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The Psychic Realm

Entering the Psychic Realm is significant for your spiritual evolution in the Planetary Band of the Superconscious mind in several ways:

It marks the activation of the sensory centers of your astral body through the Subconscious mind. This leads to the ability to use your astral senses to read the energy and qualities of other people and objects in the environment, and to perceive the astral worlds.

Your attentional principle usually becomes awakened. You start to experience that you are consciousness dwelling in the body, instead of believing that you are the body.

You may intuit you are a spiritual essence dwelling in the heart. You may feel spontaneous love and compassion towards others. You may feel an innate innocence, purity and holiness within you.

You may gain new abilities. These psychic powers can include the ability to sense the energy fields around other people (aura reading), or the qualities present in objects (psychometry); to read the Akashic Records in which the impressions of past incarnations are stored (past life reading); or to tune into the spirit and Soul of other people (soul reading). You may uncover an ability to channel healing energy to other people.

Your meditations deepen. You may discover that you can see much more clearly in meditation. You may behold the form and hear the voice of your spiritual guide (telepathy). You may even encounter the departed spirits of your loved ones, or angels, in the Psychic Realm.

You may encounter new dimensions beyond the Physical Plane. You may glimpse the astral worlds in meditation, or even see the inhabitants of these realms.

You may develop a new identity as result of these experiences. You may begin to think of yourself as a spiritual being instead of identifying yourself with your social roles. This may constitute a radical state of change for you, a transformation in the way you experience yourself and your world.

There is little systematic information about this band of the Great Continuum of Consciousness. Sundry psychic readers, astrologers, channelers, spiritualists, UFO believers, and others with interesting, perhaps odd metaphysical belief systems, hearken from this realm—and each has their unique perspective on spirituality. It is no wonder that this is a realm of great confusion, with gems of esoteric wisdom side-by-side with the fools' gold of fantasy; shining spiritual truths unearthed with the clinging mire of illusion and ignorance.

George's Encounters with the Psychic Realm

George had his first encounters with the Psychic Realm in 1968, when he experienced the phenomenon of materialization. While in full waking consciousness, he beheld a vision of a guru levitating, surrounded by ten disciples, also hovering in the air. They appeared in a vibrant, cerulean blue mist in the upper corner of the room. This fully three-dimensional materialization remained in place for perhaps five minutes, then vanished.

This keyhole glimpse into the Psychic Realm was followed by a period in which George received regular intuitive guidance in meditation, marking his first communion with a spiritual guide. In 1969, George was led to remember all of his past incarnations in this cycle of time.

By 1983, George's psychic abilities had advanced to the point where he could do readings of the other people's auras through his unique foot readings; explore current life issues through tarot card readings; to give detailed readings of the past incarnations of other people; and to read the state of others' spiritual evolution and the outpicturing of their future incarnations (the basic soul reading). From 1983 to 1987, he first offered these readings to the public, doing private sessions, psychic fairs, and his popular weekend readings on Venice Beach.

Reflections on the Psychic Realm

George began to critically examine the validity of psychic readings in the late 1980s. As a staff member of the Whole Life Times newspaper and the Whole Life Expo, he had access to several of the psychics and channelers that frequented the Expo. As George attended their presentations, he noted the subjective distortions that even the best of these psychics and channelers introduced into their readings and messages. This led George to think deeply about the relevance and limitations of psychic visions, channeled messages, clairvoyant impressions, and the interpretation of symbolic arrays such as tarot cards or horoscopes.

We have a selection of George's articles on the Psychic Realm, which you may peruse by clicking the links in the left-hand column of this page.

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