S metaphysical

S metaphysical

Scientology® – This is a "religion" anchored in the Akashic Records Subplane and the Demiurgic or Dynamic Creation Subplane of the Abstract Mind Plane. This "religion" uses a series of structured process meditations to clear away traumatic memories from the Akashic Records Subplane so that the Soul can rehabilitate its ability to know, create and relate to others.

The founder of Scientology®, L. Ron Hubbard, called this process of clearing the unconscious mind, Dianetics.

Once the Soul has become free of these impressions that impact its functioning, it progresses into the higher stage of Scientology® processing, where the Soul rehabilitates its ability to "create" on eight "dynamics": (1) self, (2) relationship, (3) work or career, (4) community, (5) nation, (6) world, (7) universe, and (8) on the spiritual worlds.

Space Brothers – This is another name for space aliens, who individuals encounter on the Pleiadean Vortex Subplane of the Psychic Realm. Some individuals claim to have spoken with these aliens, taken rides with them in flying saucers, or to have been abducted and had objects implanted in them by aliens conducting scientific experiments.

Spirit Guide – The term guide, refers to a spiritual entity, who reveals the phenomena of the Inner Planes to the spirit or the attentional principle, and delivers metaphysical teaching.

Inner sight is most common method of contact with the guide, but connection with the guide can be through telepathy (e.g., the individual "hears" the voice of the guide) or it can be a "felt presence."

Spirit guides are most commonly contacted on the Psychic Plane in the Heavenly Realms Subplane, where they assume different forms, including:

  • a Native American "practical wisdom" form
  • an artistic "Muse" that inspires creativity
  • a "spirit doctor" that gives healing guidance
  • a Angelic Guide that leads the spirit or the attentional principle into the higher levels of the Heavenly Realms Subplane

The Spiritualist Church teaches its followers to contact their spirit guides.

Spirit guides also appear on the Pleiadean Vortex Subplane, where they appear as wise alien beings and "Masters of the Galactic Brotherhood." On the Superreflective Aether, they may appear as various entities, including angels or "Masters."

Spiritualism – The practices of developing psychic powers, and learning to contact and channel entities, as taught by the Spiritualist Church. Many who call themselves spiritualists or metaphysicians work predominantly on the Heavenly Realms Subplane, but may draw liberally from the abilities they have developed on the Materialization Dematerialization Subplane, the Psychic Powers Subplane, and the Healing Subplane.

Suggestion (also called hypnotic suggestion) – This is the ability to influence the inner vehicles of consciousness of the Subconscious, Metaconscious and Superconscious mind by verbal or imaginal means.

In autohypnosis, your attentional principle anchors your selected suggestion while you are in an altered state of awareness and your body is fully relaxed.

In hetero-hypnosis, another person guides you into a deeply relaxed trance state, and they give you the suggestion.

You can influence the inner vehicles by directing them to carry out a command verbally; you can also anchor suggestion by visualizing an intended "outcome."

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