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Impact of Religious Conversion


By George A. Boyd ©2003

Religion produces cultural conversion, which influences a society through history; societal conversion, which constructs the laws and institution of a nation; and individual conversion, which results in the shaping of belief, values and behavior of the faithful. Elements of these three transformational forces are shown in the table below.

Octave of Conversion

Transformational elements of this octave

Cultural Conversion

Over many generations, a small faith grows into a world religion by ongoing conversion

Certain zealous individuals in the faith believe that the whole world must come into the fold or this religion, inspiring great faith in a small band of followers

Different interpretations of the principles and scriptures of the faith lead to the formation of different sects, who compete for the hearts and minds of believers

Through this means, thousands, even millions, of individuals become identified with a particular path in the GCC, based on the inspiration of the path’s founder

Societal Conversion

The inculcation of moral values and lifestyle proscriptions that ensure that one does not stray from the path

The entry of faithful members into government influences societal laws and education

Active proselytization leads the faith to become the dominant force in society, influencing art, science, government and education

Preparation of a priesthood in each generation propagates the faith to yet new followers

Individual Conversion

Presentation of a conversion message that instills fear, shame, guilt, self-loathing or other negative emotion in the potential convert

Prescription of a prayer, meditation or ritual that removes the negative emotion and leads to identification with this nucleus of identity

The continual association of the attention with a nucleus of identity upon this path through ongoing prayer or meditation brings about identification with this center

Opening upon the path by use of the prayer, meditation or ritual brings enhancement of conviction and faith

Anchoring the powerful suggestion that this is the only true path by which one may be saved

Anchoring the powerful suggestion that one must convert others to this only true path

Instillation of awe, reverence and worship for the founders of the faith and its scriptures by preaching and testimonials

The cultural nexus of a religion acts on each new, changing society that arises on the axis of historical time, and propagates its beliefs, values and practices in many individuals. Like yeast rising into the bread of society, it comes to permeate every aspect of life and consciousness.

Through its suffusion into every aspect of life and culture, religion comes to powerfully influence and control individuals’ beliefs, values and behavior. In this way, religion traps people into a mindset and attempts to keep them from escaping from it. It is a pervasive, hypnotic force in which individuals become locked for their entire lifetime—never able to look beyond the perceptual veils constructed by the faith.

The Challenge of the Mystic

The mystic is one who escapes from the suffocating hypnosis of the blind faith inculcated and propagated by religion. He or she learns to see, hear, feel, think, create, vision and, ultimately, minister outside the environing thought-field (nousphere) of the faith.

This independence is threatening to the influence, power and authority of those who govern within a faith’s ecclesiastical hierarchy. It is not surprising that the rare mystics who escape from the nousphere of the faith are condemned, vilified, persecuted and even tortured and killed by those seeking to protect the spread of their religion.

The challenge of the mystic is that he or she must do inner practice and exploration secretly, so as not to awaken the hornet’s nest of the guardians and defenders of the faith. Evading the thought and belief police of the faith, the mystic finds authentic, vibrant and realized spirituality and travels the path to liberation and Mastery in full consciousness.

Those that can find the mystic path are rare indeed.


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