Our Introductory Membership Program

What Is the Introductory Membership Program?

Our Introductory Membership Program is designed for those who wish to take the Introduction for Meditation Program (ITM) on-line.

You will also utilize this membership area if you are working with one of our coaches in the individual or group coaching program, and they will direct you to this area to access materials that they have prepared for you to augment their coaching program.

We recognize that some of you study best on your own, so we are making this program available to you as a stand-alone course here on the website, so you can study at your own pace. This is our Introductory A program.

Others of you do best with a guided instruction, so we are making available live coaching with a certified Mudrashram® Introduction to Meditation Teacher. They will have materials available here on the website for you—handouts, recordings, or other materials they have prepared to augment your learning. This is our Introductory B Program.

For those of you who complete this program, but do not feel ready to move on to our more advanced meditation programs, we will have available to you special programs to help you deepen your grasp of the materials you have learned—webinar packages that you will get at a discount as an ITM completer that are particularly relevant to what you have learned in ITM, and other materials designed just for you. This module for ITM completers is called our Introductory C Program.

What Will I Get from this Membership?

You will have access to all materials in your selected program, Introductory A or B, after paying your course fee. Upon completion of the ITM, you will have access to C, your completer page, for free.

You will receive the structured course materials that progressively train you in meditation.

Those of you who sign up for our coaching program will have the benefit of a live instructor to lead you in the meditations of the Introduction to Meditation Program.

When Do I Need this Membership?

You will need this membership to access the materials of the ITM program on-line, or the coaching materials your instructor has prepared for you.

You will also need this membership if you have completed the ITM, because there will be special programs just for you.

If I have completed a more advanced program, will I have automatic access?

No, this is a stand-alone course. Only those who are taking the ITM course or certified ITM instructors will have access to this area. Those of you who have completed one of our intermediate or advanced courses will be better served by the Adventures in Pinda webinar series, which will be available for purchase in your Membership area.

The Adventures in Pinda series is a more advanced study of the vehicles of consciousness that make up the personality that is designed for those who have greater proficiency in meditation than someone taking the ITM. Those who have completed one of our intermediate classes, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation or the by-mail Accelerated Meditation Program, are eligible to take this webinar series.

Those of you who have reached the requisite mastery and maturity in your meditation studies with us may wish to apply to become an ITM Teacher. This requires as its prerequisite, completion of the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation, plus a high level of facility with meditation. Upon completion of this ITM Teacher Training class, you will become a Certified Introduction to Meditation Teacher, which will allow you to train others in this beginning meditation course.