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Winter Prophecy


By George A. Boyd ©1992

Excerpted from Destiny Unfolds


In November, when clams dream amidst the brine,

Specters of cornfields lie abandoned in the snow,

Choppy wavelets beat upon the ancient shore,

Moonlight patterns tapestry on the darkened sea.

Dawn in magenta and coral, autumnal hue,

Break through the rippling cloudbanks, serenity.

Pine trees stretch to caress the sky,

In breathy excitement squirrels clamber o'er branchéd bowers,

Raindrops beat symphonic melodies on the rye,

Echoed by frogs, calling in their pond.

Mists like carpets, fill the vales,

Sea borne vapors, to the wind, respond.

Clarions of wintry frosts, storm clouds ride mercurial steeds,

Thundering hoardes clash in lightening fray,

Olympian hosts in martial array,

Auroral fury to vanquish the thirsty drought.

Willows humbly bend, in silent awe before Majesty's hand.

Provision is made by Bounty spread without strain nor anguished thought.

Inspired by rainbows, woodchucks emerge from secret dens,

Alive with purpose, ants parade on forest floor and glade.

Sparrows and wrens, seeking morsels for their brood,

Streak down through branchlets to surprise their prey.

Storm winds breathe their icy breath, to prophesy,

When winter should grace this forest way.



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