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Your Success Notebook

by George A. Boyd © 2004

Many planners and organizers are available to assist you schedule and plan your life, to list your contacts, and to write down your goals. The drawback with many of these planners is that they do not concretize your goals, to present your goals so you see and touch them.

So in addition to any organizer and planner you may use, you may wish to create a personal success notebook. Begin by purchasing a 1/2" or 1" binder in your favorite color, and put dividers in this notebook.

At the beginning of your personal success notebook, have a quote that inspires you in a plastic sleeve.

In section one, have a list of your goals that are most important—your "A" goals. You may wish to write down your goals for each of the following areas of your life:

Environment – Home, Garden

Body – Appearance, Wardrobe

Vitality – Health

Emotions – Relationships

Mind – Career, Home Business

Mind – Finances

Mind – Education, New Skills

Volition – Personal Change, Recovery

Personal/Social – Cultural and Social Expansion, Travel and New Experiences

Personal/Social – Civic and Political Involvement, Volunteer Projects

Essence – Ethical and Moral Standards, Self-Introspection

Essence – Spiritual Growth, Prayer, Meditation, Creativity, Insights

Put pictures or graphics in this section to help you picture these goals. You may wish to also include in this section, affirmations of what you shall accomplish or achieve.

In section two, make a list of your accomplishments. This may take the form of a list where you detail over time what goals you accomplished.

For example, June 22, 2002 — earned certificate in retail sales. You may put in this section awards or commendations you have received, evidence you have accomplished your goals such as diplomas or certificates. You may also wish to put in pictures or graphics that make these achievements real for you, for example, a picture of your graduation from college.

In section three, make a statement of who you are. This can be as simple as for example, [your name] is a designer, an artist, and consultant. Then write a compelling paragraph about each area, detailing your achievements. You can have literature available about your business, your products, and services in this section, placed in plastic sleeves.

In section four, you will have a supply of blank paper, lined and unlined, on which you can jot down ideas and inspirations. You can use this section for new articles or poems if you are an author or poet. Keep a slash pocket after this section so you can collect your completed articles or poems.

In section five, collect inspirational and reference materials. You may wish to clip articles and pictures that relate to your projects and dreams. If you are architect, for example, you may wish to put an article here on the homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

In section six, you may optionally wish to create a simple organizer, where you list phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and calendar in which you schedule your activities if you do not have a personal planner.

In section seven, you may optionally wish to include quotes that give you confidence, faith and courage. You can put your own spiritual insights or aphorisms, your credo or mission statement here.

As you continue to build this notebook, you will capture what you want to achieve in your human life, what you have accomplished, and detail a roadmap to help you arrive at each of your key life goals. If you can dream it and take the constructive action to actualize it, you can achieve it.

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