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A Reading List for the Perplexed


Some of you have come to our website and thought to yourselves, "what the heck is this guy talking about?" You've felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume and complexity of these writings and don't know where to begin.

We have thought about this, and wondered where do we have you start, so that you have some grasp of these materials? We decided that the best approach will be to refer you to our seminal articles that introduce key ideas that will help you gain a foundational understanding of our spiritual teachings.

Once you have this basic foundation, you can then understand the other articles, and will be in a position to grasp the materials in our readings and our classes and workshops. Ths stuff is really deep, but you've got to start somewhere.

Here's our recommendation for articles to read:

The Great Continuum of Consciousness

Maps of Consciousness of the Transcendental Sphere

Understanding Nodal Points and Nuclei of Identity

The Cutting Edge of Spirituality

The Axis of Being

Vehicles of Consciousness

About the Seven Rays

Personality Ray Characteristics

The Seven Rays and the Ego

On Avoidinng Imbalance

Markers of Inapproprate Higher Octave Work

Indentification with States of Consciousness

Understanding States of Identification

Differences between Meditation and Prayer

Attention's Role in Meditation

Meditation Objectives

Three Modes of Spirituality: the Path of Transformation

How Mantras Work

Uses of Mantra

Understanding the Personal Octave of the Divine Will

The Three Modes of Karma

Reflections on Kundalini

Building the Armor of Light

Developing Inner Vision in Meditation

How to Stay Awake in Meditation

The Mudrashram® Way

We hope that you will be able to be somewhat less perplexed through reading these artcles, which will give you a basic framework from which you may approach our essential teachings.

A good compendium of articles you may wish to purchase is A Mudrashram Reader: Understanding Integral Meditation. We have been recommending this book as a must-have for those of you who are studying the Accelerated Meditation Program, and as a valuable addition to your personal library for those of you who are serious students of meditation and want to truly understand Mudrashram's system.

Oh, and if you thought that one of the other articles on this website was super helpful and really clarified stuff for you, let us know at george at We'll put it on this list so it will help other people, too.



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