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Types of Psychic Readings


Types of Psychic Readings

There are two types of psychic readings, structured and unstructured.

The structured reading uses a template of pre-defined meanings to interpret a symbolic or environmental array for an individual. For example, the Tarot Card reading, attributes specific meanings to the Empress card, and then applies this information to the individual's situation.

In contrast, the unstructured reading uses only inner visualization to derive information for the individual. An aura reading, where a psychic gazes at the energy emanating from or surrounding the body and interprets what it means, is a reading of this type.

Structured Readings

When we contemplate the structured reading through the seven rays, we come up with the following varieties

1st Ray - Discerning omens or portents of the future (These readings interpret random arrays of environmental objects, such as tea leaves, the weather, or the alignment of stars and planets; or interpretation of subjective experiences through dreams. They are done based on a pre-defined assumption of meaning for each pattern or symbol presented).

2nd Ray - Astrology (a reading of an individual according to the meanings attributed to planets and stars. Indivduals are assigned to signs based on their date of birth, and the configuration of planets and stars interpreted).

3rd ray - Numerology (a reading of numbers associated with an individual's name, date of birth, etc.).

4th Ray - I Ching or Runes

5th Ray - Palmistry ( a reading of the lines on the two hands).

6th Ray - Physiognamy (a reading of physical characteristics such as features on the face, or bumps on the head, which allegedly give information about the health and character of the individual); iridology (a reading of the colors and striations of the iris, which is purported to give information about the health of the organs of the body).

7th Ray - Tarot Card or playing card readings (each card has several meanings associated with it depending on where the card falls in an array).

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings across the Seven Rays include

1st Ray - Prophecy (fortells the future of individuals, social, ethnic or national groups through inspired inner visions; may witness the cycles of civilization or the laws of Nature unfolding a preordained pattern).

2nd Ray - Aura Reading (a reading through visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic means of the qualities of the individual projected into the environment as an energy field around the body).

3rd Ray - Etheric Reading (a reading of purported stable environmental resonances or magnetic fields. Readings of this type include dowsing, psychometry, and detection of ghosts or spirits inhabiting a dwelling).

4th Ray - Therapeutic Reading (a reading of the physical, etheric and astral vehicles to detect disease conditions, blockage of life force, and unresolved emotional issues).

5th Ray - Past Life Reading ( a reading of past incarnations in this cycle of time from the Akashic Ether, a level of the Abstract Mind Plane).

6th Ray - Essence Reading (a reading of the qualities of the individual spirit. This reading may take the form of channeling guidance from spiritual guides, or contacting departed loved ones on the Astral Planes).

7th Ray - Soul Reading (a reading of the current state of spiritual evolution, together with the outpicturing of future incarnations).

Readings We Give

George A. Boyd does one structured reading:

The Tarot Card Reading with Interpretation

He does four unstructured readings:

The Foot Reading (a reading of the aura)

The Past Life Reading

Soul Attunement and Guidance Channeling (a channeling of guidance from his spiritual teachers)

The Basic Soul Reading

Evolution of the Soul Reading

George has extended the traditional Soul Reading to provide a much broader range of information to the seeker and aspirant. These new readings include:

Seed Thoughts Soul Reading – gives clear images for the visualization and contemplation of the nuclei of your higher vehicles of consciousness. In some cases this reading will also yield affirmations or mantras for these centers.

Higher Octaves Soul Reading – provides information about your state of spiritual evolution beyond the Subtle or Planetary Realms. It reads the Cosmic, Supracosmic and Transcendental octaves of spiritual development. It can identify lineages with which you have been affiliated, detect mantras and techniques you may have practiced, and what teachers may have initiated you in these higher spheres.

Meditation Technique Analysis Reading – details the effects of your current meditation practices, and long term consequences of use.

Karma Reading – scans the zones of the higher unconscious through your causal body, and reveals the patterns of karmic issues through the four quadrants: your Adi, Sinchit, Kriyaman, and Pralbdha Karma.

Relationship Compatibility Reading – examines the interplay between the spiritual essence, ensouling entity and metaconscious nuclei of two partners to assess affinity and compatibility factors. It further looks at spiritual alignment and soul purpose of each partner where this is relevant for understanding the dynamics of the relationship.

Spiritual Teacher/Teaching Compatibility Reading – determines whether a current or prospective spiritual teacher is a good match for your spiritual development. It describes your cutting edge of spiritual evolution, your ray type, and teachings that fit with your current stage of spiritual unfoldment. It explores your teacher's state of spiritual evolution, the path you will tred, and the impact of following this path on your spiritual essence, ensouling entity, and personality.

Soul Purpose Reading – traces the trend line of your cutting edge of spiritual evolution, showing your dormant potentials and your liberation. It may also give information about the particular mission your Soul is expressing through your personality in this life, and clarify your attunement with the Will of God.

Kundalini Syndrome Reading – examines the arousal of your Kundalini Shakti, noting any imbalances in your vehicles or abnormal intensification of the kundalini energy. This reading can track the origins of the symptoms you are experiencing as a result of Kundalini Emergency Syndrome; we can also help you identify whether your symtoms are kundalini-related or stem from another source. This reading includes an optional attunement to correct any imbalances, to see if the abnormal state of kundalini arousal can be attenuated.

Past Life Readings

George does two types of past life readings, the intuitive past life reading and the metavisional past life reading.

The Intuitive Past Life Reading encapsulates significant information about each of your lives in this cycle of time. It gives

  • Your approximate year of birth

  • The location in the world in which you were born and lived

  • Information about your gender and appearance

  • Your important experiences and relationships

  • Major lessons you learned

  • Talents or abilities you cultivated

  • Your ethical and spiritual development

  • Cause of death

  • Your approximate year of death

The Metavisional Past Life Reading gives all of the information of the intuitive past life reading, but in much greater detail. This is a moment-by-moment scan of each of your past lives.

Very specific information can sometimes be gleaned from metavisional past life readings, such as names, dates, descriptions of rooms in your home, your reactions to events occuring around you, the decisions you made in the context they occurred. You are an active participant in this reading, as you can ask George to explore specific information that you wish to know.

Both types of past life readings are available privately and may be taped by you during your session. Only a written intuitive past life reading is available by mail or e-mail, which summarizes your lives as described above.


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