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Markers of Inappropriate Higher Octave Work


By George A. Boyd © 2003

When aspirants work at an octave of spirituality other than their cutting edge, there is a predictable series of changes that occur. We see these changes when we do Spiritual Teacher/Teaching Readings on individuals who are pursuing spiritual paths that do not activate their spiritual evolutionary potentials at their cutting edge, but activate other octaves of being. These changes are detailed below.





Auric wobble

Marked by momentary lapses, moments of spacing out, loss of train of thought, or temporary disorientation. You will usually notice that this occurs during normal waking consciousness.



Marked by periods of lapsing into a hypnotic, dreamlike state in which images arise spontaneously into conscious awareness. This state is pleasant and evokes fascination to the point that you may actively wish to experience it again. It generally occurs when going to sleep or beginning to meditate, but can occur any time your brain waves shift into an alpha rhythm [e.g., watching television or a movie, driving, reading a book, etc.]


Pendulum shift

Marked by wormhole phenomena, where you are suddenly transported into union with the higher octave of awareness. This may occur without notice or warning in meditation. You may also shift when reminded of this other state by sensory cues that remind you of it (e.g., incense, pictures or the spiritual teacher, etc.). You can, however, bring your awareness back readily.


Fulcrum shift

When you reach the fulcrum point, your energy and awareness shift so that you become fully identified with the other octave of awareness. Here you may find that your attention becomes locked or fixed in this other octave of awareness and you can, only with great difficulty, return it to normal waking awareness.


Vistas of illusion

At this stage, your waking life and your cutting edge of spirituality appear to be dreamlike and unreal. You are uplifted into a state of ecstasy and you find it increasingly difficult to focus on daily chores, to carry out your job duties, to study or research, or genuinely listen or relate to others in social situations. You may experience your first catatonic episode – the samadhic trance – in which you cannot move and you are completely merged in the bliss of this altered state.


Visionary cascade

At this stage, visions and voices come to you spontaneously. Your Master may appear to you in a glorified, radiant form, and you may see angels, gods and goddesses. Sometimes objects or even forms of people may be seen to appear (materialize) then disappear (dematerialize) right before your eyes. This hallucinatory stage ebbs and flows. When it is active, you may not be able to function at all. When it recedes, you may be able to engage in daily activities again. If you cannot or do not find a way to integrate and understand these experiences, then you can all too readily slip into delusional thinking at this particular stage, and may even begin to evidence all of the symptoms of psychosis.


Illumination and union

If you pursue this other octave of awareness to its fullest development, then you will gain illumination and Mastery at this higher octave. The active suppression of personality and your spiritual cutting edge engendered by this state, however, may result in irrational thinking, rapid mood swings and ongoing patterns of disordered functioning (personality disorders). Though you will have great powers, wisdom and compassion at this stage, you may also be eccentric, capricious and moody. You will often make contradictory statements, act on "inspiration" or give advisement to others that does not make any sense. Because others will sense a powerful presence around you, they will usually be reticent to give you feedback about your curious observations, your impenetrable insights and your increasingly odd behavior for fear of offending you. When these social reality checks are withdrawn from you, there is no longer anything or anyone to check your drifting into complete madness. You become Illumined and Masterful, and sometimes, completely, permanently mad.

If you can recognize that you are on the wrong path by early stage three, marked by your first experiences of the wormhole phenomenon, then you may be able to stop the progression of these changes. While you may continue to have emergence from your unconscious and some lapses of attention, you will be able to function relatively normally.

If you then unfold yourself at your cutting edge, you will gradually correct the imbalance that you have created until you have finally overcome it. Then your daily activities will be uninterrupted by this emergence from the unconscious, you will make progress in an integrated way, and you will function normally in your personality.


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