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Methods to Absorb Attention in Meditation


©1999 by George A. Boyd

There are several methods that can be used to draw the attention into union with the Soul. These methods are summarized in the list below:

1. Contemplation of seed atoms of the vehicles in their present time – this is the first exercise given to aspirants and is typically the simplest method to go within. It contemplates each vehicle through the template of present experience. (This method is used in the How to Open Your Third Eye meditation.)

2. Contemplation of bands of mass and energy – this method examines the bands of mass and energy comprising the gross body and subtle vehicles:

Physical body





Subatomic matrix

Information matrix

Resonance/time matrix

Life force field

Astral field

Causal field

Toruses of purpose field

Eight-petalled lotus

Mental field (entire personality)

Supramental field (Superconscious mind)

Spiritual nucleus (spirit)

Union with ensouling entity

3. Contemplation of the form in which the seed atom is embedded – this gives rise to the vision of an inner entity by which the Soul represented at each level. The archetypal forms of various angels, gods, goddesses and other mythic forms may be experienced through this meditation.

4. Contemplation of the inner sound of the seed atom of each vehicle and the currents of energy within the vehicle. (We refer to this as vehicular Nada, as opposed to the true Nada utilized in method 6, q.v.) Music is our attempt to express this inner sound by musical instruments.

5. Breathing into the seed atom of each vehicle.

6. Opening into a vehicle through the Spirit by traveling in the inner channels of the Nada.

7. Opening into a vehicle through arousing the Kundalini Shakti.

8. Intoning a mantra which draws the attention to the center of the vehicle, e.g., OM

9. Absorption in the channel of nectar into the nucleus of each vehicle.

10. Attunement with the inner stream of Light sent by the guide, which draws the attention within.

11. Contemplation of the bands of unconscious leading to rapid absorption in the transcendent presence of the ensouling entity.

12. Contemplation of a symbol, yantra or mandala that represents the nucleus of the inner vehicle.

Different spiritual groups may emphasize one or more of these methods. For complete understanding of your inner nature, we recommend that you acquaint yourself with each of them and master each technique.

It is to be noted that methods five and six utilize passive absorption of the attention into the spirit or radiant energy of the Kundalini Shakti. These do not as a result lead the attention progressively through the inner vehicles, but lifts it suddenly into the presence of the spirit in whatever domain the spiritual opening is occurring, or into the rising energetic edge of the Kundalini.

Contemplation of the bands of the unconscious (method 11) also does not progressively examine the vehicles. When the layers of the unconscious have been transcended at any level, the attention is quickly absorbed into the ensouling entity.

Contemplation of a symbol, yantra or mandala may be done for each vehicle or a selected vehicle. At times, these symbols may be couched in a mystery, tale or legend.

When symbols are hidden in stories in this manner, told, they may reveal a transcendent spiritual or noetic essence. An example of this is the legend of the death by crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ. Contemplation of this mystery tale reveals the presence of the Moon Soul within as a pure essence.

Seed Atoms

Newcomers to meditation do not know what a seed atom is. We will attempt to clarify this by showing the structure of the inner vehicle as it is encountered in meditation.

1. Each vehicle contains a lighted, clear field in which its content can be clearly seen. This is the awakened aspect of your mind.

2.At the center of each vehicle there is a tiny form. (This is the object of meditation in method 3.)

3. Within this form there is a tiny seed. This is the seed atom.

4. Vibrations or inner sound may be seen to emanate from this tiny seed. (This is the object of meditation in method 4.)

5.You may next feel that this is your own identity, the reference point of your experience in the present time. (This is the object of meditation in method 1.) For example, when you say, "this is my body," "these are my emotions," you are activating this center.

6. Seal or gate – behind each seed atom is a barrier to the unconscious mind. This may, for example, appear as a gatekeeper image drawn from your experience, such as a policeman or an accountant or schoolteacher. It may appear as an archetype, e.g., an angel with a flaming sword); a shield; a sealed door or gate; a locked chest; or a brazen lamp. It may take an energetic form, which you encounter as an amorphous force, which pushes you away, or a force field or vibrational barrier. It may be a palpable barrier, such as a wall of stone or metal, a sharp point of a weapon or a horn of an animal. It can take a kinesthetic form, such as the sense of a dizzying height or a feeling you are standing at the edge of a broad abyss or canyon. This barrier keeps the material of the unconscious mind from flooding into conscious awareness. (Please do not attempt to remove or immobilize this seal – it is there for your protection.)

7. Strata of the unconscious mind comprising the matrix of the mind that is unawakened. This contains karma material which has not been integrated into the content of the conscious field of the mind and into the ownership of identity. Traveling through this band to the other side gives rise to absorption into the current that leads to union with your transcendent soul. (This is the object of meditation in method 11.)

Study these methods of meditation and gain mastery over them. Many of these methods are taught in the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation, the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation, and in our workshops. You can learn them here with us. You can learn them elsewhere. But learn them. Become a Master of your Inner Nature.


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