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Keeping in Touch with Your Essential Nature


By George A. Boyd ©2005

Aspirants who begin the practice of meditation find that while they are in the state of meditation they feel calm, centered and serene. But when they return to the waking state of awareness, they again encounter confusion, stress, and upset.

This has led some to try to remain in these altered states of awareness for extended periods of time. As we have discussed elsewhere in our writing and on our web site, this can produce dissociation, confusion and "spacing out," shutting down of personality functioning, extreme suggestibility, difficulty in decision making, kundalini syndromes, derealization and depersonalization, to name a few negative consequences.

We will point out to the aspirant that Supreme Nature has provided avenues for staying in touch with your essential nature that can be enjoyed while in the waking and dreaming states of awareness. These are briefly described below.




Center of Dharma

Physical seed atom It conveys the inner sense of truth and right action to the individual. The individual may feel this inner knowing is anchored in the organism as an innate wisdom.

Center of Prayer

Emotional seed atom During times of difficulty or stress, some aspirants may invoke their Higher Power for strength, guidance, or comfort. This center of spontaneous prayer is quick to draw on the resources of the Soul and the Divine.

Center of Discernment

Mental seed atom (reason) This higher octave of reason called discernment may guide judgment and decision making when reason cannot discriminate between the merits of two or more alternatives. This intuitive addition to the data available through the senses, from study or from communication with others can provide the bright line necessary to recommend choosing one alternative over the others.

Chord of Faith

Ego This chord reaching into the depths of the Subconscious, Metaconscious and Superconscious mind is a conduit whereby the individual can dialog, ask questions, or request assistance from the Soul or the Divine. The basic act of commitment of the Christian faith, believing in Jesus Christ, activates this chord.

Doorway to the Subconscious

Preconscious The Soul may communicate its ideas, inspiration, and solutions to problems through this doorway. In states of daydreaming, reverie, or wandering of the mind, the individual may encounter these gems washed up upon the beach of the Conscious mind from the deeper sea of the Superconscious mind.

Center of Incarnation

Memory and personal unconscious band of the Subconscious mind

Behind the time track of memory, both those that can be recalled and those that cannot, is the presence of the Soul. This reflection of the Soul mirrors the records of past incarnations, and reveals its eternal present. This center, in moments of inspiration, brings this Soul's present moment of eternity into alignment with the present moment as it is experienced at the center of memory of the Subconscious mind, and the life awareness of the Conscious mind. In these lyrical moments, the individual experiences the Eternal in their waking awareness.

Swastika Center

Creative Band - the Etheric Chakras of the Subconscious mind This integration center of the Subconscious mind is a reflection of the Soul at this higher band of the Subconscious mind. Through this center, the Soul conveys the intuitive knowledge stored in the chakras to guide behavior, to change attitude or misperception, and to guide the ego.

Dream Center

Astral Body of the Subconscious mind This reflection of the Soul's higher octave, the Astral Soul, in the Astral Body, may convey guidance about the spiritual path in the state of dreaming.

Moreover, as the centers of the Metaconscious mind are activated by kundalini energy, the aspirant may be in touch with the Soul during the daily activities of work, education and recreation. These higher mental functions likewise are bridges to the Soul. These are shown below.




Etheric Presence

Etheric Body of the Metaconscious mind -
etheric crown chakra

This center mediates the remembrance of spiritual experiences.

Empowerment center

Desire Body

This influence of the Superconscious mind emboldens the individual to make courageous commitments.

Divine Imagination


This thread connecting to the Superconscious mind brings inspiration for comedy, screen writing, drama, and acting. It allows the individual to "personify the Soul" and communicate something of its joy through humor. Channelers activate this connection when they are "possessed" by their entity, and allow the entity to personify itself. This thread is typically activated when the Soul traverses the Psychic Realm.

Prophetic Center


This fiery finger of the Divine Law acts to cleanse and purify the conscience to bring the individual's standards in line with the Soul's inner knowing of Truth and the Moral Will. This thread is activated when the Soul undergoes the First and Second Planetary Initiation.

Receptive Center

Concrete Mind

This thread gives guidance for developing procedures, systems for coordinating activities for groups of people, and designing enterprises or organizations. This thread is animated when the Soul undergoes the Third Planetary Initiation.



This thread gives understanding of philosophical, metaphysical and mystic ideas. It comes into full flower as the Soul undergoes the Fourth Planetary Initiation.

Mirror of the Law Center


This thread reveals to the personality the higher octaves of the Soul's vehicles. It is not activated until the individual traverses the three highest Subplanes of the Fourth Planetary Initiation.

Transpersonal Will


As spiritual evolution progresses, this overshadowing function of the Transpersonal Will of the Soul increasingly checks and overrules personal volition. When the Soul undergoes the Fifth Initiation, this overshadowing is completed. When the Soul is reborn as the Monad upon the culmination of the Fifth Planetary Initiation, it conveys the Divine Will to the personality.

Higher Self

Self (Active Focus)

This "point of light above the head", which may be audibly heard as a "still small voice" or high frequency sound that "hangs in the air," is a continual reminder of the Soul's Presence. Variously referred to as the Holy Guardian Angel, the Divine Spark, the Immanent Divine Presence, or Atma, the activity of this Higher Self may enter the awareness of the Self. As the abilities of the Soul become activated, these may be expressed through the personality through the conduits of the Metaconscious mind. When this awareness dawns, the Self learns humility, recognizing the greater Life within is at work.


Self (Passive Focus)


This Great Voidness of Nirvana, where the Soul merges into its origin, is mirrored in the drop of being that is at the core of the personality. This union with the Source awakens this state of being within the personality.

As can be seen from this analysis, you are always in touch with the deeper life of the Soul even when your attention is grounded in the waking state of awareness. It is in the recognition of this truth that makes you realize that you are always in the loving watchcare of your "Holy Guardian Angel," your Higher Self. In meditation you can commune with this essence and develop it through transformational methods. In daily life, It is with you as a center of immortal wisdom, bliss, eternal love and power—right behind the veil of your life experiences, standing with you to face the challenges that beset you as you live day to day in the complex modern world. May you remember It now, with gratitude and joy.



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