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Our Gift Certificates

Ordering a Gift Certificate by Mail

Some of you may wish to give some of George's readings or consultations as a gift to your friends and loved ones, but don't want to pay by Pay Pal. You can still send us a check or money order.

You can give any of the services available in person, by mail, video or e-mail, plus give them a free admission to any classes or workshops for which they are eligible through a gift certificate.

Here's how you give a gift certificate:

  1. First select from the available services shown below.

  2. Check off the service(s) below you wish to give as a gift

  3. Print out and mail the form below with your payment [prices are listed on our Order Page]. Your check or money order should be made payable to Mudrashram Institute. Mail you form and check to:

Gift Services
Mudrashram Institute of Spiritual Studies
Post Office Box 463
Venice, CA 90294

Not all readings can be done by mail or e-mail, and several are available by private appointment only.

Please read the availability of readings on our Order Information Page if you are out of the Los Angeles area.

Please e-mail us at classes at for information about how to pay for workshops or classes in advance.

Introductory Readings


Foot Reading


Tarot Card Reading


Basic Soul Reading


Triple Scan Reading (includes all three above readings)


Specialized Soul Readings


Meditation Technique Analysis Reading


Relationship Compatibility Reading


Seed Thoughts and Visualizations for Meditation Reading


Higher Octaves of Spiritual Evolution


Spiritual Teaching or Spiritual Teacher Compatibility Reading

  Karmic Reading
  Soul Purpose Reading

Kundalini Scan




Guidance Channeling


Soul Attunement with Guidance Channeling


Past Life Readings


Intuitive Past Life Reading


Metavisional Past Life Reading




Meditation Consultation session


Practical Meditation Consultation Session


Classes and Workshops


Integral Meditation class (Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation)


Integral Meditation class (Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation) — Prerequisite: completion of Master Course or Accelerated Meditation Program with six months daily meditation practice


Meditation for Therapists Workshop


How to Read Your Own Past Lives Workshop


Way of the Heart Workshop


Karma Workshop


Agni Yoga and Attunement Meditation Workshop

  Raja Yoga Workshop
  Psychic Powers Workshop
  Kundalini Workshop
  The Vision Workshop

Please fill out the information form below and mail it to us with your gift certificate. Please include a picture when this is required for a reading.

We will do the reading for your loved one as soon as we receive your remittance. Please allow three to four weeks for the processing and delivery of email, mail or video services.

We will schedule your loved one for the next available class or workshop if you request these in-person services.

For in-person services, please email us to set up a private session at private at You may also e-mail us at classes at to enroll in a class.

Information Please fill out this side
Your Name  
Your Address



Your City  
Your Zip Code or Postal Code  
Your email  
Your phone (optional)  
Name of the person to whom you are giving this gift certificate  
Their Address



Their City  
Their Zip Code or Postal Code  
Their email  
Their phone (optional)  
Please let us know the way you wish us to perform this service for the person to whom you are giving this gift
In person Mail Email Video
Is this for any special occasion, such as a birthday, Christmas, New Years, or an anniversary? Let us know what occasion you wish us to acknowledge with your gift, or write none.  
Is there anything else we should know about the person to whom you are giving this gift? Please describe it briefly.

[Remember: we will need a date of birth for past life readings and a permission statement from the person receiving this reading.]

Please use this mail-in gift certificate if you wish to order a gift certificate by mail.

You can also use our ecommerce portal to order gift certificates on line. Please follow the instructions listed there on what to write in the Pay Pal comment area when you order.



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