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Maps of Consciousness of the Transcendental Sphere


By George A. Boyd ©2004

In the article, The Great Continuum of Consciousness, the Transcendental Paths are simply enumerated. In this article, we will detail the stages of these Paths so the reader will become more familiar with the terrain of these sublime realms, which begin, as Swami Prem Dayal says, "beyond where the Paths of the Supracosmic Sphere end…"

These eight paths are:

Name that we use
for this Path

Exponents or Teachings that come from this level

The Bridge Path

The Mudrashram® lineage




Sant Mat


Avatar Meher Baba


Urantia Book teachings




The Path of the Rainbow Transmuting Light (two of the teachers of the Mudrashram® lineage work at this level and have described it, but humanity has not yet begun to open this level)—it is also called the Hidden Path.


Sat Guru Balyogeshwar Paramahansa aka Prem Pal Rawat, Elan Vital ®, Knowledge of Satchitananda

The Transcendental Paths are layered one above the other, with the Bridge Path on the bottom and T7 at the top. Major landmarks for each path are delineated below.

The Bridge Path

The Bridge Path mirrors stages of the Paths that run above it. [Stages 4 to 33 mirror portions of T7 and the entire path for T1 to T5. These are identified by references in parentheses.]

Stages 34 to 49 are on the highest Plane of this Path, which is called Nubiya or Adi Sat Guru Desh. It is at this level that the Mudrashram® lineage dwells, performs its ministry and carries out its "Bodhisattva projects." Here are major landmarks on this Path:

(1) The Form of the Disciple (Accepted Discipleship in the lineage begins with the purification of this form)

(2) Jewel of Alaya Attunement

(3) Mirror of Souls Attunement

(4) Path Gnosis Attunement (T7)

(5) Divine Servant (Incarnation of Karma Yoga - T7)

(6) Divine Lover (Incarnation of Bhakti Yoga - T7)

(7) Divine Knower (Incarnation of Jnana Yoga - T7)

(8) Mahatma (Realization Stage — interpenetrating awareness dawns at this stage - T7)

(9) Bodhisattwa (1st Mastery in T7)

(10) Subud Master (1st Mastery in T1)

(11) Sadhu (origin of T1)

(12) Niranjani (1st Mastery in T2)

(13) Shabd Master (2nd Mastery in T2)

(14) Hansadeshi (3rd Mastery in T2

(15) Guptadeshi (4th Mastery in T2)

(16) Sant (5th Mastery in T2)

(17) T2 Sat Guru (origin of T2)

(18) Transcendental Adept (T7)

(19) Transcendental Chohan (T7)

(20) Transcendental Maha Chohan (T7)

(21) Transcendental Bodhisattwa (T7)

(22) Transcendental Buddha (T7)

(23) Transcendental World Teacher (T7)

(24) Transcendental Pratyeka Buddha (T7)

(25) Will Merged (T7)

(26) Brahmi Bhut (7th stage in T3)

(27) Qutub (11th stage in T3)

(28) T3 Avatar (12th stage in T3)

(29) Maharaj (T4 7th Plane Mastery)

(30) Paradise Master (T4 9th Plane Mastery)

(31) T4 Sat Guru (origin of T4)

(32) Madhis (5th Plane Mastery of T5)

(33) Mahanta (12th Plane Mastery of T5)

(34) Dharma Lord (Entrance to Adi Sat Guru Desh, or Nubiya - each member of the lineage takes a form at this level. )

(35) Subtle Realm Master

(36) Planetary Realm Master

(37) Physical Universe Master

(38) Adi Yogeshwar

(39) Cosmic Sphere Master

(40) Supracosmic Sphere Master

(41) Maha Bodhisattwa

(42) T-1 Master

(43) T-2 Master

(44) T-3 Master

(45) T-4 Master

(46) T-5 Master

(47) Adi Prabhu (Oneness with the entire Bridge Path - the Word)

(48) Adi Bhagwan (origin of the ensouling entity of the Bridge Path)

(49) Origin of the Bridge Path (origin of the spirit of the Bridge Path)

Transcendental Path One (T1)

T1 is the first of the paths that begin in the Transcendental Sphere. The spirit is aided in its upward journey by receiving Light and Grace from a Master. At this level, this force transmitted to the spirit is referred to as the Subud, and the one who ministers it to others, the Subud Master.

(1) Ground state of the spirit

(2) Purification of the animal nature

(3) Purification of the plant nature

(4) Purification of the mineral nature

(5) Expression of the human nature

(6) Discovery of angelic inspiration

(7) Discovery of creative intelligence

(8) Realization of spirit

(9) The Subud Master

(10) The Word of Creation

(11) The Cyclic Dispensation (The Avatar)

(12)The World Mind

(13) Eternal Archetype One

(14) Eternal Archetype Two

(15) Eternal Archetype Three

(16) Eternal Archetype Four

(17) Eternal Archetype Five

(18) Origin of the spirit (Sadhu)

(19) Ocean of Unmanifest Spirit

Transcendental Path Two (T2)

The Second Transcendental Path, the realm described by Masters of the Sant Mat tradition, is a path in which transformation of the ensouling entity is achieved by opening the channels of the Nada by the spirit.

Variously known as the Surat Shabd Yoga, or Yoga of the Audible Life Stream, these teachings have spread widely throughout the world through a series of exponents who initiate in this tradition. This Path begins in the Transcendental Sphere, and culminates in the union of the spirit with its origin, with the revelation of the Sant Sat Guru in Infinite Glory. Here are the major landmarks on this Path:

(1) Ground state of the spirit

(2) Diksha Dham (abode of initiation)

(3) Moon Center

(4) Sun Center

(5) Pole Star Center

(6) Eight petalled lotus center

(7) Presence of the Guide center

(8) Mountain of Light center

(9) The Lord of the Ever-Living Flame (Sahansdal Kanwal)

(10) The Three Mountains Center (Trikuti)

(11) The Lord of the Three Worlds

(12) The Sun of Mind Center

(13) The Shabd Master

(14) Abode of the Avatars (Universal Ocean of Mind)

(15) The Sunna Initiations (Sunna, Hansadesh, Maha Sunna, Mansarover, and Bhanwhar Gupha)

(16) Pure Spiritual Initiations (Sach Khand, including Sat Lok, Agam Lok, Agochar Lok, Anami Lok — Anami Lok is the origin of the spirit of this Path and abode of the Sant Sat Guru)

(17) Liberation (origin of the ensouling entity of this path)

The Third Transcendental Path (T3)

The Third Transcendental Path was popularized and described in great detail by Avatar Meher Baba. The ensouling entity in T3 evolves far beyond the origin of the spirit, into a realm of infinite Grace, Love and Power that is called the Qutubiat, the realm of the Perfect Masters. The major stations on this Path include:

(1) The Introductory Stage

(2) The Physical Universe

(3) The Heaven of the Saints

(4) The Higher Heavens

(5) The Heaven of Cosmic Mastery

(6) The Lower Mental Heavens

(7) The Higher Mental Heavens

(8) The Pure Spiritual Realm

(9) Brahmi Bhut (origin of the spirit of T3)

(10) The Qutub or Perfect Master

(11) The Avatar

(12) The Word and Liberation (origin of the ensouling entity of T3)

The Fourth Transcendental Path (T4)

This Transcendental Path recapitulates spiritual development in the Subtle, Planetary, Cosmic, Supracosmic, and Transcendental Paths One through Three, presenting these stages of development in richly symbolic, archetypal format.

It emphasizes living righteously by fulfilling the Divine Will. Angelic intelligences appear throughout this Path as Guides and messengers of the Divine. The Divine appears as a Triunity—The Father, Son, and Spirit—in ever-expanding forms at each level of this Path. The major divisions of this Path are:

(1) The Introductory Stage (The Arthurian Mysteries)

(2) The First Superuniverse

(3) The Second Superuniverse

(4) The Third Superuniverse

(5) The Fourth Superuniverse

(6) The Fifth Superuniverse

(7) The Sixth Superuniverse

(8) The Seventh Superuniverse

(9) Havona

(10) Paradise Master (origin of the spirit of this Path)

(11) Central Paradise (origin of the ensouling entity of this Path)

The Fifth Transcendental Path (T5)

Paul Twitchell and his now international Eckankar® movement popularized the Fifth Transcendental Path of T5. This group has a wide variety of books on this spiritual domain, with extensive correspondence course lessons that go into much detail about this Path.

Paul Twitchell identifies 14 Planes in this realm, which he describes in his book, The Spiritual Notebook, (pages 103 to 109). We will use his references to these Planes for your introduction to them.

(1) Physical Plane

(2) Astral Plane

(3) Causal Plane

(4) Mental Plane

(5) Etheric Plane

(6) Soul Plane (Stage of the first level of Mastery, the Mahdis)

(7) Alakh Lok

(8) Alaya Lok

(9) Hukikat Lok

(10) Agam Lok

(11) Anami Lok (origin of the spirit of T5 and abode of the T5 Sat Guru, the Mahanta)

(12) Sugmad Lok

(13) Sugmad

(14) Akshar (origin of the ensouling entity of T5)

Transcendental Path Six (T6)

This mysterious Transcendental Path is called the Path of Rainbow Transmuting Light. Other than a Multiplane Master of the Mudrashram® lineage, and one his disciples, humanity as a whole has not colonized this domain. Moreover, other teachers and their disciples have not established themselves in this realm. There is therefore little known about this Path.

There are two reasons why this Path remains hidden. The first reason is that other than on the Bridge Path and T7, there is no reflection of this Path in the other domains. The second reason is that the Alaya that animates the ensouling entities of human beings has been shunted away to other Paths. The Divine Purpose appears to be to reserve this Path for another Age of human spiritual evolution.

The source reference to this Path is in an unpublished manuscript entitled, Your Life Never Ends on pages 45 to 51 [©1981 by George A. Boyd]. George A. Boyd received from material from the Mula Satguru of the Mudrashram® lineage from 1975 until 1979. This material was put together in a manuscript form in 1981.

The Mula Sat Guru describes this Path as highly devotional on page 45 of this manuscript. He says of this path:

"Every step of this Path is pure obedience, and pure devotion. Every step is taken because of love for the Master."

He goes on to list seven worlds in this realm:

(1) the World of Purity

(2) the World of Munificence

(3) the World of Humility

(4) the World of Love

(5) the World of the Will of God

(6) the World of Pure Energy

(7) the World of Mercy, where the spirit and ensouling entity of this Path originated.

The Seventh Transcendental Path (T7)

T7 is the Path of the Eternal Soul, or Satchitananda. It is first Path and the last Path, the final resting place of the ray of ensoulment (Alaya). Stages of this Path were also described in George A. Boyd's unpublished manuscript, Your Life Never Ends. Here is the list of stages on this Path:

(1)Introductory Stage

(2) Upadeshi Stage

(3) Premie Stage

(4) Bhakta Stage

(5) Jnani Stage

(6) Mahatma Stage

(7) Blessed One Stage

(8) Lord of the Universe Stage

(9) Bodhisattwa Stage

(10) T1 SatGuru (Sadhu) Stage

(11) Hansadeshi Stage

(12) T2 Sat Guru (Sant Sat Guru) Stage

(13) Will Merged Stage (highest level of the Transcendental Hierarchy—a series of stages of Initiation exist within this state. See above levels 18 to 25 described in the Bridge Path)

(14) T3 Sat Guru (Perfect Master) Stage

(15) Maharaj Stage

(16) T4 Sat Guru Stage

(17) T5 Sat Guru Stage

(18) Dharma Lord Stage

(19) Bridge Path Sat Guru

(20) T6 Sat Guru Stage

(21) Universal Controller Stage

(22) Universal Service Stage

(23) Universal Creator Stage

(24) T7 Sat Guru

(25) Infinite Stage (origin of spirit and Satchitananda)

Each stage of the Great Continuum of Consciousness is mapped in detail in the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course, together with specific meditations to help you explore each level. These Transcendental Paths are described in detail in lessons 41 to 48 of the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course.

This article has been added to give some reference points to the reader for levels described in The Advanced Work topic page of our web site. It is necessary for you to be familiar with these advanced stations on the Path to understand the different aspects of the path of the Accepted Disciple and the ascension to Mastery in this tradition.

We have now also placed a link to this page on our Maps of Consciousness page. You may wish to read the other articles in that section, especially our article on Faiths of the Supracosmic Sphere, which delineates the Paths of the Supracosmic Sphere in greater detail, as we have done in this article for the Paths of the Transcendental Sphere.


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