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Communion with the Inner Guide


By George A. Boyd ©2001

Meditators who study with the Mudrashram® lineage should be heartened to realize that there is spiritual assistance dwelling with them as the Guide forms of three Multiplane Masters. These teachers take up residence at the following centers:

Name of Inner Dwelling Place (Desha)


Octave of Mind

Mudrashram® Guide

Manasa Desha

Eight petal lotus

Subconscious mind

Swami Charan Das

Swa Desha

Door behind the Self (Swa Dwara)

Metaconscious mind

Swami Prabhu Maharaj

Atma Desha

Door behind the Soul (Atma Desha or Brahmandhara)

Superconscious mind

Swami Prem Dayal

In the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation, meditation students are taught to invoke these guides by means of chants and by means of the Mudrashram® mantra. In the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation and in the Satsang Program, meditation students are taught to meditate upon the Guide form (guru dhyan meditation).

The appearance of the Guide form may be as a visual presentation of the Master in the inner vehicles of the aspirant. [See the art renderings of two of the Guides on this site, Who are the Mudrashram® Guides?] The aspirant may also feel the guide as a compassionate presence within, or may hear the voice of intuitive guidance from the Master.

The Guide form functions to

  • Protect the aspirant in meditation from forces of the unconscious mind

  • Show the aspirant the vistas of the inner path and the contents of the inner vehicles

  • Reveal the aspirant's spirit and ensouling entity

  • Mirror to the aspirant the stages of the path that are yet unawakened

  • Open the doorway to Liberation

  • Attune the aspirant with the Divine Life and the Divine Will

  • Train the aspirant in the techniques of meditation

The ability to commune with the Guide, to receive his Light and minister to others, marks the transition to discipleship training in this tradition.

Meditation is more than habitually practicing techniques learned in books, on web pages, at a training seminar, or at an initiation ceremony (diksha). Meditation ultimately leads to communion with the Soul. If a spiritual Master is working with that individual, the aspirant will also commune with an inner Guide form. If the individual is sincere and persistent with this inner communion with the Guide, the aspirant will be led progressively into the presence of the Divine.

Meditation upon the guide leads to accelerated progress upon the inner path. For this reason, meditation students who study with the Mudrashram® lineage should aspire to meet one of these guides at their dwelling places (deshas) within. Swami Charan Das will appear at Manasa Desha, Swami Prabhu Maharaj will appear at Swa Desha, and Swami Prem Dayal will appear at Atma Desha, for your spiritual support and to your great joy.

For those of you who are aligned with other traditions, communion with the Guide form of your Master teacher should confer similar benefits and quickening of progress on your chosen path. As the poet sings,

"O seeker, find the Guide.

Hang on to the hem of his garment,

For he will carry you to the courts of the Divine,

And you will see God's glory everywhere."


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