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As a courtesy to other sites that have established links with our web site, we are establishing this list of reciprocal links.

We have removed a lot of links that either don't work, or are not linking back. We're going to focus on putting links here that let you know what we are doing, that highlight our contributions to the meditation and educational community, and also make you aware of our presence of different social media.

Inclusion of a link here does not necessarily imply that we support the views or practices of the site with which we are linking, only that we have exchanged links with this site or directory.

Please see our policy about links here, before you get too excited.


Social Media

We are now listed on Linked In View George A. Boyd, MA's profile on LinkedIn

Community Listings

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Health and Recovery

Some of our recovery articles are referenced on Ken Stofft's site, who offers recovery and emotional healing services to his community.



My article on kundalini, " Talk given at Babaji's World Parliament of Religions, December 19, 1992," is cited on Bob Boyd's forum. He has put some of my commentary and linked to some of my articles on how to come back from kundalini emergencies on his forum also, and you can check this out, too.

Another link to my site is on the directory. Here's the link. This is Mark Foster's site, who is very knowledgeable about the Sant Mat tradition: he recognizes the influence of Sant Mat in our work.

One of our kundalini articles has been referenced on Harry's White Light pages. This is his web log, which contains many interesting articles.


Academic and Scholarly Citations

I'm also proud to be listed in the bibliography for one of the writers for the Encyclopedia of Educational Technology. Kathleen Borsos-Wooley, a graduate student affiliated with San Diego State University's Educational Technology program, wrote an article entitled, "Learning Capacity in Meditation."

My definition for prana on my glossary page was used by He has a lot of information on spiritual topics on his site.

The College of Liberal Studies (CLS) has included our article, The Seven Faces of Destiny, as reading material for one of its courses.

If you haven't been to Wikipedia lately, we are now linked on their pages for Esoteric Cosmology. Someone apparently likes our maps of consciousness. Haven't seen them? Go to our article on the Great Continuum of Consciousness.

Psychic and New Age


We are exchanging a link with Spirit-Quest, a site which collects infrmation on traveling out of the body, astral travel and other topics. They are featuring one of our articles, "The astral body in the Subconscious mind."

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