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The Possibility of Increasing Intelligence through Meditation


By George A. Boyd © 2003

The seed atoms of the Conscious mind anchor the energy of the Kundalini Shakti in the ground state of awareness, in the body (physical seed atom), in the emotional field (emotional seed atom), in the mental field (mental seed atom) and in the ego (egoic seed atom).

When we carefully examine the seed atoms of the Conscious mind, we find they have the following activities.

Seed Atom



Ground state

Awareness of environment; experience of corporeality; connection with the Earth



Anchoring the consciousness and the life force of the Soul into the cells of the body; integrating the functioning of the nervous system for reflex, movement, and sensation into the integrating centers of ego, Self, and Soul; building the bridge to other higher vehicles of the Soul



Reacting to the present situation; establishing the bonds of love and connectedness with objects, plants, animals, and other people; building the bridge of faith and devotion through the spiritual worlds

Loving Relatedness


Giving direct commands to the body to initiate single actions; creating association between objects and ideas, allowing understanding of analogies, parables, and metaphors; building the bridge through the faculties of abstract analysis, including deductive, inductive, dialectical, synthetic, and mandalic forms of reasoning



Incorporating objects of desire, constructing attitudes about and attachment bonds with objects and other people, organizing schemas of possession, relatedness and identity; awareness of defensive reactions and subliminal drives, working through the challenges of developmental milestones and traumatic experiences; expanding the range of potential identification, to include family, group, community, nation, international, planetary, universe, and archetypal forms of the Astral Planes.

Ownership and Identification

As the ensouling entity undergoes spiritual evolution through Initiation, it concomitantly tunes up the corresponding atoms within each vehicle of the Superconscious, Metaconscious, Subconscious, and Conscious mind. Its effects on the mental seed atom of the Conscious mind suggest that this process has the potential to increase the functioning of intelligence.

Intelligence Quotient and Intelligence

We define intelligence as an innate capacity of the mind to operate on the contents of the mental field. For these operations to occur, the elements of this mental field must be within the bounds of awareness, as the actions of intelligence are under voluntary control only to the degree they are within the awakened zone of consciousness. While mental activity takes place in unconscious zone of the mind, these are not effectively useable by the faculty of intelligence. As the mental seed atom is tuned up by Initiation, more of the mental field is opened to the awakened zone of consciousness.

Intelligence Quotient is a summary score of results on tests that purport to measure intelligence, the ability of the mind to operate within this mental field. The premise of these tests is that the ability to solve more problems with increasing complexity suggests a higher degree of intelligence.

These tests have been criticized that they are not strongly predictive of academic or career achievement, and that they may be biased towards White middle class students [who may be exposed to more of the material used in the test that those of other groups]. Moreover, language difficulties [when English is not a student's first language], illness or emotional upset on the day of testing, lack of familiarity with testing strategies, or non-exposure to key concepts and mental operations in classes are among the factors that may artificially depress testing scores.

Despite these criticisms, these tests do (1) introduce testing questions ranging from very simple to very complex, and (2) sample a range of analytical, verbal and mathematical operational skills. If a student was exposed to the operational skills and remembered how to do them, we would expect that the student would answer the test question correctly. Further, since the complexity of the material introduced increases as a student progresses through the educational system, we would expect that a student who has successfully mastered the curriculum of more grades in school would answer more of the complex questions on the test correctly.

This would suggest that exposure to more analytical strategies and more years of education would correlate with better performance on these tests and a higher intelligence quotient on them. It is not clear from these trends, however, whether innate intelligence permits the student to master the subject matter of these higher grades, or whether more education simply lets the student know more of the correct answers [or strategies to come up with the correct answers] so they do better on the test.

Derived from intelligence testing is a scale that measures the norm of the population as 100, and measures standard deviance from that norm [reference 1]. Thus we have:

On this scale, most people's scores (68.26%) would cluster within +1 and -1 standard deviations from this norm; another 27.18% would cluster between 1 and 2 standard deviations from this norm; but only 4.46% would cluster below -2 or above +2 standard deviations from this norm. [reference 2]

Those that fall above +2 on this scale have been labeled as bright, gifted, or even genius. Those that fall below -2 on this scale have been labeled mentally retarded, developmentally disabled, or learning disabled.

Performance on these tests leads to different tracking in academic curricula with an aim to adapt the subject matter of the student to his or her measured ability. Testing professionals are careful, however, to take into account factors that may introduce error into this measurement before deciding to provide special tracking for the student; additional testing with other test instruments may be required to validate the findings on intelligence tests.

An Intuitive Measure of Development of the Mental Seed Atom

Testing professionals admit that these objective tests measure only a portion of innate intelligence. But if innate intelligence expresses through the mental seed atom, we may be able to analyze the band of the mental field that has become conscious through spiritual evolution through identifying where the mental seed atom lies on the continuum of the mental field. This would give an intuitive assessment of potential innate intelligence.

This potential for innate intelligence can be said to fall into several intuitive categories. These are shown in the table below.


Zone of Operation

Statistical deviance

Ability to give commands to the body and do rudimentary speech; no abstract mental functioning evident

Behavioral command zone


Ability to recognize analogies and inferences. Can solve simple, concrete problems.

Analogical reasoning zone


Ability to use deductive reasoning to analyze problems.

Deductive reasoning zone


Ability to use inductive reasoning and a moderate range of intellectual problem solving skills

Inductive reasoning zone


Ability to use dialectical reasoning to compare, contrast and synthesize abstract concepts. Expanded range of intellectual problem solving skills evident.

Dialectic reasoning zone


Ability to use synthetic reasoning to capture multiple perspectives in a unified, integrative viewpoint. Greatly expanded range of intellectual and intuitive problem solving skills evident.

Synthetic reasoning zone


Ability to use mandalic reasoning to discern the layers of the continuum of consciousness and to know the essence of the Soul. Knowledge of symbolic and archetypal correspondences for each dimension of consciousness.

Mandalic reasoning zone



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