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On Getting Too Much Light


By George A. Boyd ©2003

"You can't get too much Light, can you?"

Actually, you can. Many seekers become spiritually greedy, believing that the more Shakti they receive, the better. Let us consider some of the disadvantages.

Inability to integrate new material into consciousness. If you spiritually accelerate too quickly, you will not be able to integrate your new intuitive discernment and wisdom, your new compassionate understanding, or to learn to express the new abilities or powers that arise in a new state of Initiation.

Remaining with the Kundalini raised. By burning away the impurities of the inner vehicles on a too regular basis, the channel of the sushumna does not seal, and the kundalini remains raised—united with the Soul, the Astral Soul, or a nucleus of identity in the Superconscious mind. This keeps your attention united with this higher center. In the process, the functioning of your Conscious mind can become partly or even wholly suspended. Sometimes this will shut down the functioning of your personality (Metaconscious mind) for long periods of time.

When the Conscious and Metaconscious mind are de-activated, it makes it difficult for you to work, or carry out the activities of daily living. It can produce what we call blank mind syndrome, a state where you cannot act, you cannot feel, you cannot think, and you cannot decide. This zombie-like state is blissful and ecstatic, but sustained long term it can cause problems with personality functioning and may retard normal personality growth. See the article "How Spiritual Teachers Control the Attention of their Students" on our web site.

Third degree spiritual burns. No, the inner vehicles do not char, but a plethora of the fiery impetus of the Light can literally evaporate the contents of the inner vehicles. This leads to a state we call holy vacuum, in which there is literally nothing in your mind. The inner vehicles are supposed to have something in them: the golden impressions of your spiritual understanding and wisdom, the spiritual forms through which your higher octaves of the will express, and the intelligent activity of the centers of your higher vehicles. There is not supposed to be dead silence in your inner vehicles; they should be vibrant and alive. If you have a void inside, there is something wrong.

Spiritual imbalance. We have discussed the types of spiritual imbalance and their sequelae at greater length in another article on our web site, "Avoiding Imbalance," Needless to say, when you make too much progress on a level that is not your spiritual cutting edge, all of that Light may lead you to a snapping episode, where you can no longer function in your personality and can't come back down to your normal waking awareness.

The Nirvana blues. Sometimes overcharging with the Spirit can literally keep you high for days. You may go on for long hours without sleep, without eating, without stopping to rest. When you use up your remaining physiological and vital reserves, you crash physically and emotionally. You may become ill. You may be literally unable to function.

Overstimulation. Stoking the fires of the mind leads to brilliant insights and periods of intense creativity, but doing this too often leads to overstimulation. Overstimulation occurs when your mind races all of the time, you go into analysis overdrive, and you are in non-stop insight reception mode. When you experience overstimulation, your reality testing mechanism doesn't function right. You start to be overconfident, to believe fantastic things—you may even become grandiose and delusional. Clinicians have a name for this state. They call it a manic episode (this is not a good thing).

Holy paranoia. The storing of the Light in the inner vehicles, which has been called reserving the Light or secreting the Light, can powerfully charge your inner vehicles. Unfortunately, this energy must go somewhere. It may seep out of your inner vehicles as emotional tirades of rage, or thunderous preaching or affirmation (decrees). It may express through the nervous system, leading to trembling, shaking, sweating, or even convulsions. It may slip into your unconscious mind, creating powerful waves of the projection of your fears, insecurities, jealousy and anger onto others.

Overcharging your unconscious mind can lead to believing others are trying to secretly attack you, persecute you, or steal your Light. The more intensely you believe they are trying to attack you and steal your Light, the more zealously you will guard your Light and stay away from others. This creates a vicious cycle where you even more rigorously secret your Light and thus continue to intensify…your holy paranoia.

Innate Safeguards

Some individuals have a high tolerance for Light Immersion, and can receive attunements frequently with no deleterious effects. We see working in these individuals many of these safeguarding factors that appear to increase their resilience to the Light

  1. The attunement affects their cutting edge of spiritual development, not another octave of being

  2. The have a strong development of Self, a powerful will, and their structures of personality are able to readily integrate and express the new insights and abilities they receive with each new expansion of consciousness

  3. They have an ability to readily ground them selves after meditation and stay grounded

  4. Their karmic accretion in the unconscious mind is dense enough to act as a kind of insulation, and their vehicular seals are strong enough to keep unconscious material from intruding into conscious awareness

  5. They utilize the Light they receive by doing spiritual attunement or ministry, and do not "reserve" or "secret" it within their vehicles

  6. They have developed a strong connection with the Guide form of their spiritual Master, and seek to be re-balanced when they sense they have moved out of alignment

  7. They are knowledgeable about mental illness and personality disorders, and can recognize the warning signs that result from excessive meditation or Light Immersion. They do personal process regularly to work on their issues. They may temporarily stop meditation and/or going to Light Immersions when they experience negative sequelae.

When these safeguards are in place, you can tolerate greater intensity of Light, and more frequent Light Immersions. When these safeguards are not in place, you may be more vulnerable to the negative sequelae of Light Immersion.

Factors that Increase the Risk of Negative Consequences

So when does a whole lot of a really good thing start to cause you problems? If you have vulnerabilities that make you susceptible to negative effects of Light Immersion, one of the key considerations is the frequency at which you receive these attunements.

While there are no absolute guidelines as to the impact of frequency of Light Immersion, we share the following observations about when negative consequences occur over different time frames [for those who may be deficient in the safeguarding factors].

Interval between Light Immersions

Frequency of Negative Sequelae

More than six weeks

Negligible to none

Four to six weeks

Very low to negligible

Three to four weeks

Low to very low

Two to three weeks

Low to moderate

10 to 13 days (1 1/2 to 2 weeks)

Moderate to high moderate

7 to 10 days (1 to 1 1/2 weeks)

High moderate to high

4 to 6 days (half weekly)

High to very high

Daily to half weekly

Very high

Factors that increase the risk of negative consequences, together with factors that may intensify or ameliorate them are shown below:

Risk Factor

Intensifying or Ameliorating Factors

Length of immersion in the Light

Less than one and one half hours is usually less harmful than longer periods of immersion

Light is stored in the inner vehicles

If stored, harmful effects rise

Light is not discharged

If discharged through affirmation or attunement, the risk goes down

Kundalini remains raised

Negative effects go up if the Kundalini is not grounded after the sitting

Attention remains fixed in an altered state of awareness (ASA) after the sitting

Remaining in an ASA accentuates the deleterious effects

Meditation experiences can’t be discussed or explained after the sitting

Not allowing time to integrate meditation experiences may increase confusion, tension and anxiety, and may increase your vulnerability to emotional upsets or irrational thinking

Personal or family history of mental illness

If this factor is present, you run a greater risk of developing symptoms of mania, paranoia, depression, and dissociative disorders when over-exposed to the Light

If circumstances in your life allow you to devote more time to spiritual development, and the Grace-Bestowing teachers with whom you work are moderate in exposing you to the risk factors, you may choose to receive Light Immersion more frequently.

If, on the other hand, you have family and/or work responsibilities that require you to be fully functional at all times, or if you have a constitutional risk of mental illness, you will do well to extend the intervals between these sittings.

If you begin to notice [or your partner or spiritual buddy notices] some of these warning signs we have discussed in this article, back off from the sessions with the Light. You may also wish to concurrently lower the time you spend in meditation until these symptoms subside and you can function normally again.

While Light Immersion is one of the greatest blessings you can receive, if you are not prudent in receiving this powerful Light-Fire, it can cause problems. If you ignore the warning signs and continue to take in more and more Light, it could cause you serious problems—it could even drive you insane.

To the degree that you can build into your meditation practice and lifestyle the factors that safeguard you from the negative effects of Light Immersion, you may be able to tolerate more Light. If you can better understand the impact of this powerful, radiant energy of the Spirit, and work with it wisely, it will help you accelerate your spiritual evolution—without the negative consequences we have discussed in this article.


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