselves at this level.

The Power Aspect activates the will principle at this octave of the Continuum. It confers the ability to activate the vehicle of the Form of the Disciple through the right, center and left channels of each chakra in this vehicle. These are shown below.

Items marked with a star (*) are given at the first empowerment, which enable an Accepted Disciple to teach the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation. The advanced empowerment adds more abilities, marked by a double star (**), necessary to teach the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation. The unmarked items are discretionary gifts given to certain disciples to carry out a spiritual mission, or to augment talents and abilities used in their career or avocation.

Center Right Channel Middle Channel Left Channel
Brain Ability to identify quintessence bija mantras for any individual* Ability to identify the bija mantras for the other four octaves Ability to empower the quintessence bija mantra * and the bija mantras for the other four octaves
Point between the Eyebrows Ability to guide the attention of others * Ability to immerse the attentional principle of others in the beam of ascension and guide it on the Inner Planes * Ability to unite the attention with the attentional principle; and to focus it on the spirit , a selected nucleus of identity and the ensouling entity appropriate for others' stage on the Path *
Medulla Ability to activate the seven chords of Jnana Yoga in others * Ability to show others the content of their awakened vehicles ** Ability to show others the content of their unconscious mind **
Throat Ability to activate the seed atoms of vehicles in others to awaken them and re-balance them Ability to stimulate the activity of others' vehicles in the conscious, awakened portion of the mind, guiding them to use autohypnosis, affirmation, process meditation, chanting and prayer * Ability to activate the karmic impressions and animate the entities in the unconscious mind to effect active processing of issues to work them out
Heart Ability to balance the four poles of Being * Ability to anchor the Light in the corresponding seed atom of each vehicle to unfold it to the same level of attunement as the ensouling entity Ability to transform selected nuclei of identity using Kriya Yoga methods; the ability to guide others in their use
Solar Plexus Ability to make attunement through the individual's Soul Ray to activate knowledge and abilities within the individual and to empower them to evoke the inner Light within them for use in healing and work with issues * Ability to make attunement through all seven Rays (Conscious, Subconscious, Metaconscious, Subtle, Planetary, and Cosmic bands); all eight Supracosmic Rays (Supracosmic bands) and all eight Transcendental Paths (Transcendental — Bridge Path, T1 to T7) Ability to make attunement with the attentional principle of others and send them the Light
Navel Ability to guide the spirit of others into the channels of the Nada appropriate for their stage of the Path * Ability to manifest an inner guide form to give guidance to the spirit and lead it on the Nadamic Path ** Ability to guide the spirit back down to its ground state *
Base of Spine Ability to intensify kundalini energy to stage four to activate kundalini awakening [see the articleReflections on Kundalini] * Ability to raise kundalini to the level of others' ensouling entity * and to higher octaves of being ** Ability to lower the kundalini to its grounded state *
Feet Ability to reveal others' essential Dharma * Ability to guide others to search their conscience to discern their true values (introspection), and to examine their own goals and dreams (inventory) Ability to mirror to others their own faults and shortcomings so that they have an opportunity to recognize them and correct them
The Seven Mudras

These will-activated centers confer on the disciple the ability to initiate others in the Mudrashram® tradition.

These centers correspond to the different types of meditation and the Mudras of Empowerment that are incorporated in this Integral meditation system. They correspond to:

Center Type of Meditation Techniques Associated Empowerment Mudra
Brain Mantra Yoga Mantra Mudra
Point between the eyebrows Raja Yoga Raja Mudra
Medulla Jnana Yoga Jnana Mudra
Throat Invocational Methods
Heart Guru Kripa Yoga *
Kriya Yoga **
Guru Kripa Mudra
Solar Plexus Agni Yoga
Centering methods
Attunement Meditation
Agni Mudra
Navel Nada Yoga Nada Mudra
Base of Spine Kundalini Yoga Kundalini Mudra
Feet Dharma Yoga

Training in the use of these will-activated functions of the Form of the Disciple takes place in an individualized teacher training. For an individual undergoing the activation of the Form of the Disciple:

Not all nodes of the right channel, central channel, and left channel may be initially empowered. This will depend on the Accepted Disciple's particular ministry.

For example, only select disciples who have affiliation with Kriya Yoga lineages will typically have the left channel of the heart center opened.

Only those Accepted Disciples who are involved in counseling and therapy will typically have the left and center channels of the Feet Center opened.

While the amount of the Great Continuum of Consciousness that must be traversed to become an Accepted Disciple in the Mudrashram® tradition seems overwhelming to many seekers, it is genuinely possible to do this work in one lifetime. Swami Prabhu Maharaj says:

"Through very intensive work under the Grace and guidance of the lineage, an individual who has a highly salutary background and extensive meditation experience can accomplish this work in seven to ten years. Even regular moderate practice with regular Light Immersion may yield this same result in 18 to 25 years."

If this teaching strongly resonates with you and you feel called to become a teacher and initiator in this tradition, you may be encouraged that this attainment is possible, and the teachers of the Mudrashram® lineage stand ready to support and assist you in achieving this goal.

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