A Discussion of Compatibility

Lifestyle or Habit Matrix
Activity Preference for diurnal or nocturnal activity
Organization Highly organized (neat) or disorganized (messy)
Space Preference for spacious living areas or confined spaces
Relationship Gregarious (needs to be with people) or prefers solitude
Communication Talkative or quiet and withdrawn
Financial Spends money readily or saves money
Character Self-expressive or restrained and shy
Sexuality or Intimacy Matrix
Basic attraction Relative distance on the sexual mandala from the partner, conditioning strength of sexual attraction
Romance Preferences for grooming, appearance, courtship, kissing and foreplay
Libidinal strength Frequency of desire for coitus
Sexual liberation Relative freedom to express sexual fantasy or inhibited
Role adoption Preferences for initiating sexual behavior (dominant) or receiving it (submissive)
Breadth of acceptable sexuality Openness to wide experimentation or monogamy; admits a wide range of partners and sexual lifestyles in an open relationship or restricts the relationship to a faithful commitment to the partner
Basic sexual identity How each partner sees themselves sexually (e.g., monogamous heterosexual, promiscuous heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, or other type of sexual identity)
Emotionality or Bonding Matrix
Basic Affection Needs a lot of touching and demonstrations of affection or does not like to be touched
Self worth Needs to be reassured that the partner loves them and that they are liked and appreciated or feels aloof and self-contained
Dominance Seeks to control the partner's behavior or allows the partner to function autonomously
Trust Jealous and suspicious or trusting and believing that the partner is faithful and honest
Decision-making Makes their own decisions and knows what they want or believe or dependent on the partner to make decisions
Identity Sense of identity is defined by being in a relationship or sense of identity is found outside of a relationship
Relational Orientation Co-dependent (absorbed in the partner's life and issues) or Narcissistic (absorbed in one's own Self)
Shared Interests or Motivational Matrix
Avocation Preferences for hobbies or pastimes
Recreation Preferences for sports or exercise
Travel Preferences for vacation or likes to stay at home
Culture Preferences for cultural events, entertainment, music, dancing and art
Community Preferences for involvement in academic, political, religious, civic or charitable groups and involvement in the wider community
Social Sense of obligation to family, relatives, or friends; commitments to participate in the lives of other people
Creativity Personal expression of inspiration through artistic, literary, dramatic, or other creative outlet
Shared Values or Moral Matrix
Manners Rules for public behavior, etiquette and courtesy
Personal Standards Rules for personal or private behavior; evaluation of achievement or attainment of goals
Quality Rules for evaluating the quality of products and performance; grades or ratings
Moral Criteria Rules for evaluating right and wrong behavior, and basic character
Parenting Rules for raising a family
Political Values Rules for evaluating correct decisions for governing an institution, a municipality, province, state or nation
Religious Values Rules from religious teaching and study of scriptures that inform values, belief and behavior
Shared Life Direction or Choice Matrix
Life Priorities Relative match of partners' priorities and dreams
Children Relative match of plans and dreams for having and raising children together
Education and Career Relative match of partners' educational and career aspirations; willingness to accommodate the partner's needs to prepare for or change careers
Social and Cultural Inclusion Relative inclusion of the partner in plans for travel, recreation, or for family and social events
Acquisition Relative agreement on acquisition of housing, family transportation, appliances, and household items
Financial Planning Relative agreement on spending, saving and investing money
Essential Values Relative agreement on implementing family rules and religious values in the family
Affinity or Spiritual Matrix
Physical-Etheric Compatibility of Rays (3rd or 7th)
Emotional Compatibility of Rays (6th, 2nd, or 4th)
Mental Compatibility of Rays (5th, 3rd, or 7th)
Personal Compatibility of Rays (1st through 7th)
Soul Compatibility of Rays (1st through 7th)
Spiritual Whether partners identify with the same spiritual essence, nucleus of identity, or ensouling entity
Relative Spiritual Evolution The relative distance in nodal points between the spiritual evolution of each partner
Destiny or Karmic Matrix
Opportunity Circumstances of each partner's life that allows them to come together
Strength of Desire Relative sexual attraction that leads the partners to romantic involvement
Attachment Emotional needs that draw the partners together
Social Rapport Sharing common interests permits easy conversation and spending time together in mutually enjoyable activities
Moral Agreement Having common values and religious beliefs establishes a common framework for evaluation and world view
Manifestation Activation of the forces of Creation through the use of will, intention, suggestion, affirmation, faith or prayer that brings the partners to each other
Unconscious Mind The karmic desires and fantasies that influence choices and motivation. These karmic influences may arise from a preordained karmic plan, the awakening of karmic impressions from other life times, or a pre-incarnational decision to be with the partner.

Whether you are selecting your life partner or evaluating someone you have begun to date, you may benefit from contemplating these 49 elements of compatibility. If you are able to assess these factors, you may be able to make a better decision about who is worthy to keep in your life, and who is genuinely not right for you.

The Relationship Compatibility Soul Reading may be valuable if you are having difficulty intuiting the metaphysical factors that impact your relationship. As some people are unable to determine upon what Rays their partners resonate and the relative distance of their ensouling entities, a Relationship Compatibility Soul Reading may help you shed light on these factors to help you understand your partner better and to inform your date and mate selection.

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