Talent - an ability expressed by the Metaconscious mind, comprising mastery by the Self. With further study and practice, this ability becomes anchored in the Superconscious mind, where it can directly express the ensouling entity. This deeper development of ability is referred to as a gift, genius, a spiritual power or siddhi.

Tantra - a secret or esoteric spiritual practice known only to those who are confidentially instructed in its use.

There are a wide range of tantric techniques, which include physical postures (asanas); applying pressure to chakras through squeezing or striking (bandhas; sustained ritual coitus (maithuna); hand gestures (mudras); special breathing techniques (pranayama); use of elaborate visualizations, which may be combined with use of mantras; or secret methods to open the chakras and awaken the kundalini.

Tantric practices often work with the unconscious band of the mind. Practitioners of tantric practices commonly embrace a Dionysian, ecstatic approach to spirituality—they practice an experiential mysticism. Their mysterious jargon and their techniques are not comprehensible to those who have not initiated into the secret tantric practices of their sect.

Transcendence techniques - techniques that directly utilize the Superconscious mind. They allow you to transcend the personality. They include Kundalini Yoga, Nada Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Guru Kripa Yoga, Jnana Yoga, and Agni Yoga.

Transcendental Sphere - the highest band of the Great Continuum of Consciousness, also called Parabrahmanda.

Transformation - the act of moving the ensouling entity from one nodal point to the next is called primary or essential transformation.

Other secondary types of transformation can bring about perceptual, cognitive, functional, and behavioral changes. These secondary types of transformation can be be facilitated by psychotherapy, hypnosis, and meditation techniques.

But the essential transformational change that occurs at the level of the ensouling entity and its vehicles is fundamental and necessary for spiritual growth.

Essential transformation can be brought about by transformational techniques such as bija mantra, Kriya Yoga, Nada Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga. Essential transformation is also produced by Translation, or Light Immersion.

Transformational Mantra - also called bija mantra, this is a word that unfolds the spiritual potentials of the ensouling entity.

Five types exist that effect the ensouling entity:

  1. (1) Planetary Divine Name
  2. (2) Cosmic Divine Name
  3. (3) Supracosmic Divine Name
  4. (4) Transcendental Divine Name
  5. (5) Alayic Divine Name.

Teachers of the Mudrashram® lineage use the Alayic Divine Name, which unfolds the ensouling entity on the spiritual cutting edge, ensuring balanced spiritual development.

Translation - the directed attunement by an Initiate that unfolds the ensouling entity and its vehicles. It is also called Shaktipat, Light Immersion, descent of the Holy Spirit, or Baraka.

Tratakam - using intention to direct the attention in specific ways. You will learn one of the tratakam techniques in this class. More tratakam methods are taught in the advanced class.

Trimurthi - the threefold Godhead portrayed in Hinduism. It consists of Brahma, the Creator; Vishnu, the Sustainer; and Shiva, the Transformer.

Turiya - the state of Enlightenment, the fourth state of consciousness beyond waking, dream, and sound sleep states. This state occurs when your attention unites with your attentional principle and you awaken within as consciousness itself.

Mastery of the Turiya state confers the ability to be inwardly awake during sleep (lucid dreaming), while crossing the unconscious mind (yoganidra) and ultimately, during sound sleep and after death.

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