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New Maps of Consciousness:
The Spiritual Cartography of George A. Boyd

©2006 by George A. Boyd

There have been several important mapping achievements in the history of mankind:



The Periodic Table

Mapping of the natural elements

The Human Genome

Mapping of the base pairs along the 26 human chromosomes

The Terrestrial Map

Mapping of the entire earth by satellite

The Celestial Map

Mapping of the physical universe by astronomy

The Neural Map

Identification of the neural modules of the brain and discovery of their functions

The Anthropological Map

Identification of the primal origin of mankind

The Phylogenetic Map

Identification of the origin of living organisms; classification of plants, animals, bacterial, viral and fungal organisms throughout history

The Consciousness Map

A mapping of the Great Continuum of Consciousness from waking awareness, the ground state of attention, to its origins in the highest spiritual worlds

One of the most remarkable recent achievements was the announcement that Dr. Craig Venter and his research team had been the first to completely map the human genome in February 2001. This achievement was announced to worldwide fanfare. (1)

At approximately the same time, on January 10, 2000, George A. Boyd quietly made another startling breakthrough in the field of consciousness studies: a complete mapping of the Great Continuum of Consciousness. This profound achievement of spiritual cartography was described in great detail in the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course, which was released on July 23, 2006. (2)

Boyd breaks down the Continuum of Consciousness into four major bands:

The Conscious Mind

The Subconscious Mind

The Metaconscious Mind

The Superconscious Mind

In his correspondence course, he introduced an exact coordinate system whereby any point along the Great Continuum of Consciousness can be precisely located. He also locates the spiritual traditions of mankind on this continuum, describes the general features of each level of the mind, and gives a series of meditations to help the consciousness studies student explore these levels.

While partial maps of the Great Continuum of Consciousness have been available for many years, Boyd’s unique contribution is to put all of these partial maps into a unified coordinate system where each segment of the continuum can be placed in context with the others. Moreover, he has filled in the gaps in these partial maps to give a complete picture. [An general overview of the Great Continuum of Consciousness can be found here, and greater detail about the eight paths of the Transcendental Sphere are described here.]

It is as if he has taken a flashlight and illuminated all of the darkened areas of the unconscious mind, and shown us as a result, the panorama of the entire human spiritual journey through every world and Plane.

This initial mapping, George humbly admits, is "likely inaccurate in some respects." He invites those who make this journey after him to gather more information and correct this initial effort by filling in the psychological, cultural, historical, mythological, symbolic and linguistic framework that will make each of these realms crystal clear, described with even greater accuracy.

For more information, interested readers may write to George at the Mudrashram® Institute of Spiritual Studies, Post Office Box 463, Venice, CA 90294. They may also find out more information about George’s teaching work and services here, or email him at george at Detailed information about the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course can be found here.


(1) J. Craig Venter and his research team published their results after mapping the entire sequence of base pairs of the human genome in 2001, in Science, issue 291 on pages 1304 to 1351.

(2) Boyd, G. A. (2006) The Mudrashram® Correspondence Course. Venice, CA: Mudrashram Publishing.


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