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Lecture on the
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The Role of Nada Yoga
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Methods to Absorb
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Uses of Mantra

Meditation on
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Differences between
Types of Mantras

The Five Fundamental

How Mantras Work

Layers of Symbolic

Use of Transformational
Mantra as a
Therapeutic Modality

Catalyzing Spiritual
Breakthrough: External
and Internal Methods

Reflections on Kundalini

Three Modes of
Spirituality: the Path of

Right Use of the
Power Aspect
of the Soul

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Articles on Meditation


In the Mudrashram® system of Integral Meditation, we teach meditation to help the student gain active control of the attention, the attentional principle, the spirit and the energies of the inner vehicles. Through this means, the student

  • Unfolds the ensouling entity

  • Liberates the spirit

  • Develops the potentials of love, wisdom, and power within the Superconscious mind

  • Opens the fountain of intuitive wisdom

  • Gains new abilities to express through the personality

What are the Benefits of Meditation?

The effects of meditation range from mild to profound. So do the benefits that meditators report. These benefits include:

  • Improved ability to relax the body and relieve stress

  • Enhanced clarity and mental concentration

  • Deeper insight and self-knowledge, culminating in Enlightenment

  • Stronger will power and greater ability to control behavior and habits

  • Development of intuitive and psychic gifts

  • Richer, more vivid dream life and sounder sleep

  • Direct experience of the spirit and the Soul

  • Higher frequency of peak performance and flow state experiences

  • Spontaneous correction of character weakness and cultivation of virtue

  • More enjoyment of life, beauty, and sexual pleasure

  • Revelation of the Great Mysteries

  • Mystic experiences with angels, spiritual guides and God

  • Unfolding the Soul into higher spiritual realms

  • Channeling healing energy and the Divine Light to minister to others

  • Feeling greater love for Nature, humanity and God

  • Increased altruism, promotion of the urge to help or serve others

  • Better appreciation of religious teachings, living essential truths and values

George's Writing on Meditation

Because meditation teaching is at the core of what we do, the bulk of George's writings are about meditation. His manuscripts on this subject include, The Yoga of the Seven Mudras: Introducing the Mudrashram® System of Integral Meditation, Meditation for Recovery, Questions and Answers with Swami, Light on Meditation, Discoveries on the Path, and Standing on the World.

We have begun to turn these manuscripts into books. For more information about our available books, click here.

It was difficult to select from this large amount of material which of these articles will most clearly educate the reader about the subject. We have chosen articles that we feel will increase your understanding of this dynamic practice. We will add more articles on this topic as our web site expands in the future.

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