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Choice Points on the Path


By George A. Boyd ©2004

It is given to some individuals to activate their spiritual potentials as part of their personal destiny (Pralabdha Karma). These individuals are typically led to aspirant stage questing for their realization of their spiritual essence and for spiritual growth.

There are many teachers and teachings. It is the aspirant's challenge to identify those teachers and teachings that are attuned with their spiritual cutting edge, that resonate with their Soul's intuitive sense of truth, and that fulfills their spirit's longing to go back to its origin.

As we have discussed elsewhere in the writings on this web site, aspirants may not necessarily correctly identify their spiritual cutting edge, and can become involved in spiritual work that introduces imbalances, disrupts the functioning of their personality, or involves them with cultic groups. [See our articles on Imbalance and Cults.]

If aspirants do pursue spiritual development one-pointedly, with sincerity and devotion [at their cutting edge or not], they will enter upon the disciplic stage of the Path. Here they will learn to make an attunement with their spiritual Master, to travel with the Master on the inner Planes, and transform an ensouling entity or a nucleus of identity with their associated vehicles.

The tradition with which they affiliate may provide them a transformational technique that will allow them to voluntarily unfold their spiritual evolutionary potentials, a Grace-Bestowing tradition whereby the spiritual Master actively initiates and unfolds the disciple's spiritual potentials, or a combination of both.

Spiritual growth is contingent upon genuine inner transformation: a living tradition must provide this key to unfoldment beyond whatever rituals, prayers, belief creeds, contemplation, spiritual songs and ceremonies the followers of this group practice.

As disciples on the path continue upon this track of development, ultimately they will become Initiates, capable of initiating others, teaching others about the path, and embodying to others the ideal of that Path. But in each case, for aspirants, disciples and Initiates, there are important choices that must be made.

Choice Points

Ultimately in their inner journey, aspirants, disciples and Initiates are presented with a choice point, whereby they must choose between the alternatives presented to them that impact their spiritual and personal destiny. Among the choices they may face include:

  • The choice to actualize their spiritual potentials and express the innate gifts of their Soul, or to suppress these potentials (aspirant)

  • The choice to accept initiation in a particular tradition or decline it (aspirant)

  • The choice to accept the beliefs, rituals, scriptures, and moral teaching of a religion or refuse to adopt them (aspirant)

  • The choice to sacrifice personal goals and dreams to dedicate themselves to spiritual advancement and service, or to embrace the pursuit of personal desires and to curtail spiritual practices and service (disciple)

  • The choice to activate a spiritual power or not (disciple)

  • The choice to remain faithful to spiritual vows or to voluntarily abrogate them (disciple)

  • The choice to obey the Divine Will (Hukum) or commandment of the spiritual Master (Agya), or to disobey them (disciple)
  • The choice to accept their spiritual mission and to fulfill it, or to refuse to take responsibility for their mission (disciple)

  • The choice to become a teacher and initiator, actively ministering in the world, or to become a member of the Silent Brotherhood and Sisterhood of those who minister to humanity, unknown and unseen from the inner Planes (disciple)

  • The choice to enter liberation or assume a form in a lineage or spiritual hierarchy and defer liberation (disciple)

  • The choice to awaken another or let them sleep in ignorance of their spiritual nature (Initiate)

  • The choice to alter another's destiny to fulfill a spiritual mission or let them follow the track laid down by the Lords of Karma (Initiate)

Contemplating Choice Points

Because each of these choices may have very significant consequences, both to your life and the lives of others, we ask you to contemplate each of these choice scenarios. Some may apply to your current situation; some may not. We ask you to consider the implications of making each choice. Notice what would be the difference if you choose either alternative:

  • In your own life, upon your personal destiny

  • In the lives of others

  • For humanity

  • For a particular spiritual lineage or religion

  • For the spirits and ensouling entities that dwell upon a path or in that band of the Great Continuum of Consciousness

  • Upon your own spiritual destiny, the working out of your karma and fulfillment of your spiritual potentials

These are not easy choices. They are perhaps the most difficult choices that any human being must make. But as you move into the aspirant, disciplic and initiatic phases of your spiritual life, you must make them.

The consequences of these choices are very real, very palpable, and very significant. We pray that you may be rightly guided to make them when they appear upon your path.

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