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Understanding Faith


©2003 by George A. Boyd

Faith is a belief or expectation held about the working of transpersonal or supernatural agencies that operate in the field of the Superconscious mind. On the basis of this belief, the believer may feel that this Higher Power can help him or her in various ways if invoked by prayer or other form of worship or communion.

The believer may call upon different spiritual or supernatural agencies in different cultures or religious groups. The believer may invoke a Divine being believed to inhabit an idol, a natural locale, or imbue a force of Nature. Spirits of ancestors, sundry spirits or guides, angels, gods, goddesses, spiritual Saints, Masters or Avatars, or a Universal God construed as the Divine Creator may likewise be invoked in other cultures.

This evocation of this spiritual or supernatural agency may take the form of requests aimed at improving your life and person. You may variously invoke your Higher Power for strength, physical and emotional healing, prosperity, finding a mate, having children, achieving success in important tests, help getting employment, or overcoming obstacles in reaching your goals.

You may also call upon your Higher Power to help you accomplish spiritual aims. Examples of spiritual aims include gaining salvation, supplication for the personal and spiritual needs of others, finding a Master Teacher, developing holy virtues, making spiritual progress, entering a heavenly realm after the death of the body, or traveling back to the Divine Presence while alive.

Stages of Faith

Faith may be said to pass through three stages: religious or exoteric faith, mystical or mesoteric faith, and essential or esoteric faith. Seven manifestations of faith are shown below.






You believe in a Saint, Master, and or/the Divine (or other supernatural agency). You pray or invoke these spiritual agents to intervene and intercede on your behalf to obtain personal and spiritual aims.


You believe in the veracity of the scriptures or written teachings of your religious group, and hold it to be Divine Revelation or the Word of God. (In other groups, these sacred truths may be transmitted by an oral tradition comprising the telling of stories, myths, parables, or mystery tales).


You believe in the manifestation of desired goals through affirmation, visualization, and prayer. You expect this outcome based in the working of invisible metaphysical laws, as the fulfillment of scriptural promises, or through the miraculous intervention of spiritual agencies such as Saints, angels, the Holy Spirit or other form of Divine Power. You tenaciously hold this belief despite lack of confirmatory empirical evidence.



You hold the conviction that you are established in your spiritual essence in the Divine Law. You believe that you can manifest, according to the level of your spiritual development, whatever your inner powers or abilities permit. This is the direct operation of the transpersonal will working through your higher vehicles, activating your innate spiritual powers and gifts. Those abilities that are not accessible to you through the lower octaves of the will that operate in the personality may seem miraculous or supernatural. In mesoteric faith, you find a wellspring of power and ability within your own Soul, but may not have a sense that you are personally activating or making this power operate.



You invoke an Initiate or the Divine to send the Light of Attunement through your attentional principle. You trust the Light will be sent and will minister through you. You are able to make different attunements with others, and ultimately awaken and initiate others through this means.


You invoke an Initiate or the Divine to open the light and sound of the Nadamic path. You trust the path will be opened and the inner guide will appear to the spirit.


You remember the goal or calling of your spiritual development in your attentional principle. You bring awareness and realization of that goal to your ensouling entity, and have the belief that you will eventually evolve to that state of being.

Religious faith (types 1-3) is typically based upon beliefs founded in scripture, testimony of others, preaching or discourse, or personal experience of the apparent miraculous in response to prayer or affirmation. Invocation and prayer is directed towards agencies beyond the Soul, such as angels, saints, gods or God. The working of these agencies is here mysterious or magical.

Mystical faith (type 4) is founded upon the realization that you are the ensouling entity, and you can freely create or manifest using your innate abilities or powers. Here you do not look to agencies beyond the Soul, but experience you have the ability to create and manifest innately. You discover these powers operate within your Soul, although sometimes they manifest independently from your personal whim or wish.

Essential faith (types 5-7) is the recognition and invocation of an Initiate or the Divine through your three highest principles: your attentional principle, your spirit, and your ensouling entity. Here you operate as a conscious co-worker with the Divine in esoteric ministry of the Light, actively unfold your spiritual potential and fulfill your spiritual calling, and have direct communion with the Initiate(s) who work(s) with you and the Divine. In esoteric ministry, these Initiates are directly known. [For example, you don't believe in Jesus; you know him, as he is in his Soul body and commune with him in his higher vehicles in each realm of the Great Continuum of Consciousness.] Mystery is transcended through discernment; you develop penetrating intuitional wisdom.

Understanding Faith

It is important to understand faith in its different stages. As spiritual evolution unfolds, you may see a corresponding shift in your faith from exoteric to its mesoteric and esoteric manifestations. It may begin as innocent and childlike faith, then change into a faith that comes from inner knowing and direct Realization.

Faith is with you through all stages of your spiritual growth and development. It bridges your initial reach upward to a Power beyond yourself, proceeds through different levels of invocation and communion with that inner Source, and follows you through the progressive development of essential mastery.

Meditate upon faith. Recognize its different manifestations as you see it working in others and in yourself. Use it to garner personal strength and courage to face the vicissitudes of life, to manifest your chosen aims and dreams, and to commune with and serve the Divine.

Faith is a mighty power. Know it, use it, and master it. It will bring you untold blessings and open the floodgates of Divine Grace.

This article is dedicated to Oscar Centes, a Christian man of deep faith



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