About Our Level Two Membership Program

What Is the Level Two Membership Program?

Our Level Two Membership Program is designed for those who wish to take the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation (MACIM) on-line.

We recognize that some of you cannot come in person to take the MACIM. If you can study successfully on your own, we are developing an on-line webinar version of this program. This will be available to you as a stand-alone course here on the website, so you can study at your own pace. This is our Level Two A program.

For those of you who complete this have already completed the MACIM, we will have available to you special programs to help you deepen your grasp of the materials you have learned—webinar packages that you alone will be able to attend, and you will have access to any of the materials in the Level One and Level Two Initiates Library. Plus, there will be other materials designed just for you. This is our Level Two B program.

Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation completers are also eligible to enroll in the Level One A program, if they wish to do a course review. They will receive a discounted rate for this review program, if they have already completed the in-person version of MACIM.

What Will I Get from this Membership?

You will have access to all materials in your selected program, Level One A or B after paying your course fee.
Those of you who are doing Level A, you will receive the structured course materials that progressively train you in the advanced practice of meditation.

Those of you who sign up for level B access will receive webinar discounts, be able to view exclusive student webinars, and be able to obtain the books and programs of the Level Two Initiates Library—which are not available to the general public. You must have received your certificate of completion for Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation to be eligible for this membership level.

When Do I Need this Membership?

You will need this membership to access the materials of the MACIM program on-line.

You will also need this membership if you have completed the Mudrashram® Master Advanced Course in Meditation, because there will be special programs just for you.