A Glossary of Metaphysical Terminology

Excerpted from The Psychic Realm: Finding Safe Passage through the Worlds of Illusion

For definitions of additional terms, see our Glossary of Meditation Terminology.


A metaphysical

Affirmation – In this practice, you mentally repeat a selected phrase over and over in the mind to change belief and attitudes. It is also called a fiat, decree, or treatment.

Akashic Records – A level of the Abstract Mind Plane where the record of your past lives in this cycle of time are stored. Every event of each life is recorded in stunning detail. Those gifted with the ability to read past lives tap this level.

Anandamayakosa – The fifth vehicle of consciousness in the Subtle Realm. It is the vehicle through which the Soul incarnates into the personality and the body.

Annamayakosa – The first vehicle of consciousness in the Subtle Realm. It is the vehicle in which you first feel you are united with nature beyond the confines of your personality and the body. Those who enter this vehicle experience the unitive "flow state" in which they feel in harmony with the environment around them.

Apparition – This is the visual astral form of another person. It is also called a ghost, phantasm, or specter. Visions of apparitions typically appear after someone has recently died. Those that develop the faculty of clairvoyance can behold these forms in "haunted houses" or in graveyards.

Astral – A generic term used to describe a realm beyond the physical world, referred to as "The Astral."

This realm is purported to consist of a type of subtle matter and energy that vibrates faster than the speed of light. This realm contains many worlds of subtle matter and energy. The Superconscious mind perceives dimensions or slices through these inner worlds, which are referred to as Astral Planes.

Astral Body – A body in the Subconscious band of the mind that embodies the subtle senses and subtle movement.

The subtle senses extend the range of the physical senses into aspects of energy and matter that are not detectible. This extended sensory range can access molecular, atomic, subatomic, and electromagnetic bands of the physical world; penetrate into the information ether, the resonance ether, the lifetronic ether, the attraction-repulsion ether, and the thought form ether; and experience the phenomena and inhabitants of the Astral dimensional realms.

Subtle movement includes the ability to move the limbs and torso of the astral body, to move the astral body in space and in time, to travel through the astral dimensional realms, and to change the form or appearance of the astral body.

Astral Plane – The phrase, "The Astral Plane," is used to indicate an entire band of the Great Continuum of Consciousness, or zone of the Superconscious mind. We refer to this grand Division of the Great Continuum as the Anda, which includes the Subtle, Planetary, Transplanetary, and Cosmic zones of the Superconscious mind.

The phrase, "An Astral Plane," refers to a perceptible dimensional slice through the Great Continuum in the Anda. These Astral Planes are experienced as other worlds, as membranes separating other levels of the Great Continuum, or as a container for organizing intuitive knowledge.

For example, the Universal Mind Subplane, from one perspective, may embody planets of an astral constellation; from another perspective, as a discrete zone on the Abstract Mind Plane delineated by specific nodal points; and from yet another perspective, the understanding of the metaphysical laws that the Soul gains as it journeys through this realm.

Astral Plenum (also called Plenum) – The energetic field of the Astral Plane into which affirmations and their associated visualizations, and the "seeds of manifestation" are "dropped and anchored by intention." The Astral Plenum embodies the Creative Intelligence of the Superconscious Mind, and acts to bring forth whatever you anchor in its matrix. Once thought forms are constructed and embedded in this matrix, they take on a life of their own until they are dissolved.

Astral Projection – The ability to move the astral body out of coincidence with the physical body to another location. Four major types of astral projection can be described.

Spatial projection, also called translocation, is the projection of the astral body to another physical space, ranging from a foot from the physical body to distant planets in other galaxies.

Temporal projection is used to trace the time track of your current life from the present moment back to your first conscious memory, from your first conscious memory to birth and conception, and through antenatal realms of the inter-life zone and the experiences of past incarnations in this cycle of time.

Vehicular projection is using the astral body to travel through the vehicles of consciousness of the Subconscious, Metaconscious and Superconscious mind. This method of movement of the astral body allows you to witness the activity of each vehicle of consciousness.

Dimensional projection is moving the astral body through the dimensional worlds of the Astral Plane up to its origin at the top of the Psychic Realm.

Astral Shell – This is the representation of an individual on the Superreflective Aether, also called the Astral Form Subplane of the Psychic Realm. This animated representation of the individual can engage in dialogue and conversation, and can give all manner of curious advice and dubious information.

Many that purport to channel historical personalities like Socrates, Napoleon, John the Baptist, or Joan of Arc generally tap into this realm of the Divine Imagination. As many of the Masters of the Hierarchy of Light also retain forms in this Aether, many that purport to communicate messages from the "Elder Brothers," the "Ascended Masters," or "the Great White Brotherhood" access the astral shells of the Masters, which typically gives distorted teachings about these beings and generate very odd doctrines alleged to come from these Great Adepts.

Astral Travel – Movement of the astral body to different locations in the physical universe and in the astral world.

Astral World – This term refers to the realm outside the confines of the physical universe. The phrase, "an astral world," is used to refer to one of the planets in this realm. These astral planets have terrain, inhabitants, and atmosphere, like their physical counterparts, but exist in a higher vibrational state. These astral worlds are the "locale" of the various hell worlds, purgatory worlds, and heaven worlds described in world scriptures.

Astrology – An intuitive science that endeavors to interpret the meaning of planets in our solar system, the sun and the moon in relation to one another, and explains how these stellar aspects impact human life. Astrological charts have been developed to predict auspicious days to engage in planned activities, to find a compatible partner for marriage or business, to explain major life challenges, to identify the best places to live in the world, to foretell future events, to give descriptions of others' character and traits according to their sign, and to provide templates of meaning for self-discovery and meditation.

Atlantis – A mythological ancient civilization that had major outposts around the Mediterranean Sea, in Mesoamerica, India, and Tibet. There are legends of a Great Flood that inundated the Mediterranean and coastal Middle Eastern portions of this civilization, which are described in ancient literature and in world scriptures. We estimate that this Atlantean era civilization spanned the period from about 24,000 BCE to 12,000 BCE.

Aura – A series of energy fields that surround and interpenetrate the physical body. These auric shells are the etheric aura, the emotional aura, the mental aura, and the spiritual aura.

The etheric aura is formed by the activity of life force moving through the chakras, meridians, and nadis of the etheric body. This energy field extends up to an inch around the body. It can be seen by those with clairvoyant vision, as a grey-white to white field. This field expands during exercise, sex, and when you are in good health. It contracts when you are depressed or in poor health. It is sometimes referred to as the biodynamic field, or the etheric double.

The emotional aura is formed by your thoughts and emotions. Clairvoyants see this aura as an ovoid with ever-changing colors that dynamically portray your thoughts and feelings. This ovoid extends between one foot and three feet around your body. You sense this zone as your "personal space," and may feel uncomfortable when people invade this intimate zone around your body.

The mental aura represents the activity of your Metaconscious mind and the sphere of the Self. Clairvoyants detect the mental field as an indigo sphere, which extends in powerful individuals up to 30 feet. You may sense this aura as someone's "presence."

The spiritual aura embodies the activity of your Superconscious mind. Depending on your spiritual development, this force field can extend for miles. It embodies the spiritual qualities of love, wisdom, compassion, holiness, purity, and other virtues. When you tap into a person's spiritual aura, you sense their spiritual heart and their ensouling entity radiating their essence to you.

Automatic Writing – A form of channeling in which the message from an entity is communicated in writing instead of speech.

C metaphysical

Chaldea – This is the most modern period of human history, marked by the arising of civilizations in the Tigris Euphrates river area, near the Indus and Ganges rivers in India, and around the Nile River in Egypt. We estimate that this period in human history began about 12,000 years ago with the settling of formally nomadic hunter gathering people in the fertile lands around the rivers, and beginning to establish agriculture.

Channeling – This practice, also called mediumship, gives permission for your own Soul, or other spiritual entities to speak through you. Channeling is usually done in a state of trance, where your attention is focused on the spiritual being whom you are channeling, and you allow it to communicate its truths and realizations. Channeling can also come through inspired writing—this form of channeling is called automatic writing.

Chi (also spelled Qi) – This is prana or life force, which flows through the channels of the etheric body. The larger channels that circulate chi from the head to the feet are called meridians. The very fine channels that are the etheric correspondence to the structures of the central nervous system are called nadis.

Clairaudience – This is the ability to hear with astral hearing. This faculty allows you to hear the subtle sounds of the atoms and subatomic particles, the sounds within your vehicles of consciousness, and the tones of the Nada.

Clairsentience – This is the ability to use all of your astral senses simultaneously. When these senses function together, it produces synesthesia, which is an interpenetration of sensory functions. It allows you, for example, to visually "see" music, to 'taste" it, to "smell" it, and to "touch" it.

Clairvoyance – This is to ability to see with your astral vision. It allows you to see the finer waves of the electromagnetic spectrum beyond visible light, to see the contents of your inner vehicles and the phenomena of the higher Planes, and to recognize the spirit, the attentional principle, and the Soul in yourself and others. When clairvoyance is active in you, you can gaze at others and see the fields of their aura.

Creation by Intention – One of the faculties of the attentional principle is creation by intention. You do this by visualizing what you wish to manifest, and "see" it coming into manifestation. People do other practices to augment creation by verbally affirming it, writing down affirmations, putting up pictures of what they desire, and feeling and believing that it is already manifest.

D metaphysical

Dematerialization – This process cancels or dissolves objects created by intention. It does so by removing the idea of the object from the Astral Plenum, which also removes its etheric resonance from the resonance ether. This is purported to influence the matrix of the subatomic field to make unwanted conditions or persons go away.

Demiurgic Subplane – This is the sixth Subplane of the Abstract Mind Plane. It is also called the Dynamic Creation Subplane.

It features taking responsibility for what you create in each of the areas of your life: for your self, in your important relationships, in your career, in your community, in your nation and in your world. At the deepest levels of this Subplane, this sense of creatorship is extended to the universe, and to the "spiritual realms."

Processes to activate these nodes of creation are taught in Scientology® and other Process Meditation groups.

Dowsing – This aspect of psychic sensitivity allows those gifted with this faculty to detect metals, water, and oil under the ground by using a metal "divining rod." Others use a small branch of a tree or forked stick to detect these hidden objects. The divining rod will be irresistibly pulled downward toward the earth when the sought after object is located.

Ectoplasm – The substance of the Astral Plenum, which can be molded or shaped by thought or intention. The idea or object that you infuse into this Plenum by your thought or intention remains until you dissolve it. This animated three-dimensional creation embodying your wish is called a thought form.

Entity – Among psychics, this term is used to refer to another "spirit" or "individual" that seeks to communicate a message.

We differentiate entities as comprising four types:

  1. (1) the Soul or ensouling entity
  2. (2) the spirit or sentient entity
  3. (3) the attentional principle or conscious entity
  4. (4) a nucleus of identity or intelligent entity

Some psychics mistake the astral shell of certain entities for their genuine spiritual essence. As a result of this mistaken identity, they communicate highly imaginative and inaccurate material through their channeled messages.

Essence Reading – This is a reading of the qualities of the individual spirit. This reading may take the form of channeling guidance from spiritual guides, or contacting departed loved ones on the Astral Planes.

Ether (also spelled Aether) – The term Ether is generally used to refer to a Subplane, for example, the Akashic Aether or the Superreflective Aether. The term is also used to refer to a particular stratum of visual phenomena that can be detected in meditation or received intuitively.

The 14 strata of visual phenomena that can be detected through the global intuitive sensing of the psychic vehicle are:

  1. (1) the entire physical body as living organism
  2. (2) the organs of the physical body and their living physiological processes
  3. (3) the cells making up the organs of the physical body
  4. (4) the genetic and molecular activity within the cells
  5. (5) the atomic matrix making up the cells of the body
  6. (6) the subatomic continuum, or Unified Field
  7. (7) the information ether
  8. (8) the lifetronic ether, where the bubbles of life force can be viewed, flowing in the meridians and nadis of the etheric body
  9. (9) the astral-magnetic or desire ether, where the forces of subtle attraction and repulsion can be discerned—the Law of Attraction works on this level
  10. (10) astral impressional ether, where the impressions of memory and karma can be viewed
  11. (11) the thought form ether, in which ideas are represented in three-dimensional, animated forms
  12. (12) the essence within the Void, which grants the vision of the Self
  13. (13) the golden thread connecting with the triune center of love, wisdom, and power within the Superconscious mind—here the Superconscious vehicles are represented by archetypal forms
  14. (14) the Ancient Wisdom, which bestows the vision of the Soul in its own essence.

We also characterize another band of Ether between the informational ether and the lifetronic ether, which we call the Spatial or Resonance Ether. This is the level at which one detects the Akashic Records. The lingering vibrational traces of human activity at different locations in the world can be detected at this level. Feng Shui also works at this level.

Etheria – the highest Subplane of the Biophysical Universe, where each individual's spiritual development is represented on an etheric grid. This grid appears to track through the etheric representations of the different locales of the world, culminating in the sacred city of Shambala, where the Hierarchy of Light appears. On this grid, you appear as a pilgrim. Laid over these tracks are energy gradients called ley lines that color each corresponding physical locale with a different etheric quality or resonance.

Etheric Reading – These are readings of purported stable environmental resonances or magnetic fields. Readings of this type include dowsing, psychometry, and detection of ghosts or spirits inhabiting a dwelling.

F metaphysical

Feng Shui – A Chinese system of spatial healing that aligns objects in a home or landscape to create a harmonious, serene environment. Feng Shui taps into the Resonance Ether to influence the quality of the environment.

Future Life Projection – Psychics who open the brain chakra of their vehicle on the Psychic Powers Subplane gain the ability to look into the future lives out-pictured in the Divine Mind. Guided meditation or facilitated hypnosis has been used to guide the attention onto this track so that these future lives can be explored.

G metaphysical

Ghost – This is another name for the astral body. The term "ghost" is most commonly used to refer to vision of the astral body of a departed individual that returns to visit the living after they have died, or the vision of the astral body of an individual who has not left the Earth Plane.

H metaphysical

Healing Shrine – A temple that is anchored on the Healing Subplane, where practitioners learn a different form of Radiative Healing on each of the Seven Rays. Reiki and Jo Rei are two of the best-known forms of Radiative Healing.

Radiative Healing directs life force by visualization and intention to heal others.

Healing Subplane – This is the third Subplane of the Psychic Realm, where practitioners are trained in the intuitive sciences and healing modalities.

Heavenly Realms Subplane – This is the fourth Subplane of the Psychic Realm, where individuals meet their psychic guides and travel through a variety of beautiful spiritual realms.

Psychics who can access these realms gain the ability to channel their guides or the inhabitants of these spiritual realms. Many psychics, who can enter these realms through meditation or through hypnosis claim to channel those who have died.

The Spiritualist Church and the Mormon Church draw their inspirations from this realm. God and Jesus can be seen at one level of this Subplane—these and similar sects of psychic religions that rely upon "prophecy" and "channeling" often receive their guidance and teaching from this source.

I Ching – A Chinese system of divination in which the querent throws down sticks or coins to determine their fortune. These sticks or coins are used to select a hexagram, which consists of a combination of solid lines (— yang) or broken lines (- - yin). After the sticks or coins are tossed six times, the reader looks up the hexagram in the I Ching oracle book.

I metaphysical

Imagination – The faculty of the mind that arranges images, shapes, and memories in novel ways to create new combinations. Imagination is an integral part of problem solving and creativity.

Imagination, however, should not be a part of a psychic reading, which aims to give accurate information to the querent. Imagination differs from fantasy in that fantasy is a production of the unconscious mind and is founded upon desire for an object or fulfillment of a need, whereas imagination is a primarily a faculty of the Metaconscious mind.

Imagination uses the visualization ability of the astral body, the Persona's ability to personify and role-play, and the Intellect's operations of convergent and divergent thinking to produce its constructions.

Intuitive Science – A system of interpretation of the meanings of different arrays of symbols, numbers or divinatory objects. Astrology, palmistry, numerology, and tarot are among the best-known intuitive sciences.

Intuitive sciences are not empirical; instead they are contemplative and exploratory, seeking to understand the interrelationships between elements in an array.

Intuitive Sight – The ability to recognize and discern the contents of the mind using the discernment function of the Superconscious mind. This is the wisdom aspect of the Soul's expression.

It discerns the nature of the Soul, reveals the laws of mind and consciousness, shows the correspondences of each vehicle of consciousness, and illumines the content of each vehicle of consciousness. Intuitive sight is global and comprehensive.

Iridology – This is a reading of the colors and striations of the iris, which is purported to give information about the health of the organs of the body.

J metaphysical

Jo Rei – One of the seven healing schools anchored on the Healing Subplane of the Psychic Realm.

L metaphysical

Lemniscate – This is the "infinity sign" (∞). The Soul's form on the Materialization Dematerialization Subplane resembles a lemniscate of fire. The lemniscate symbol has been used to denote God (The Infinite), the law of return (what you create, either positive or negative, returns to you), and the two-petalled lotus or Ajna Chakra.

Lemuria (also called the Continent of Mu) – This is a mythological epoch of civilization antedating the Atlantean period, which spanned the period from about 200,000 BCE to 24,000 BCE.

Outposts of this civilization were in the Pyrenees region of France and Spain, Great Britain and Ireland, Central and Eastern Europe, Tibet, India, Sri Lanka, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

The Lemurian period marked the invention of primitive art, the beginnings of spoken language, and the use of fire for cooking. The magical invocation, the fabrication of totems and idols, and crafting the instruments of war, canoes, and clothing originated in this period. The Lemurian people erected monoliths and did stone carvings on mountains and rocks.

The Lemurian civilization probably consisted of the most highly advanced groups from the African Diaspora.

Some psychic's speculations about Lemurian people having advanced technologies and possessing occult powers are likely fanciful.

Ley Lines – The etheric grid lines that bring a particular etheric quality or resonance into its corresponding physical locale. Ley lines make up the substrate of the Resonance Ether.

M metaphysical

Manomayakosa – This is the "body of ideas" that meditators encounter as they enter the Subtle Realm. This is the third vehicle above the Self in the Superconscious mind.

Materialization – The ability to manifest intention in the external world through activation of the Astral Plenum. Strong focused desire, claiming by faith or tenacious belief, affirmation, visualization, and anchoring seeds of manifestation are among the different ways people influence this matrix of potentiality. Psychics speculate that manifestation occurs through the Astral Plenum "molding" or influencing of subatomic field.

Materialization Dematerialization Subplane – The first Subplane of the Psychic Realm. This Subplane is marked by the presence of various utopian and doomsday cults. The Soul gains the ability to control both what it creates (materialization) and also what is dissolves (dematerialization). The Law of Attraction is first revealed on this Subplane.

Medium (also called Channel) – Individuals who open the throat center in the vehicle of the Psychic Powers Subplane gain the ability to become the mouthpiece of different entities. The term medium is used in the Spiritualist Church to denote someone who brings messages from spirits, angels, spirit helpers, and the Masters.

Metaphysics – The study of the Laws of Mind (Abstract Mind Plane, Universal Mind Subplane), the Laws of Manifestation and Psychic Ability (Psychic Realm, Materialization Dematerialization Subplane and the Psychic Powers Subplane), and the Laws of Karma (Wisdom Plane).

Metaphysicians may also take up the study of one or more of the Intuitive Sciences. Metaphysicians often do spiritual counseling and do a variety of readings.

Metapsychology – An intuitive science that incorporates elements of numerology, tarot and astrology.

Metavision – This is the "seeing ability" of the attentional principle. Wherever this wave of consciousness is focused within, it illumines the content of the mind.

Metavisional Sight – This type of seeing reveals the content wherever the attentional principle is focused.

Unlike intuitive sight, which is global, penetrating and comprehensive, metavisional sight is specific, detailed and delineated by the focus of attention.

This type of sight is used to discern specific content of the vehicle upon which you are meditating, to examine its centers and activity. Metavisional sight is also used to examine each nodal point, to identify archetypes, and to read past lives in great detail.

Mormon Faith – A Christian sect whose original revelations were gathered from the Heavenly Realms Subplane of the Psychic Realm.

Mysticism – A form of communion with the Divine that emphasizes direct experience gained through meditation.

N metaphysical

Numerology – An intuitive science that uses the purported meanings of numbers to do readings for others. Numerology derives these numbers by assigning numbers to letters (e.g., numerological name analysis), by distilling numbers from the date of birth, the date of inception of a business or a wedding, to give general information to the querent.

O metaphysical

Occultism – These are spiritual practices that emphasize using the higher octaves of the will to bring out manifestation of intention or desire.

This term is used in Mudrashram® teachings to describe spiritual training development in the Occult Mystery Schools in the Lower Astral Plane.

  • Manifestation of intention uses visualization and affirmation, and is focused in the center that is at the point between the eyebrows.
  • Manifestation of desires uses hypnotic suggestion and invocation of spiritual beings such as gods, goddesses, angels, or demons to use their supernatural and magic powers to obtain the object of desire—it is associated with the solar plexus center.

Omniscience – This is the ability to know "past, present, and future" that many professional psychics proclaim on their signs.

The omniscience of the past is the ability to know all of your own past lives and those of others—this type is operational in past life readers.

The omniscience of the present is that ability to sense where individuals are "right now," as can be known by scanning the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bands of their aura—this faculty is amplified in those who are clairvoyants and Soul Readers.

The omniscience of the future grants the ability to visualize future incarnations out-pictured in the Divine Mind and to see future Initiations of the Soul—this type of omniscience is highlighted in readings like the Soul Purpose Reading and Augmented Basic Soul Reading that George A. Boyd does.

This ability dawns with the opening of the brain center of the vehicle on the Psychic Powers Subplane.

OOBE (Out of body experience) – This experience occurs when the astral body moves out of coincidence with the physical body while the attention is held within it.

There are different ways this experience can be generated:

  • This experience can be generated through the use of anesthetic and other psychoactive drugs.
  • It also appears in near death experiences.
  • It can be intentionally produced by brain entrainment technology, hypnosis, or meditation.
  • It may also appear spontaneously in states of deep relaxation, or upon entry into the state of sleep or emerging from it.

P metaphysical

Pagan – This term is used to refer to religions anchored in the middle bands of the Subtle Realm and the Lower Astral Plane.

These mythological and magical faiths invoke the deities of these realms. They include the religions anchored on the Subtle Physical Plane (East Indian Civilization), Subtle Etheric Plane (Chinese Civilization), Subtle Emotional Plane (Greco-Roman Civilization), Subtle Mental (Mesopotamian, Hebrew and Egyptian Civilization), Subtle Intellectual Plane (Renaissance European and Scandinavian Civilizations), Plane of the Subtle Self (Tibetan and Indonesian Civilizations), Subtle Social Plane (Modern Technological Civilization—which worships stars and celebrities created by the media), and Wicca and other faiths of the Lower Astral Plane.

Palmistry – This is an intuitive science that purports to tell a person's destiny by reading the lines and bumps on both hands. The length of certain lines, lines that cross or intersect other lines, and the patterns lines make each give rise to varying interpretations of what these constellations of lines and bumps mean.

Past Life Reading – This reading taps into impressions from the Akashic Records Subplane of the Abstract Mind Plane to describe the events and issues of past incarnations of the Soul. Three types are used.

  1. Past life regression uses hypnosis to guide querents to experience these lives for themselves.
  2. Intuitive past life readings sense the major issues and events and the time frame in which these lives occur—they give general impressions only.
  3. Metavisional past life readings scan the Akashic Records "moment-by-moment," and can gather specific information about these lives.

Past Life Regression – This is a form of past life reading that uses hypnosis or guided meditations to focus the attention on the Akashic Records.

These readings may focus on themes, for example, tracing issues with relationship into other lives. They may also attempt to gather information on the events of former lives by discovering, then expanding an image from these lives.

Some forms of past life regression attempt to resolve the influence of issues stemming from prior lifetimes on the current life by re-living traumatic experiences in these other lives.

Physiognomy – A reading of physical characteristics such as features on the face, or bumps on the head, which allegedly give information about the health and character of the individual.

Pleiadean Vortex Subplane – This is the fifth Subplane of the Psychic Realm, which is marked by emergence from traumatic experiences or alienation to a reunion with fellow "star beings." The journey through this Subplane culminates by voyaging to a dimension where there are mighty angelic beings and Intergalactic Masters.

This Subplane is home to many UFO cults, who await the coming of the "space brothers" in their star ships. The "space brothers" will welcome our wayward planet to the ranks of the Galactic Federation and will bring a utopian civilization to earth based on advanced alien technology.

Prana – This is the Sanskrit word for life force. This living force circulates through the nadis, meridians, and chakras of the etheric body, which allows the human body to function. Prana is stepped down through a series of inner vehicles, which animate the personality, the centers of the Subconscious mind, and the physical body. The withdrawal of prana from these vehicles brings about death.

Pranamayakosa – This is the "body of life force" that meditators encounter as they enter the Subtle Realm. This is the second vehicle above the Self. This is the first stage of stepping down of the Soul's life force from the Cosmic Source: the Pranamayakosa animates the vehicles of the personality.

Prophecy – This type of revelation foretells the future of individuals, social, ethnic, or national groups through inspired inner visions.

A prophet may witness the cycles of civilization or the laws of Nature unfolding in a preordained pattern, or following a Divine Plan. Some individuals have prophetic visions when crossing the Materialization and Dematerialization Subplane.

Prophet – An individual who has revelations or visions that purportedly foretell events of the future.

Psychic (person) – A psychic is a person who does professional "readings" for others. A psychic trains by developing their own psychic abilities and by studying metaphysics and the intuitive sciences that are their specialty. For example, an astrologer does an intensive study in astrology before offering readings to the public.

Psychic (ability) – A psychic ability dawns when one of the centers of the vehicle on the Psychic Powers Subplane is activated.

This ability can be expressed through intention, through suggestion while in a state of trance, or anchored in the personality as a gift.

Psychic ability ranges from rudimentary to profound, from sporadic "flashes of insight" to states of continuous psychic attunement.

Psychic Guide – A psychic guide has the ability to guide the attention and the attentional principle of others into union with the Soul, and to teach them inwardly by telepathic attunement.

Psychic guides gain union with the Flame of the Mother Father God at the top of the Psychic Realm, and are able to guide others on the Subplanes of the Psychic Realm and other Planes below this station on the Continuum of Consciousness.

Psychic guides are first encountered in the Heavenly Realms Subplane, but also are encountered in the Pleiadean Vortex Subplane and the Superreflective Aether.

Psychic guides give instruction about metaphysical topics, reveal the nature of the Soul, train in the use of psychic abilities and manifesting intention and desires, give information about past lives and mythological civilizations (Atlantis and Lemuria), counsel on overcoming limiting beliefs, and explain the meaning of symbolic teachings, such as Kabala, Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology.

Many Spiritualists learn how to listen to the guidance of their Psychic guides; some learn to channel their teachings.

Psychic Guide Subplane – This is the seventh Subplane of the Psychic Realm. Individuals appear as colored seeds on this Subplane. Psychic guides direct their attunement with others through this colored seed. This colored seed appears in different pastel hues; this color changes as the individual moves from one Subplane of the Psychic Realm to the next.

Psychic Powers – These are abilities that are contained within the vehicle on the Psychic Powers Subplane.

  • The ability to materialize and dematerialize thought forms is activated in the center at the base of the spine.
  • The sacral center grants sensitivity to the etheric body of others and to the etheric vibrations of natural places and physical objects.
  • The solar plexus center brings the ability to sense auras and the astral body of others—this bestows the power of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.
  • The center in the heart brings the gift of healing. It also gives the ability to sense the health or dysfunction of organs.
  • The throat center imparts the ability to channel the guidance of other entities and your own Soul.
  • The point between the eyebrows center gives the ability to receive telepathic communication and to send telepathic messages.
  • The brain center confers the ability of omniscience—this allows you to know past incarnations, the current state of development of the Soul, and future incarnations and Initiations in this cycle of time.

Psychic Powers Subplane – This is the second Subplane of the Psychic Realm. The emphasis in this realm is discovering and developing your psychic powers.

Psychic Reading (Structured) – The structured psychic reading uses a template of pre-defined meanings to interpret symbolic or environmental arrays for an individual. For example, the Tarot Card reading, attributes specific meanings to the Empress card, and then applies this information to the individual's situation. Examples of structured psychic readings include astrology, numerology, Runes, I Ching, palmistry, physiognomy, iridology, and tarot card readings.

Psychic Reading (Unstructured) – The unstructured psychic reading uses visualization to derive information for the individual. An aura reading, where a psychic gazes at the energy emanating from or surrounding the body and interprets what it means, is a reading of this type. Examples of unstructured psychic readings include prophecy, aura readings, etheric readings, therapeutic readings, past life readings, essence readings, and Soul readings.

Psychometry – This is the ability to read the etheric "impressions" imbedded in physical objects. This type of psychic sensitivity permits an individual to sense the resonance ether.

Process Meditation – A type of meditation that asks structured, repetitive questions to self or others. As each response wells up from the Subconscious mind, the response is acknowledged.

This threefold cycle of asking a question, listening for a response, and acknowledging the response is repeated many times until it produces a breakthrough into a higher perspective.

This higher perspective promotes insight into the issue and allows you to make new choices about it. The ability to make new choices has been called re-creation or re-choosing.

Process meditation plays a key role in Scientology® and other groups.

Q metaphysical

Querent – This is someone who comes to ask a question to a psychic. The psychic attempts to answer this question by doing a psychic reading or channeling guidance.

R metaphysical

Reiki – A type of healing anchored on the Healing Subplane. Training in Reiki passes through three stages: (1) laying on hands upon the person being healed, (2) doing distance healing by visualizing special symbols, and (3) obtaining the power to link others with the healing energy anchored on the Healing Subplane. An individual who can awaken this healing attunement in others is called a Reiki Master.

Reincarnation – The belief that the Soul animates a series of physical bodies over time and constructs a new personality in each new body. Those who have the ability to access the Akashic Record Subplane can see the impressions of these former lifetimes.

Runes – A Scandinavian form of divination that uses small stones with a symbol carved upon it. The querent throws the stones and reads the interpretation from a booklet that interprets their meaning.

S metaphysical

Scientology® – This is a "religion" anchored in the Akashic Records Subplane and the Demiurgic or Dynamic Creation Subplane of the Abstract Mind Plane. This "religion" uses a series of structured process meditations to clear away traumatic memories from the Akashic Records Subplane so that the Soul can rehabilitate its ability to know, create and relate to others.

The founder of Scientology®, L. Ron Hubbard, called this process of clearing the unconscious mind, Dianetics.

Once the Soul has become free of these impressions that impact its functioning, it progresses into the higher stage of Scientology® processing, where the Soul rehabilitates its ability to "create" on eight "dynamics": (1) self, (2) relationship, (3) work or career, (4) community, (5) nation, (6) world, (7) universe, and (8) on the spiritual worlds.

Space Brothers – This is another name for space aliens, who individuals encounter on the Pleiadean Vortex Subplane of the Psychic Realm. Some individuals claim to have spoken with these aliens, taken rides with them in flying saucers, or to have been abducted and had objects implanted in them by aliens conducting scientific experiments.

Spirit Guide – The term guide, refers to a spiritual entity, who reveals the phenomena of the Inner Planes to the spirit or the attentional principle, and delivers metaphysical teaching.

Inner sight is most common method of contact with the guide, but connection with the guide can be through telepathy (e.g., the individual "hears" the voice of the guide) or it can be a "felt presence."

Spirit guides are most commonly contacted on the Psychic Plane in the Heavenly Realms Subplane, where they assume different forms, including:

  • a Native American "practical wisdom" form
  • an artistic "Muse" that inspires creativity
  • a "spirit doctor" that gives healing guidance
  • a Angelic Guide that leads the spirit or the attentional principle into the higher levels of the Heavenly Realms Subplane

The Spiritualist Church teaches its followers to contact their spirit guides.

Spirit guides also appear on the Pleiadean Vortex Subplane, where they appear as wise alien beings and "Masters of the Galactic Brotherhood." On the Superreflective Aether, they may appear as various entities, including angels or "Masters."

Spiritualism – The practices of developing psychic powers, and learning to contact and channel entities, as taught by the Spiritualist Church. Many who call themselves spiritualists or metaphysicians work predominantly on the Heavenly Realms Subplane, but may draw liberally from the abilities they have developed on the Materialization Dematerialization Subplane, the Psychic Powers Subplane, and the Healing Subplane.

Suggestion (also called hypnotic suggestion) – This is the ability to influence the inner vehicles of consciousness of the Subconscious, Metaconscious and Superconscious mind by verbal or imaginal means.

In autohypnosis, your attentional principle anchors your selected suggestion while you are in an altered state of awareness and your body is fully relaxed.

In hetero-hypnosis, another person guides you into a deeply relaxed trance state, and they give you the suggestion.

You can influence the inner vehicles by directing them to carry out a command verbally; you can also anchor suggestion by visualizing an intended "outcome."

T metaphysical

Tarot – This is a method of divination that uses a specialized deck of 78 cards. The minor arcana consist of four suits—pentacles, cups, swords and wands—with 14 cards each. The major arcana contain 22 numbered cards, each representing an archetypal principle, such as The Fool (0), the Magician (1), and the High Priestess (2). The cards are arranged into "spreads" or "arrays," which the Tarot card reader interprets for the querent.

"The Other Side" – This term is used in Spiritualist circles to refer to the Astral Plane, particularly the "after death" state. Certain individuals develop the ability to visit those who have "crossed over" the vale of death. They act as "mediums" or "channels," connecting the dead with their living loved ones.

Therapeutic Reading – This is a reading of the physical, etheric and astral vehicles to detect disease conditions, blockage of life force, and unresolved emotional issues.

Thought Form – This is an animated three-dimensional form created out of astral matter that embodies the intention and desire of its creator. Thought forms can be programmed to (1) obtain desired objects, (2) provide protection, or (3) to help or harm other people. The creation of harmful thought forms is practiced as part of "black magic," which is a perversion of occultism found on the Lower Astral Plane.

Translocation – This occurs when the astral body moves out of coincidence from the physical body, and moves to another place in physical or astral "space." Translocation is one of the abilities developed by those who learn astral projection.

Transpersonal – This term refers to those aspects of the Soul that operate outside the bounds of the personality in the Superconscious mind.

The personality consists of the operation of the Conscious mind, Subconscious mind, and the Metaconscious mind.

The transpersonal zone comprises the operation of the Superconscious mind and the three immortal essences: the attentional principle, the spirit, and the ensouling entity.

Transpersonal Psychology – A system of psychology that describes and interacts with elements of the Superconscious mind, the immortal essences, or those bands of the unconscious mind affiliated with the Superconscious. These forms of psychology seek to bring integration with the Soul.

U metaphysical

UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) – A space craft alleged to be used by extraterrestrials. The classical spacecraft is the "flying saucer," but other shapes of craft have been described. There have been sightings of these craft worldwide, ranging from unusual, unexplained colored lights moving rapidly across the sky to flying saucers with great detail.

UFO Commander – An individual who has advanced to the stage where they can control and manifest a "light ship" on the Pleiadean Vortex Subplane.

These individuals act as guides through the phenomena of this Subplane and may act as channels or intermediaries for members of the Galactic Brotherhood, the most advanced Souls that manifest upon this Subplane of the Psychic Realm.

Universal Mind Subplane – The highest Subplane of the Abstract Mind Plane. This Subplane is marked by the recognition of universal "laws" or "principles" that operate in the Superconscious mind.

Those who minister of this Subplane attempt to align the life conditions of their clients with these universal laws through suggestion, affirmation, or "treatments."

Groups like Religious Science, Science of Mind, Unity, and Christian Science use the laws of this Subplane to bring about healing and positive changes in the lives of their adherents.

V metaphysical

Vijnanamayakosa – The fourth vehicle of consciousness above the personality in the Subtle Realm. Known as the "body of revelation," this vehicle whispers the Soul's realizations as a stream of continual intuitive insights.

Visualization – The faculty of the imagination that allows you to create a visual representation of three-dimensional objects, other people, ideas, processes, interaction of arrays of elements, and spiritual noumena.

Visualization is used in creative meditation, which seeks to manifest certain intended outcomes through building thought forms.

Psychic readers must train themselves to "see what is there" instead of what they visualize or create with their imagination.

W metaphysical

"Walk In" – A term coined by psychic, Ruth Montgomery, to designate certain individuals that give over their bodies and lives to certain advanced Souls, who use them to accomplish a spiritual mission.

Wicca – This is a network of small groups or "covens," where practitioners of witchcraft carry out training of their members, and conduct invocations, exorcisms, healings, and initiations. A female practitioner of witchcraft is called a witch. A male practitioner is called a warlock.

Witches use powerful suggestion ("spells"), affirmation ("fiats"), and invocational rituals to create thought forms or to bring about manifestation of their intentions.

Wiccan practitioners operate on the Lower Astral Plane from the entrance to this realm to the step below the Occult Mystery Schools.

Wiccan practice is considered a preparation for undertaking the Occult Initiations, as Wiccan rites and rituals teach their adherents to activate the octave of the Magical Will.