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Transcendental Functions


By George A. Boyd © 2002

In meditation, transcendental functions represent those aspects of the human psyche that provide a doorway into the Superconscious mind. These functions arise from the personal and transpersonal bands of the mind, giving rise to so-called exoteric and esoteric methods of accessing the Superconscious mind. These are shown in the table below.






Energy and Awareness

Kundalini Yoga

Awakening into higher vehicles

Spiritual Heart

Nada Yoga

Opening inner channels by the spirit


Raja Yoga

Attention and attentional principle focusing and contemplating higher vehicles and the soul

Essential Understanding

Jnana Yoga

The soul’s own discernment revealing the nature of its own vehicles and essence


Genius or Talent

Power or Siddhi

Invocation of a gift or ability, mastery of a skill

Faith, Worship


Invocation of Grace from the Divine, belief in God or gods in the Superconscious band of the mind, idealization of other people as heroes or gods

Revelation, Theological Understanding

Intellectual Illumination

Reception of intuitive insight or revelations from the higher mind; understanding of symbol, metaphor or myth; extraction of meaning from scripture

Exoteric or religious methods of evocation come from the personal zone of the mind, using centers of the Conscious, Subconscious or Metaconscious mind.

Esoteric methods arise from the Superconscious mind (e.g., Jnana Yoga) or activate the immortal centers within (e.g., the attentional principle, the spirit or the current of the Kundalini Shakti).

In exoteric evocation, we invoke the Divine from our humanness; in esoteric evocation, from the spirit and consciousness.

Exoteric methods inform religion; esoteric methods, mystic spiritual paths that utilize deep meditative absorption in the Great Continuum of Consciousness.

To learn these esoteric methods, you need to find a teacher who has mastered them and can reveal them to you.

Kundalini arises from its seat in the Subconscious mind and ascends through all of the bands of Superconscious mind. It is the genie hidden in the magic lamp; the Kundalini Master knows the spell to control this genie, lest it destroy the one who knows not how to tame its awesome power.

The spirit is trapped in the mire of matter and cannot extricate itself from the clutches of the mind. The Nadamic Master places the spirit upon its way, opening the channels of the Nada—the light and sound streaming from supernal worlds.

The attention is transfixed by the experiences of the senses and trapped in the bubble of the Conscious mind. The Raja Yoga Master knows how to open the portal to the inner worlds and awaken the sleeping third eye, the attentional principle.

The Jnana Yoga knows not from the senses, not from reason, not from Intellect’s conceptual maps, but from the profound depths of realization of the Soul. "Knowing this," the hoary Upanishads proclaim, "all else is known." This inner knowing casts the searchlight of intuition on the internal makings of mind and universe, and whispers a steady stream of wisdom for the ones who commune with its illumined way. For the Jnana Yoga Master knows all the paths, and the pathless realm of the abode of being—existence absolute.

Those interested in becoming introduced to the keys to the transpersonal realm may benefit from taking the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation, which provides instruction in all four esoteric methods.


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