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The Seven Octaves of Attunement
in the Planetary Realm


By George A. Boyd © 2006

Attunement meditation comprises the reception and transmission of the energies of the Spirit. Typically an Initiate who is in touch with the Divine Will sends these energies to a disciple or aspirant, who in turn radiates them to others.

There are three major types of attunement, depending on what aspect of the individual is receiving and sending the energy.

Attentional principle based attunement – here the attentional principle receives the spiritual energies, and radiates them to others. This is the form of attunement meditation taught in the Mudrashram® system of Integral meditation. This is also known as third eye attunement.

Individual spirit based attunement – here the spirit receives the unction of the omnific force of Spirit, and sends this out to other spirits. This approach is common in paths that emphasize Nada Yoga—opening of the inner channels of the Nada by the spirit. This is also known as heart attunement.

Ensouling entity based attunement – here the Light is sent from the ensouling entity of an Initiate to the ensouling entity and vehicles of others. This approach is common in Kundalini and Jnana Yoga traditions that seek to bring about the state of Enlightenment of the Soul. This is also known as crown center attunement.

The Spirit may be stepped down into its component qualities by the directed intention and Transpersonal volition of an Initiate. These qualities and associated types of attunement are described in the table below.

Expressed Quality of the Spirit


Planetary Level - Initiation

Type(s) of Attunement associated with this energy

Fire of Translation


Soul Plane (Atmic) - V

Attentional principle

Wisdom, Illumination


Buddhic Plane - IV

Attentional principle,
ensouling entity



Path of Nada throughout the Subtle and Planetary Realms (directed to the individual spirit)

Attentional principle,

Guidance, Knowledge


Manasic Plane (directed to the attention and the attentional principle) - III

Attentional principle

Power through Spoken Word


Solar Angelic Plane - II

Attentional principle, ensouling entity

Power of Healing


Moon Soul Plane - I
Psychic Realm

Attentional principle, ensouling entity

Energy of Awareness


Awakening of Kundalini Shakti to the level of the ensouling entity

Attentional principle, ensouling entity

The attentional principle alone is capable of directing the forces of Spirit for each of these Expressed Qualities. For this reason, teachers of the Mudrashram® lineage emphasize attentional principle based attunements when training aspirants and disciples.

Planetary Octaves of Attunement

Planetary Initiates guide disciples who are called to become healers and initiators to learn the seven octaves of attunement in the Planetary Realm. These Seven Octaves are briefly described below.

(1) Physical Attunement – this directly activates the Soul Spark or the Soul, and stimulates the seed atom of each of the ensouling entity's vehicles. This results in the expression of the ensouling entity's abilities through the personality and physical body. It is called the mystery of transfiguration, as the individual's radiant Soul nature may be temporarily seen suffusing their auric field; the clairvoyant gazing at a person receiving this attunement may be able to see the glorified form in which the ensouling entity dwells. The ability to give this attunement is enhanced by the practice of intoning, which trains the aspirant to stimulate the ensouling entity's vehicles.

(2) Etheric Attunement – this directly stimulates the ability to channel the vital energy of life force, called prana or chi. This energy may be activated by visualization in several vehicles, including the Pranamayakosa (Lower Subtle Realm), the Subtle Etheric vehicle (Middle Subtle Realm), the Shamanic or Wiccan healer form (Lower Astral Plane), and the Psychic vehicle (Planetary Realm). Fourth Ray Souls may also learn the rudiments of natural and angelic healing during their sojourn through the First Exoteric Planetary Initiation. Sending healing energy to another's etheric body induces relaxation, promotes reduction of stress, and augments and supports the natural healing mechanisms of the physical body. The ability to give this attunement is enhanced by the practice of structured radiative healing modalities such as Reiki or Jo Rei. [The aspirant who is called to become a healer may value from studying different systems of healing, and by learning to visualize sending the stream of prana to others—to organs, to the centers in the etheric body, and to specific loci of pain or discomfort.]

(3) Emotional Attunement I – this type of attunement occurs when the Moon Soul is activated in an individual. It typically takes the form of prayer, which invokes the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is invoked to (a) forgive sins, (b) help comfort and alleviate deep emotional pain, (c) work out trauma and painful experiences through the healing of memories, (d) create inner order amidst confusion, helping to heal the symptoms of mental illness, (e) purify the conscience, (f) empower the will, granting courage and a sense of purpose and direction, and (g) abide in the inner altar of the Moon Soul as the Indwelling Presence. The ability to give this attunement is enhanced by the practice of effective prayer, and learning to direct the Light of the Holy Spirit to discrete centers where its different effects can be elicited.

(4) Emotional Attunement II – this type of attunement comes into play when the Solar Angel is awakened. It involves speaking the Word by decree or power affirmation to draw down the forces of the Light to (a) dissolve any negative life condition, (b) remove limiting or self-sabotaging beliefs, (c) instill courage, hope and faith, (d) arouse from apathy and despair and empower effective, purposive action, (e) change identification from the limitations of the ego, Self, and Moon Soul to identification with the mighty power of the Solar Angel, (f) raise awareness into the presence of the Mighty I AM Presence, and (g) create victory over all obstacles to success. The ability to give this attunement is enhanced by mastering the practice of affirmation.

(5) Mental Attunement I – this type of attunement appears when the Manasic Vortex vehicle is activated. This attunement augments cognitive functioning and involves learning to think through and reflect upon ideas and issues. Mental attunement promotes (a) understanding of abstract ideas, (b) ignition of the alchemical forces of change and transformation by unraveling the knots of the unconscious mind, (c) facilitation of process to uncover the origins of painful issues and release them, (d) invocation of the appropriate Ray to energize and motivate effective action, (e) clarification of right action, appropriate speech, and cogent thinking, (f) augmented clairsentience to improve knowledge of the inner vehicles and the higher Planes, and (g) channeling of the energies of thought and inspiration from the Soul, the Monad and the overshadowing Adept Master. The ability to give this attunement is enhanced by the practice of reflective and receptive meditation, process meditation and vipassana.

(6) Mental Attunement II – this type of attunement coincides with the awakening of the essence of the Buddhic Plane, the Augoiedes. This spontaneous radiation of the Buddhic radiance (a) illumines the faculties of the mind, (b) transmutes karma, (c) purifies the inner vehicles, (d) activates inner abilities, (e) motivates and inspires dedication and commitment to noble and selfless service, (f) brings exact knowledge and crystal clear understanding by awakening mandalic reasoning, which confers the ability to understand correspondences, and (g) grants insight and Gnosis. The ability to give this attunement is enhanced by the practice of holding the attentional principle in the field of the Buddhic radiance.

(7) Transpersonal or Soul Attunement – this arises with the awakening of the Transpersonal Will, which typically occurs when the disciple gains access to the Soul Plane. Once the individual has reunited the Soul and the Monad, the form of the Adept emerges. This form of the Adept has the ability to (a) initiate, to actively unfold the spiritual evolutionary potentials of the Soul; (b) guide the attention, the attentional principle and the spirit on the inner Planes; (c) activate the other six forms of attunement in others; (d) teach others in the state of meditation through transmission of thought (telepathy) or during normal personality functioning through intuitive overshadowing; and (e) awaken and direct the energy of the Kundalini Shakti. The ability to give this attunement is granted by the overshadowing and empowerment by the supervising Initiate. Practice of each of the supplementary methods described permits the disciple to master each of these attunements and prepares him or her to assume the mantle of the Adept.

We encourage the interested reader who has a destiny of becoming a Master of Attunement study each of these methods and become familiar with them. Ultimately you must be able to give each of the seven attunements to function as the empowered Adept.



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