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Psychological Processing:
A Discussion of Process Meditation


By George A. Boyd ©2003

Psychological processing of issues may be seen to arise in four ways:

  1. Spontaneous processing – processing of deeply painful and meaningful issues that arise out of a traumatic loss or experience. Grieving at the death of a loved one is an example.

  2. Structured processing – used in Scientology™ and, in modified forms, in psychotherapy. This introduces a question geared to induce psychological process in a specific issue. The answer that arises is then acknowledged. This question/answer/acknowledgement cycle continues until the original occurrence of the issue is uncovered. This is typically done with another person asking the questions, although the client can also process himself/herself.

  3. Insight-driven processing – this arises during periods of deep insight and illumination when the Superconscious Mind discerns the essence of an issue. This brings about spontaneous processing and release.

  4. Transformational processing – this occurs during inner transformation in which karmic issues are directly transmuted and all seven aspects of the issue are eradicated from the mind. Transformational meditation techniques or Light Immersion activates this kind of processing.

These seven aspects of processing can be described as follows:

Aspects of Process Meditation



Marked by relaxation, release of tension, relief of pain, abatement of psychosomatic symptoms


Uncovering associated memories, going back to the first incidence of the issue


Expressing associated emotions, going back to the first incidence of the issue


Activating associated beliefs, values, concepts or ideas going back to the first incidence of the issue


Identifying choices that occurred at the beginning of the issue and choices that were made subsequently that hold the issue in place.


Encountering the viewpoint and sense of identity encapsulated by the issue at its origin and over time to the present

Karmic Essence

Foundational level of karmic impressions (samskaras) from which the other phenomena accessible through process meditation may be seen to arise.

Modalities that Stimulate Processing

A number of modalities may trigger different types of processing. For example:

  • Body-mind modalities such as massage, structural balancing and acupressure may tap the stream of process by stimulating its physical substrate through touch.

  • Psychotherapy stimulates psychological processing by accessing memory, emotions, beliefs, choices and self-image through skillful questioning and leading the client to become aware of aspects of himself/herself.

  • Scientology™ and other groups that use process meditation introduce the client to a progressive series of structured process meditations in order to uncover deeper layers of the unconscious mind until breakthrough to the client’s spiritual or noetic essence is achieved.

  • Hypnotherapy may catalyze insight-driven processing by suggesting significant dreams or by guiding the client to encounter a symbolic representation of the issue.

  • Meditation relies upon insight-driven processing brought about by deep reflection and inquiry in order to drive character reformation, and also upon transformational processing induced by transformational techniques or Light Immersion to directly burn away karma.

  • In the Mudrashram® System of Integral Meditation, we introduce the techniques of Jnana Yoga in order to activate insight-driven processing and the transformational technique of bija mantra in order to bring about transformational processing.

Psychological growth and recovery from trauma can be augmented by the skillful induction of psychological process through any of these means. We welcome the reader to explore this modality further in order to gain knowledge of its efficacy and skill using this powerful tool.


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