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Sources of Guidance


By George A. Boyd ©2003

Inner guidance is never lacking in life or on the spiritual path. Perhaps it is the great variety of sources of guidance, many of which are conflicting and contradictory, that makes an aspirant’s quest so confusing. Not only do your Conscious mind’s inclinations differ from what your Subconscious mind suggests and what your Metaconscious mind directs, but sources in the Superconscious mind give directions from across the spectrum of spiritual possibilities. What’s a poor aspirant to do?

The chart below portrays the many sources of guidance that the aspirant and disciple encounter on their personal and spiritual journey.

Band of Mind

Source of Guidance

Conscious Mind

Feelings – sense of comfort, ease; sense of discomfort, guilt

Reason – what logic dictates

Ego – what you want or desire

Preconscious – ideas that come up from the subconscious mind

Subconscious Mind

Experience – (personal unconscious, conscious portion)

Structured knowledge, ability and wisdom stored in the chakras (etheric chakras)

Creative ideas of the astral mind (astral body)

Sense of destiny – (first torus of purpose)

Sense of spiritual calling – (one of the other 12 toruses of purpose)

Satsang from the attentional principle or the spirit

Guidance from the teacher in the Eight-Petalled Lotus

Metaconscious Mind

Habit – doing things in ways already learned (etheric body)

Commitment – keeping one’s promises, abiding by contracts and obligations, acting responsibly, being reliable, doing whatever it takes to achieve the goal by the deadlines (desire body)

Persona – learning the appropriate context for expression of different social skills and imaginative and humorous elements of the personality

Conscience – guidance by ethical standards and moral values, codes of behavior dictated by your profession or religious convictions

Intellect – guidance by theory, concept, model, algorithm (step-by-step guide for performance), explanation, directions (e.g., a menu or instruction guide) or the decisions made by thinking through an issue

Intuition – guidance by self-awareness, ability to perform self-monitoring, learning from the consequences of experience, modeling different approaches or alternatives to resolve a problem, examining the outcomes of different options, sense of congruence, genuineness and authenticity, identifying your own choices as opposed to those suggested by others

Volition – definition of goals and carrying them out to completion

Superconscious Band One

Unconscious entity embodying lust, anger, greed, pride, attachment, fear, prejudice or hatred (personal unconscious, unconscious portion)

Demonic entity advocating cruelty; revenge; trickery and deceit; sexual perversion; self-injury or suicide; murder or destruction of others; criminal acts; exploitation of power; addictive use of alcohol, drugs, food, gambling (Lower Astral)

Frustrated ghost entity inspiring desire for objects or people, yearning for pleasure or happiness, marked by a sense of being lost, alone, adrift, rootless, etc. (Lower Astral)

Superconscious Band Two

Animal guide helping one navigate through the forest, sea or mountains, to locate prey, to find food, to win a mate (Biophysical Universe)

Creative inspiration of athletic achievement, scientific research and invention, artistic inspiration, philosophical inquiry and reflection, insight into experience, or affirmation and manifestation of personal dreams (Abstract Mind Plane)

Native American guide teaching respect for Nature, living in harmony with the earth, gaining a vision of one’s place in the family, tribe and community of tribes (Psychic Realm)

"Spirit doctor" guide showing methods of healing and ways to sense illness in others and oneself (Psychic Realm)

"Heavenly guide" reveals the inner astral dimensions, the worlds of the dead and the heavenly vistas of the Psychic Realm

"Star guide" reveals the paths to other planets, introduces star-beings (aliens), angels and their teachings (Psychic Realm)

"Channeled entity" gives general guidance about manifestation, past lives, uniting with the Higher Self, living without guilt or fear (Psychic Realm)

Superconscious Band Three

Sage – guidance by one of the sages of the 12 temples of wisdom (Wisdom Plane)

Infilling by the Holy Spirit (1st Exoteric Initiation)

Guidance by an angel or saint in the astral form (1st Mesoteric Initiation)

Guidance by a Hierophant of a Mystery School (1st Esoteric Initiation)

Guidance by an Ascended Master (2nd Initiation)

Guidance by the intuition of the Soul, the Monad, or inspiration from a member of the Hierarchy of Light (3rd Initiation)

Guidance by direct understanding and illumination (4th Initiation)

Superconscious Band Four

Direction by the Soul through the Transpersonal Will

Direction by the Monad – revelation of the Divine Will

Guidance by a Yogi Preceptor (1st Cosmic Initiation)

Guidance by a Light Master (2nd Cosmic Initiation)

Guidance by a Guide of a Ray Path (3rd Cosmic Initiation)

Intuition received from the Avataric or Universal Self (4th Cosmic Initiation)

Command by the God Self (5th Cosmic Initiation)

Direction by the Divine Will revealed by a Cosmic Master or received from the Father, with empowerment (Mastery at Higher Planes of Cosmic Sphere)

Direction by a Guru of a Supracosmic Path (Supracosmic Path)

Direction by the Supreme Guru, with empowerment (Mastery on a Supracosmic Path)

Direction by a Sat Guru of a Transcendental Path (Transcendental Path)

Direction by the Divine at key milestones of a Transcendental Path, with empowerment (Mastery on a Transcendental Path)

You are probably wondering why each aspirant has not gone stark-raving mad from merely contemplating this amazing diversity of inner advisement and direction. To add one more layer to your bewilderment, we will suggest yet more guidance as to how to sort out this chaotic jumble in a way that will help you to keep your sanity, integrity and groundedness.

Personal Sources of Guidance

Personal sources of guidance arise from your personality, which includes the bands of your Conscious, Unconscious and Metaconscious mind. For many people, who have not opened the door into the Superconscious mind, this is the only guidance that they know. We outline here some typical scenarios that you may encounter in life, and suggest the interior sources of guidance within your personality that may correctly direct you.

  1. For life decisions, rely on the integrated activity of your Self through its vehicles of volition, intuition, intellect, conscience, persona, desire body and etheric body. (If you have experienced severe trauma, upbringing in a dysfunctional family or have been involved for an extended period with a religious cult, then you may require counseling or psychotherapy in order to help you to rehabilitate the functioning of your Metaconscious mind.)

  2. For impressions of your destiny and spiritual purpose, reflect on the toruses of purpose in the Subconscious mind (Centers 4 and 5).

  3. For impressions about other people (their trustworthiness, truthfulness, etc.), rely upon the feelings of your Conscious mind, reason and impressions from your Subconscious.

  4. For decisions about what is right or wrong behavior, consult your own conscience. (If you have never constructed this aspect of your personality, then you will benefit from a study of ethics and religion. Religious training, while it has its problems and shortcomings, will instill in you a strong moral sense and give you a firm foundation of values for living.)

  5. For creative inspiration, gather the threads of your experience, structured knowledge and wisdom, and the creative ideas of your astral mind (Subconscious Centers 1-3), and allow your intellect to process them, structure them and distill them into the parameter and guidelines of your project.

  6. For initial spiritual guidance, you may dialogue with and contemplate your attentional principle and your own spirit. These will reveal to you the initial truths that you have discovered on the path. (For those who have taken the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation, have studied with us for some time and choose to work with us, they may find that they can contact Swami Charan Das in the Eight-Petalled Lotus of the Subconscious mind.)

  7. For deriving meaning from troubling or profound life experiences, contemplate your Self, utilize intuition to sort out the different facets of your experience, let intellect reflect upon the experience, and allow your conscience to shape new values. Take time to assess to what you can commit yourself, permit yourself to remember, to feel your feelings and express your grief, anger, fear, gratitude ad other reactions that you have had with the experience. (If the experience was traumatic or life changing, then you may need to seek support from a counselor, psychotherapist, clergy person of your faith, or a wise and trusted friend.)

Transpersonal Sources of Guidance

Transpersonal sources of guidance arise from the Superconscious band of the mind, beyond the confines of the personality. We give you our suggestions for each of the four major bands of the Superconscious mind below:

Superconscious Band One: [Unconscious and Lower Astral Sources] If you detect strongly hypnotic or fascinating impulses to act on impressions from Superconscious Band One, then resist them strenuously. You must learn to recognize them and learn specific strategies for combating them, sublimating them or disarming them. To act on them in most cases will lead to deleterious karmic consequences, including personal tragedy, misery, addiction, imprisonment, madness, possession by entities of the Lower Astral Plane or death.

Superconscious Band Two: [Planes of the Planetary Realm up to the Psychic Realm] If you are not currently traversing the Psychic Realm, then it is best to avoid these sources of guidance that arise from the Psychic Realm. While they are popular among groups in the New Age movement and among the adherents of Spiritualist, Mormon and Swendenborgian faiths, for reasons discussed elsewhere on this web site [see the articles, The Entity Will Now Speak: The Uses and Abuses of Channeling, and The Psychic Realm and Psychic Powers] involvement with Psychic Realm entities and guides may lead to entrapment and self-delusion. Development of the faculties of the Abstract Mind Plane (Center 2) generally strengthen and enhance personality functioning, so we encourage aspirants and disciples to pursue these avenues of experience and growth. For other aspects of work in Superconscious Band Two, we emphasize contemplating and receiving guidance from your Soul. The instinctive wisdom represented by your animal guide is usually reliable and can assist you in concerns of survival in the wilderness and selecting a life partner.

Superconscious Band Three: [Planes of the Planetary Realm beyond the Psychic Realm and up to the Buddhic Plane] Each of these forms of guidance can supplement contemplation and receiving guidance from your Soul as you are evolving through these bands of the Planetary Realm.

Superconscious Band Four: [Planes of the Planetary Realm and beyond, beginning with the Atmic Plane, marked by direct communion with the ensouling entity of each Realm] Rely primarily on the intuition of your cutting edge ensouling entity.

In the Planetary Realm


In the Transplanetary Realm


In the Cosmic Sphere

Astral Soul

In the Supracosmic Sphere

Supracosmic Soul

In the Transcendental Sphere

The ensouling entity of the Path you are on

Supplement this with guidance from teachers who work with you on the Plane upon which you are currently journeying.

Developing Discernment

The challenge for the aspirant and disciple is learning to identify the sources of the guidance that arise within the mind. You can sharpen your Sword of Discrimination. Here are some ideas:

  • Learn to identify the bands of the GCC by locating landmarks and features for each realm and discover your vehicles on these Planes.

  • Contemplate your ensouling entity in each octave of being so you recognize it. Develop the ability to travel from one ensouling entity to another at will.

  • Study materials from the teachings that arise on each Plane so that you may familiarize yourself with the context, quality and form of the guidance stemming from that level of the GCC.

  • Develop mandalic reasoning by focusing your attention on your ensouling entity, then visualizing it surrounded by a globe of concentric spheres. Contemplate the content of each of these concentric spheres in turn.

  • Ask your ensouling entity for guidance using the methods of Reflective and Receptive meditation (taught in the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation).

  • Use the techniques of microconcentration (also taught in the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation) to study your vehicles in great detail.

  • Find a guide who is familiar with all bands of the GCC, who can help you discern what is your spiritual cutting edge and your current level of spiritual evolution. This teacher should be able to give you information about the realm that you are presently traveling through, and reveal your path ahead to contemplation and Mastery.

We hope that you will find these general guidelines about personal and transpersonal guidance useful. Consider each on the touchstone of your own intuition and sense of truth. Retain that which you verify and which resonates with you as appropriate, and reject or hold in abeyance the rest.


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