L metaphysical

L metaphysical

Lemniscate – This is the "infinity sign" (∞). The Soul's form on the Materialization Dematerialization Subplane resembles a lemniscate of fire. The lemniscate symbol has been used to denote God (The Infinite), the law of return (what you create, either positive or negative, returns to you), and the two-petalled lotus or Ajna Chakra.

Lemuria (also called the Continent of Mu) – This is a mythological epoch of civilization antedating the Atlantean period, which spanned the period from about 200,000 BCE to 24,000 BCE.

Outposts of this civilization were in the Pyrenees region of France and Spain, Great Britain and Ireland, Central and Eastern Europe, Tibet, India, Sri Lanka, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

The Lemurian period marked the invention of primitive art, the beginnings of spoken language, and the use of fire for cooking. The magical invocation, the fabrication of totems and idols, and crafting the instruments of war, canoes, and clothing originated in this period. The Lemurian people erected monoliths and did stone carvings on mountains and rocks.

The Lemurian civilization probably consisted of the most highly advanced groups from the African Diaspora.

Some psychic's speculations about Lemurian people having advanced technologies and possessing occult powers are likely fanciful.

Ley Lines – The etheric grid lines that bring a particular etheric quality or resonance into its corresponding physical locale. Ley lines make up the substrate of the Resonance Ether.

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