About Our Level Three Membership Program

What Is the Level Three Membership Program?

Our Level Three Membership Program is designed for those who wish to listen to George’s webinar series on line and be able to download the notes from them. There are both individual workshops from our paid webinar series and collections of webinars on a particular theme.

George has presented hundreds of webinars on topics of meditation, consciousness studies, recovery from addiction, transformation and personal growth, coming back from cult involvement, overcoming the issues of growing up in a dysfunctional family, and more.

We have collections of these webinars and workshops designed for the general public, and webinars for introductory, level one, and level two completers.

We will also make available our workshops in the Level Three Membership Area. Unlike webinars, which run 60 to 90 minutes, workshops are 2 ½ to 4 ½ hours in length, and are complete training programs.

What Will I Get from this Membership?

You will have access to all materials in your selected webinar series, after paying your course fee. Webinars will have pricing based on whether it is a single webinar, or a webinar series, and the number of webinars included in that series.

Those of you who are Introductory, Level One, and Level Two members will be able access webinars targeted for your current meditation practice through your member area—these materials will not be available to the general public.

Those of you who sign up for a webinar series will be able to view at a time convenient to you, and you will be able to back up the recording to listen to any areas you wish to view again.

Any member of the public can view our Public webinars. Introductory students can view all Public and Introductory webinars and workshops. Level One can view all Public and Intermediate webinars and workshops. Level Two can view all Public, Intermediate, and Advanced webinars and workshops.

When Do I Need this Membership?

You will need this membership to access the webinars and workshops that we have on-line.
Level Three Membership will allow you to access and pay for any of our webinar series or extended workshop training programs.

List of Our Webinar Series

On Karma (6 webinars) – Public
On Creativity (6 webinars) – Public
The Seven Spiritual Treasures (7 webinars) – Public
A Study of Spiritual Paths (9 webinars) – Public
How to Read Your Own Past Lives Workshop – Public
The Vision Workshop – Public
The Psychic Powers Workshop – Public
The Karma Workshop – Public
The Healing Workshop – Public
The Purpose Workshop – Public
Understanding and Using Transformation Workshop – Public
The Mystery of God Workshop – Public
Recovering from a Dysfunctional Family Workshop – Public
The Kundalini Recovery Workshop – Public
The Overcoming Addictions Workshop – Public


Beginning the Practice of Meditation (11 webinars) – Introductory
The Seven Rays (9 webinars) – Levels One and Two
Studies of the Vehicles of Consciousness of the Personality [The Adventures in Pinda series] (22 webinars) – Levels One and Two
The Way of the Heart Workshop – Levels One and Two
The Kundalini Workshop – Levels One and Two
The Agni Yoga and Attunement Meditation Workshop – Levels One and Two
The Advanced Vipassana Workshop – Levels One and Two
The Advanced Raja Yoga Workshop – Levels One and Two
The Missing Techniques Workshop – Levels One and Two
The Dreaming Mind, Moving Beyond the Dream Workshop – Levels One and Two
A Primer on Meditation Mastery Workshop – Levels One and Two

Advanced Webinar Series (individual webinars) – Level Two