The Entity Will Now Speak1

Guided Meditation

This is done through a guided meditation, which resembles a group or individual hypnosis induction. During these meditations, suggestions are given. The seeker may be asked, for example, to visualize or imagine a spectrum of colors, or a golden-haired Master coming to greet them at the gateways to the inner Planes.

During or after this induction, the helper may give a personalized reading or message. Given the wide variety of experiences that seekers report during these guided meditations, it is clear that these guided meditations are assisting the seekers to achieve expanded states of awareness or to at least enter altered states of consciousness.

The fact that seekers experience altered states of consciousness during these sessions should be less of a concern to us than what is told to them while they are in this vulnerable, highly suggestible state that is essentially devoid of the normal reality-testing mechanisms. In the state of hypnosis, fantasy is processed as reality.

Guide: "See the bright blue men in the flying saucers?"

Seeker: "I sure do!"

Guide: "And the golden-haired Masters in the temple on the ice-covered mountain peak?"

Seeker: "Uh-huh!" [sinking deeper into a hypnotic trance]

Guide: "Behold! There is a lumpy, blood-sucking, bug-eyed, crimson demon clinging to your aura!"

Seeker: "I see it! It's here, right on my left shoulder!" [very excited, while vividly hallucinating]

The sobering thing about this process is that these experiences are so believable, that the most absurd and fantastic notions may be conveyed to the seeker during these altered states of consciousness.

What is worse, delusional belief systems learned during these guided meditations come to affect the behavior of daily life. Atlantis is rising? The earthquake is coming? Uproot the kids from school, sell the house, and move to the Rocky Mountains!

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