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In Search of Ecstasy


by George A. Boyd © 1991

Excerpted from Destiny Unfolds

Human beings require ecstasy, as plants require water and sunlight.

They need bliss. joy and tranquility, to balance the suffering of their days;

And because it drives them, like a chthonic force from the deep

They seek out ecstasy in seven different ways.

Some seek it in intoxication's spell:

A sudden rush of drugs coursing into the blood,

In a trancelike stupor, which numbs the brain,

A hallucinatory voyage into vistas of the mind, as visions flood.

Some seek it in sex, the sweet orgasmic surrender:

That melts all tension and pain, healing

The emotional separation of too long and lonely years,

Bringing pleasures's peak, the sublimest feeling.

Some seek it in sensation's thrill:

Falling unfettered like a bird in space,

Surfing the foam of a crashing wave,

Driving a car at reckless speed in chase.

Some seek it as a warrior's quest of conquest and victory:

To vanquish a foe with a mighty blow,

To tear down an obstacle impeding the goal,

To wear the hero's laurel, a legend's glory to bestow.

Some seek it in movement's charm:

The precision of a dancer's graceful ballet,

The mastery of athlete's skill,

The archer's perfect aim, his quiver away.

Some seek it by Art's inspiration:

In music's rapture are carried away,

On painter's colored scape, or sculptor's bronze and clay,

And bring the inner mosaic of the mind into the light of day.

Some seek it by immersion in the river of Spirit:

Meditating upon the inner light and sound,

They find the Soul's True Abode and Home of Bliss

And meet the Lord within the heart, of all creation's round.

Rare are those who choose this highest road, that leads to Freedom's shore

That find within a Master Soul, Who guides them to this Goal,

Who reveals the Imperishable, the Joy of joys, the Mother of Ecstasy,

That is hidden inside the human form, once known, it makes them Whole.

Samadhi is the final gift, that grants a sure release,

That melts the pain, assuages desire, and makes the yearnings cease.

Beyond the darkness of ten thousand Aeons, of the long unconscient night,

Is the Infinite Ecstasy of the Lord that brings eternal peace.

Sat Guru Balyogeshwar Paramahansa
experiencing spiritual joy


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