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Taking Charge of Your Spiritual Evolution


By George A. Boyd © 2001

To consciously take charge of your spiritual evolution, there are seven tasks that you must master:

  • Uniting with your ensouling entity at will (Atma Samadhi)

  • Communing with the Guide (Guru Dhyan)

  • Ministering the Light, using Attunement Meditation (Shakti Dana)

  • Contemplating nodal points and centers within vehicles (Swarupa Dhyan)

  • Consciously transforming your spiritual potentials through use of transformational methods

  • Consciously opening the channels of the Nada (Udgit)

  • Develop your gifts and powers, and refine your personality
  • Levels of Inversion

    To allow yourself to do spiritual work, you must go very deeply within your vehicles in full consciousness. This process of going within is called inversion. We identify seven levels of inversion that you will commonly experience.

    Level One - Ground State. Here you are oriented to the sensory environment around your body and have a sense of full embodiment. Meditation begins when you become aware that you are in the ground state, and you begin to collect your attention.

    Level Two - Conscious Mind Awareness. Here you are aware of the sensations, feelings and thoughts that are arising in the present time. This is awareness of the centers of the Conscious mind. This level is voluntarily experienced by the practice of vipassana. Certain forms of psychotherapy may also invite their clients to pay attention to their feelings, thoughts, or egoic reactions as they arise in the present time.

    Level Three - Liminal Awareness. Here you are aware of impressions coming into your consciousness, or you may remember or relive your life experiences. This deeper state of inversion is typically experienced in hypnosis or deep absorption in the process of psychotherapy.

    Level Four - Chakra Awareness. Here you begin to be aware of the content of your Subconscious mind, as remembered facts, sensory and emotional impressions, awareness of interrelationships and systems. In deeper stages of absorption at this level, you may become aware of the structure of the chakras. Practitioners of hatha yoga passively experience this level during states of deep relaxation. It may be voluntarily experienced through the practice of tratakam on the seven chakras or Raja Yoga.

    Level Five - Mindfulness. Here you gain conscious union with your attentional principle. You wake up within, dwelling in union with your witnessing consciousness. This is consciously experienced in Raja Yoga.

    Level Six - Ascension. Here you journey beyond the seat of the attentional principle into higher vehicles of your Subconscious, Metaconscious, and Superconscious mind. You may move through these higher vehicles in one of two ways: (1) Focusing your attention in these vehicles using a variety of techniques for centering and transcendence. (2) Traveling in full union with the attentional principle. This is called direct projection. We teach this technique in the sitting for the basic Raja Yoga meditation in the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation.

    Level Seven - Union. Here your attention becomes united with key inner centers. This state of profound absorption with identity is called samadhi. Major foci for samadhi include (1) The Self (Swa Samadhi). (2) Your spirit (Bhava Samadhi). (3) Your spiritual guide (Guru Deva Samadhi). (4) Your Soul (Atma Samadhi). (5) Higher octaves of Being in the Transplanetary, Cosmic, Supracosmic and Transcendental bands of the Great Continuum of Consciousness (Paramatma Samadhi), (6) The Universal Field of the Divine (Sabikalpa Samadhi).

    Spiritual inner work occurs at levels five through seven. Psychotherapy and hypnosis commonly utilize levels two through four to work with the personality.

    If you wish to consciously take charge of your spiritual evolution, you will need to be able to access levels three through five at will. If you wish to make progress in your psychotherapy or experience successful implementation of your hypnotic suggestions, you will need to be able to invert to levels two through four.

    Discipleship is founded upon the ability to be consciously present as your attentional principle, your spirit and your ensouling entity. These centers become alive, creative, responsive, and dynamic within you. They make you capable of becoming an instrument for the Divine Light of Spirit, and expressing the love, wisdom and power that are within your Soul.

    Your goal is to move from the union and recognition that characterizes the aspirant stage of spirituality, to the empowerment and mastery that marks conscious discipleship. Fundamental to this inner change is the ability to gain mastery over inversion.

    Amplifying Concentration

    To be able to do spiritual work, you will need to enhance your ability to concentrate for sustained periods of time. There are a variety of subtle methods that can powerfully amplify your concentration, making it a laser beam for inner discovery, insight, and realization. Twelve recommended methods for improving your meditation experience are described below.

    1. Strata of the Psyche. Here you focus your attention in the depth dimension. You deepen into the successive layers of the psyche, uncovering the content that arises at each layer. You may use the metaphor of concentric circles for this type of meditation: you travel from the periphery to the core, observing what arises at each ring. This method is often used to explore unconscious bands of the Mind.
    2. Landmarking. Here you use specific markers to help you identify where you are on the Great Continuum of Consciousness. Landmarks are found on the vertical dimension. You typically use certain landmarks to differentiate a boundary between one band of the Great Continuum of Consciousness from another. For example, you may use the Self as a landmark in the Metaconscious mind, or the Jet of Spirit that is the origin of the Soul Spark as a landmark in the Subtle Realm. As you progress in meditation, you will come to recognize the landmarks that indicate not only major divisions of the Great Continuum of Consciousness, but also for Planes and Subplanes on each level.
    3. Nodal Points. These are stable vortices on the path in which the ensouling entity dwells. As your ensouling entity evolves, it opens and occupies successive nodal points. You can concentrate on the nodal point in which your Soul now dwells, the nodal points comprising the Path that it has traversed, and the unawakened nodal points that represent its future spiritual evolution.
    4. Tones. These are the counterparts of nodal points on the path of your spirit. These are octaves of the Nada which correspond to nodal points. In Integral meditation, we teach the aspirant to open the channels of the Nada to a synchronous tone corresponding to the nodal point of the Soul. You concentrate on the current of the Nada, listening for these tones. With some practice, you will find that there are a series of subtle tones in the Nadamic channel.
    5. Seed Atoms. Seed atoms are the nuclei of each vehicle of consciousness. During the process of initiation, these seed atoms are perfectly attuned to a level corresponding to the nodal point of your ensouling entity. You can concentrate on a seed atom for any vehicle about which you wish to gain deeper insight.
    6. Mandala or Yantra. These appear as visual presentations of the content of certain vehicles or levels of the Great Continuum of Consciousness. Artistic elements may be seen to surround a central figure in a mandala; symmetrical geometric arrays surround a central point in a yantra. The content of each vehicle is a mandalic or yantric array that can be contemplated by focusing on the central point of its mandala or the central point of its yantra.
    7. Words or Symbols. These represent discrete landmarks or elements of consciousness by words or symbols. For example, the word "Self" stands for the nucleus of your Metaconscious mind; you experience the Self by concentrating upon it. The symbol of the AUM represents a blissful three-part rhythm that can be experienced within. You focus on the essence that a word or symbol indicates in this meditation.
    8. Vibration. This is the non-verbal, felt sense of spirituality. You feel the bliss, joy and ecstasy of each progressive layer of the psyche until you are fully established in the bliss of your ensouling entity.
    9. Dimensions. Dimensions are horizontal slices across the Great Continuum of Consciousness. Dimensions reveal the panoramas of etheric, astral, causal and pure spiritual realms. Meditation upon dimensions allows you to see the scenery of other realms of existence, to visualize the environments of other worlds and their inhabitants. You access dimensions by holding your attention in the Astral Light, the path in which your attentional principle travels to the higher worlds, and shifting your attention from one dimension to another.
    10. Forms. Here you contemplate each of your vehicles as an energy shell or form. With some practice, you will be able to visualize each vehicle as a unique form, which will allow you to identify each one. This perception is gained by concentrating on the origin of each vehicle.
    11. Color bands. Here you may behold successive Planes of the Great Continuum of Consciousness as different colored lights. For example, the God Self of the Fifth Cosmic Initiation is surrounded by bands of rainbow colors. You may also use colors to identify centers within vehicles. For example, each chakra of the Psychic vehicle in the Psychic Realm is a different color.
    12. Organizing Centers. Each vehicle has organizing centers that appear as chakras. These chakras may take various forms in different vehicles: as lotus flowers, whirling wheels, globes of pulsating light, or archetypal forms such as angels or deities. In this meditation, you contemplate each chakra in turn to identify its function, the abilities it confers on your ensouling entity, and the intuitive knowledge or wisdom it reveals.

    As you master each of these alternate methods for concentrating, you will be better equipped to take conscious charge of your spiritual evolution. You will improve your ability to meditate dynamically and effectively. Your perception will become crystal clear: you will see as clearly in your inner vehicles as you now see in the noon day sun.

    Practice meditation for mastery of all methods and techniques. Practice with a purpose. Go deeper in each meditation. Expand your horizons to the Infinite. Free yourself within through meditation so you may become an instrument for the Divine Light, and make your full ascension to Mastery.

    This is your birthright, your spiritual destiny. Claim it by regular practice, and committed sadhana. Make it your first priority. Devote regular time. You will see the results.



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