In What Formats is the MACIM delivered?

In What Formats is the MACIM delivered?

The Online Version

The Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation is now available as an on-line version course with additional videos to support your learning.

It is designed for those of you with much meditation experience, and you learn well independently.

For the on-line version, like our other on-line courses, to earn your certificate of completion, you will need to pass a final exam.

The Webinar Version

MACIM is taught as a nine-week webinar series where all participants can speak live and are visible on the screen. Course materials are emailed to you.

The In-Person Versions

MACIM is taught as a six-day intensive in different parts of the USA. It is also available in Southern California as a seven week course, taught one evening a week.

The MACIM is available On-line
(Self Study format)
(Webinar format)
(Intensive format)
(Once-weekly class)
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