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Personality Ray Character Types


by George Boyd © 2002

Personality Ray is determined by the attunement of the Self, or human soul as it is referred to in Theosophy. Distinguishing qualities of the Ray types are shown in table one.

Mental controlling type (1st Ray personality)

Controls every detail of an environment. Attempts to control the behavior of other people. Appears domineering, bossy and demanding. Flies into rages readily if demands are not met. Sees independent thinking as a challenge that must be controlled.

Intuitive sensing type (2nd Ray personality)

Explores meanings, impressions, subtle nuances of experience. Stream-of-consciousness focused, sees life as a progression of lessons and challenges whose purpose is growth and greater self-understanding. Sees others as teachers.

Mental understanding type (3rd Ray personality)

Life is conceived through the lens of a theory of model. Systematizes everything, reduces behavior to cookbook formulae, orders and categories, and methodically carries out goals. Confused by unpredictability.

Sensory pleasure-seeking type (4th Ray personality)

Seeks to experience life fully, using every sense. May seek novelty, thrills and new experiences to sense new impressions. Creative, artistic and responds to whim and caprice to discover new possibilities for pleasure.

Mental analytical type (5th Ray personality)

Seeks precise knowledge of others and the world. Investigates and seeks the truth about others’ motivations, behavior and intentions. Analytical, may appear quiet and withdrawn, reserved or, in extreme situations, eccentric and paranoid.

Emotional responsive type (6th Ray personality)

Empathic, caring compassionate, is motivated by a desire to help others, to love others and to assuage the pain of others. Seeks to reform and correct oneself and to help others do the same.

Dramatic perfectionist type (7th Ray personality)

Controls the impressions made on other people through quality of speech, clothing, mannerisms and the way communication is presented. Aware of the influence of environment. Persuades and influences others to do what one wishes, subtly and with finesse.

The first Ray personality utilizes will as its dominant personality element. The second Ray uses intuition; third Ray, intellect; fourth Ray, imagination and desirability; fifth Ray, reason and concrete mind; sixth Ray, conscience and feeling center; seventh Ray, etheric and physical bodies, as their respective dominant elements.

Recognizing personality Ray types will give the disciple understanding about why people view the world and act in such divergent ways, and will help him/her to comprehend the stable modes of responding characteristics of these types. Meditation upon the personality Ray of an individual will further guide the disciple in being able to communicate with that individual in a language that he/she can understand.


Looks For


action, results


meaning, value


concept, system


sensory image, visceral impression


facts, truths


feelings, impact of behavior on others


dramatic presentation of self, to be memorable

As can be predicted, some personality Rays have a greater difficulty relating to and working with some Rays than others. For example, the controlling first Ray personality is utterly exasperated by the capricious fourth Ray personality. However, the first Ray type likes the predictability of the third Ray type and the methodical way he/she sets and obtains goals. The difference is that, to the perception of the first Ray person, the third Ray person gets results but it is unclear to the first Ray person exactly what results, if any, the fourth Ray individual gets.

It is not surprising, then, to notice that certain Ray types choose similar professions, friends and lovers among the same or compatible Ray types.

First Ray individuals often become entrepreneurs, leaders of companies, policemen, officers and generals.

Second Ray individuals readily become teachers, writers and psychotherapists.

Third Ray individuals can be seen as philosophers, planners and administrators.

Fourth Ray individuals develop into artists, world travelers and designers.

Fifth Ray individuals seek detailed work and may be seen as mechanics, engineers, investigators, scientists and mathematicians.

Sixth Ray individuals, seeking to assuage and comfort, may gravitate towards the helping professions as physicians, nurses, psychotherapists and clergy.

Seventh Ray individuals use their ability to charm and persuade to become actors, film directors, athletes and salesmen.

Gaining a greater understanding of the personality Rays is valuable both in enhancing communication and getting along with individuals with divergent agendas and visions. In this way, the disciple can work with different personality Rays with harmony, tolerance and understanding in order to accomplish the greater work of service to humanity and to the soul.


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