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Breaking Free from an Initiate's Control

By George A. Boyd © 2009

As we have discussed in our articles, “When Spirituality is Less than Free,” and “Induced Kundalini Awakening,” some individuals find themselves caught in an Initiate’s tenacious grasp, and are unable to break free. There are several methods that have proved successful for some aspirants to break free from this ineluctable spell; other aspirants have learned to adapt to these changes. These seven methods of extraction and adaptation are shown below.

(1) Challenge and command – This method presumes that you know who the Initiate is, that you have the requisite “inner force” to directly confront this Initiate and command him or her to release you. It takes the form of “ [Name of Initiate], I command that you release me now. I do not want to be your disciple.”  You will give this command with full intention three times.

(2) Dialog, inquiry and request – Use this method when you do not know who the Initiate is that overshadows you and you do not have the requisite power and authority to confront the Initiate directly.  This process begins with you contemplating the origin of this force that envelops your ensouling entity and nucleus of identity. Once you can ascertain where this force originates, you will ask this being, “Who are you?”  or “What is your name?”

To understand the nature of this relationship the Initiate has established with you, you may probe deeper with questions like:

“Why have you selected me as your disciple?”

“What are you trying to do by sending me your Light?”

“What is your ultimate objective in working with me?”

Once you have ascertained the Initiate is doing to you, you will disclose that you do not feel comfortable or ready to do this work at this time. You can disclose your discomfort by telling this Initiate how his or her attunement is affecting you. This can take the form of statements like:

“I cannot handle what you are doing to me. It is overwhelming.”

“I cannot deal with the intensity of your energy.”

 “You are destroying my life and my sanity.”

Next you must find out how you can sever this connection. Ask:

“What do I need to do to break off this connection with you?” Listen for the response.

Finally, you will make a direct request to sever this link with the Initiate. Speak to the Initiate respectfully but firmly, “I want you to break your connection with me now. I do not want to be your disciple.” Make this request three times. Listen for any responses that you receive from the Initiate as you make this affirmation.

(3) Forcibly break the energetic connection – This method only works for those who have the requisite experience and mastery of moving kundalini on in using bija mantras. This is a drastic last resort if the Initiate adamantly refuses to release you despite your command or affirmation. These methods require that you have the ability to use your intention to make an attunement with the kundalini force (Kundalini method), or to finely concentrate your attention so you can hear the seed mantras of your inner vehicles and intone specific bija mantras with your intention (Bija Mantra method).

The Kundalini method – Utilize this method if you are experiencing energetic intensification of the kundalini that does not subside. [Please do not attempt this method if you do not have full control of your ability to raise and lower your kundalini energy at will.]

First, identify at what level the Initiate has made an attunement with you. Note if your kundalini is fixed in your spiritual essence (nucleus of identity or ensouling entity) at this level.

Find the “glowing tip” of the kundalini energy stream. Draw this kundalini energy up several octaves above where the Initiate is linking with you. [For example, if the Initiate is working with you at the Second Planetary Initiation, you might draw this energy up to the cosmic consciousness center in the First Cosmic Initiation.]

Then, with clear intention and visualization, quickly draw this force back down through the node where the Initiate is working with you and bring it all the way back to the ground state of awareness. If this is done suddenly and forcefully, it will fuse this node shut and break off the Initiate’s control of your kundalini. [Some report hearing with their inner ear an audible “pop” or a roaring sound when the kundalini closes this node.]

If this method is successful, you will feel your kundalini energy is again under you control and it has returned to the grounded state.

The Bija Mantra Method – This method requires that you have the ability to hear the inner sounds of mantras at the seals behind the ensouling entity or nucleus of identity that the Initiate is targeting. The ability to hear these mantras is called the faculty of inner hearing or Sruti. [Please note that coming up with “imaginary mantras” does not work; you must genuinely hear these mantras. If you cannot hear them clearly, you should not attempt this method.]

To perform this method, you must first understand how these mantras operate to open and re-close the seals of your vehicles.  First, you will need a little information about these seals.

There are three seals for each vehicle of consciousness, which are arranged at the vertices of an equilateral triangle. To “unlock” these seals, you must open all three.

The inner seals of your vehicles of consciousness have two states, on and off.

The off state is the “normal” or “default” level. Here you are only aware of what is contained within this vehicle of consciousness, and you are not aware of the contents of the unconscious mind that surrounds it.

The on state has two modes.

The first mode, the activated position, occurs when each seal initially opens. This opening of your vehicular seals dawns when you are immersed in the Divine Light, and you sense a greater space or Continuum around you and beyond you. You may also open these seals by breathing methods. They may spontaneously open when your kundalini rises. You can additionally trigger their opening through process meditation or methods that tap your unconscious mind—the opening of these seals allows you to become aware of the contents of your unconscious mind.

The second mode, the intensified, magnetized position, occurs when your seals are opened and your ensouling entity or nucleus of identity is suffused with a beam of Light from an Initiate. In the magnetized position, a living force connects you to the Initiate and keeps these seals open. You may be aware of an inner flame of “anointing,” which is like a jet of Spirit anchored in your ensouling entity or nucleus of identity; this anointing remains with your continuously. If you contemplate this flame, you may be aware of a stream or current of light connecting you with the Initiate.  In many cases, your kundalini is concomitantly activated and is drawn up and fixed in this center.

Initiates use power affirmations to create this magnetized state. These affirmations trigger the vehicular seals and open them. Examples of these power affirmations, as Initiates intone them at different levels of the Continuum, are shown in the table below. [In the table, we abbreviate ensouling entity as EE and nucleus of identity as NOI.]

Introductory phrase or mantra

Seal One

Seal Two

Seal Three

Initiate Using this Power Affirmation

Level of the Continuum


And So




Occult Adept

Lower Astral Plane

Soul Spark (EE)





In the name of

the Father

the Son

[and] the Holy Ghost

Saint or Hierophant of a Mystery School

First Mesoteric (Saint) or First Esoteric (Hierophant) Planetary Initiation

Moon Soul (NOI)

In the name of the Mighty




Ascended Masters and Superphysical Adepts

Second Planetary Initiation

Solar Angel (NOI)

Know that




Planetary Adepts and Adept Masters

Planetary Hierarchy [operates through the entire Planetary and Subtle Realms]

Soul Spark (EE) [Subtle Realm] and Soul (EE)  [Planetary Realm]





Yogi Preceptors

First Cosmic Initiation

Cosmic consciousness (NOI)




Ka [Bashaad]

Light Masters

Second Cosmic Initiation

Cosmic Soul Awareness (NOI)

Receive ye




Cosmic Masters

Cosmic Hierarchy [operates through the entire Cosmic Sphere]

Astral Soul (EE)

[Varies by tradition, we use the power affirmation of the Sunni and Shi’a Muslims as an example]




Islamic Murshids

Track of the Supracosmic Seed Atom across the Cosmic and Supracosmic Sphere, arising from the top of the Allah 1 and Allah 2 Supracosmic Paths

Supracosmic Seed Atom (NOI)

Once the Initiate intones the appropriate mantra to send the Light to your spiritual essence, he or she opens your vehicular seals to the magnetized state. This shifts the attunement of the vehicular seals up “two clicks,” so they now resonate with a different seed mantra.  In the table below, we will use “imaginary seed mantras” [please do not use them—they will not work] to illustrate this phenomenon of mantramic resonance shift in these seals.



Seal One

Seal Two

Seal Three’
















For you to reestablish your vehicular seals to their normal setting, you must close down this intensified state. You do this by using a mantra that turns off the intensified “magnetized” position and shifts it back to its default position in the off state. We use a countering two-syllable seed mantra to accomplish this. We again will use an “imaginary seed mantra” in the table below [please do not use it—it will not work] to illustrate this phenomenon of mantramic resonance re-setting for these seals.



Seal One

Seal Two

Seal Three’

On to off





This shift of mantramic resonance closes down the connection with the Initiate so he or she cannot send Light to your nucleus of identity or ensouling entity. The Bija Mantra method effectively slams the door of access to your consciousness for this Initiate.

The unfortunate downside of the Bija Mantra method is that few aspirants have the knowledge and ability to hear these mantras and rightly intone them. Indeed, even advanced disciples lack this knowledge and ability. To use this method correctly, you must correctly hear, and be able to intone, each of these four orders of mantras with your intention.

(4) Pray to the Form of the Divine Overshadowing the Initiate – Sometimes Initiates are so zealous to “save you,” “transform you,” or “turn you into a Master [like them],” that they may overlook your attempts to sever this connection as a sign of your spiritual immaturity or ignorance. They presume they know what is best for you, and so may take you on this inner journey with them without your personal or conscious consent, just as a well-meaning parent may make decisions on behalf of their child.

Initiates receive the Light from the Divine on the Plane on which they operate. Praying to this Being may persuade the Divine to direct the Initiate to release you and give you back your liberty. The level of the Continuum, the Office of the Initiate, and the form of the Divine overshadowing him or her, is shown in the table below.



Being to whom you can pray

Lower Astral

Occult Adept

Astral form of Sanat Kumara in Shambala [While the Occult Adept is directly overshadowed by the Dark Lord or Satan, three Planes above this is the Astral Abode of the Hierarchy on the Planes of Etheria in the Biophysical Universe.]

First Planetary Initiation

Saints or Hierophants of Mystery Schools

The Heavenly Father or Father God for Saints, the Solar God or Adonai for Hierophants

Second Planetary Initiation

Ascended Master

O Great Central Sun

Planetary Hierarchy

Adept or Adept Master

Transplanetary form of Sanat Kumara in the Planetary Hierarchy

First Comic Initiation

Yogi Preceptor

The Supreme, Yogeshwar or Ishwara

Second Cosmic Initiation

Light Master

The Lord God, appearing as Kether of the Cosmic Zodiac

Cosmic Hierarchy

Cosmic Master

Cosmic form of Sanat Kumara, the Cosmic Father God in the Cosmic Hierarchy

Supracosmic Path

Guru [each tradition has varying names for this Initiate, we use the generic name, Guru]

The Supreme Guru

Another approach is to complain to one of the “Initiate’s Supervisors.” This alternative method, praying to another Initiate, does not often bear fruit. This is because other Initiates usually do not interfere with the ministry of their fellow Initiates.

There are exceptions. Ray Lords (Chohans), the Lord of Synthesis (Maha Chohan), and the Son of God (the Christ or World Teacher) supervise Masters in the stations of the Hierarchy, which appear in Shambala, the ring of Initiates around the Father God, the ring of Initiates around the Great Central Sun, the Planetary Hierarchy and in the Cosmic Hierarchy.

The aspirant, who has become an unwilling and reluctant disciple, conceivably could pray to one of these “spiritual supervisors” of the Initiate. These higher Initiates ostensibly could make a “suggestion” to the Initiate in question, who then would honor this request out of deference and respect for his or her elders.

The difficulty with this approach is that typically most aspirants are not acquainted with these Exalted Beings, and would not presume to approach them in this regard. Christians are somewhat more comfortable with this, and readily invoke Lord Jesus or the Christ in any important personal or spiritual matter. If you feel comfortable with this, it will not hurt to try.

(5) Become the most obnoxious disciple possible – This method presumes you will mortify the Initiate by your obnoxious and embarrassing behavior so that he or she would let go of you in disgust and horror. This approach the form of active and passive resistance where

(a) You learn about the Initiate’s expectations for morality and purity. You exuberantly break each rule.

 (b) He or she puts you into a state of meditation. You put on your headphones and listen to music, or turn on the television.

(c) He or she attempts to give you guidance “telepathically.” You begin having a dialog with your imaginary friends, act out a play, recite a long poem, or do a stand up comedy routine to distract your attention from what he or she is saying.

Though this method certainly provides the most delicious emotional satisfaction, we do not recommend it as it will often produce negative karma that can adversely impact your personal and spiritual growth. For example,

Active “sinning” may gave the untoward effects of creating stubborn “habits of evil” or addictions that you will find it difficult to break.

Active distraction through listening to music or television, if done for long periods of time, may produce difficulties in concentrating your attention within. This is because you have trained your mind to seek information from these external sources, and you will have to break this habit and retrain your mind to internalize using meditation.

Likewise, turning on your persona during spiritual discourse (satsang) may set up a pattern where you will have difficulty shutting down this “imagination generator” of your mind.

When you take this approach, moreover, you run the risk of having some Initiates “castigate” or “discipline” you where you will feel the force of their overshadowing will. This effectively forces you to obey; the experience of this omnific power terrifies many aspirants into obedience and submission.

(6) Have a heart to heart talk with the Initiate – In this method, your spirit speaks to the Initiate’s spirit and implores him or her to release you. If the Initiate’s spirit truly gets it that your are suffering as a result of the Initiate’s attunement, sometimes the Initiate’s spirit can poignantly communicate your plight to the Initiate’s core of Mastery.  This would induce the Initiate to withdraw his or her attunement out of understanding and compassion for your suffering. Your heartfelt communication, as prayer, must be completely sincere.

(7) Learn to adapt to the changing dynamics of energy and awareness within you – This approach presumes that if the universe is handing you lemons, you make lemonade.

This method requires that you study the changes that are taking place within you and learn to accommodate them in your personal functioning. This might take the form, for example, of you developing the gift of knowledge through your Moon Soul nucleus of identity, when it is moved out of the axis of being. You might use this gift to study and understand others and your self. Other ways to channel these “symptoms of your initiation” include:

(a) Heightened kundalini arousal – Use this activation to study and access powers of your Superconscious mind and the strata of intuitive knowledge

(b) Heightened energy that interferes with sleep – You might use this extra energy to do sustained physical exercise, such as marathons or triathlons

(c) Intensified emotions arising from the unconscious mind.  Use this as an opportunity to do psychotherapy and work out those complexes that have operated outside consciousness.

(d) “Inspiration storms” – Handle these by giving them a creative outlet, through painting, writing literature, plays or poetry, composing music, and other creative pursuits.

(e) Sensory abnormalities (illusions or hallucinations) – These can be used to study astral or “psychic” vision. You can seek to determine where these sensory abnormalities arise, and then attempt to re-create them voluntarily. This allows you to gain greater control of your subtle sensory tracks; you can extend your sensorium to encompass broader zones of the Continuum. Though this means you can become a clairvoyant “seer.”

(f) Shutdown of the ability to function – Use this time to do intensive meditation. If you cannot function outwardly in this state, as you might when in prison or in the throes of illness, you can still function inwardly.

(g) Robot-like behavior caused by shutdown of higher functions – Use this altered state to closely monitor your movement. Those who do this practice intensively can learn to be mimes, dancers and dramatic actors.

You can only use this approach if there is someone available to protect and care for you, who understands what is happening to you, and you ask for their assistance. There are certainly limits to this approach, for as the transformational process inexorably proceeds, you become less able to function and your functions that still operate do not do so normally.

While there may be a role for this approach during the early stages of overshadowing, if you do not want to follow this process to its culmination, you must find a way to break free.

Which method you choose to break this connection, or temporarily adapt to it, will be contingent upon your abilities that you have already developed before the Initiate made this attunement with you.

Why Mudrashram® Teachers Will Not Interfere

When the Light of an Initiate overshadows you, another Initiate will not work with you or take you for their disciple. This happens because it appears that you have (a) been chosen by this Master, (b) the Divine blessing has been given to this disciplic covenant, and (c) that you have voluntarily consented to this relationship.

While each of these “Sons and Daughters of God” have been given full liberty to elect and work with others’ ensouling entities or nuclei of identity—as they choose—not all of them are “respecters of person.” This means they may ignore the impact of their spiritual transformation on your personality, as their objective is to empower and transform the nucleus of identity with which they have made attunement. Their ultimate objective is to either (a) transform your spiritual essence to the same stage of Mastery to which they have attained, or (b) to liberate it.

Some of these Master Teachers consider the personality as a hindrance to spiritual Realization, an illusion that must be transcended, or in some cases, an agency of evil—e.g., an ogre on the threshold or a demon. In this context, they view your “personal protest and suffering” as an unfortunate, but necessary part of the transformation of the spiritual essence they target. They see your objections to the work they have initiated in you are seen as “irrelevant,” and as symptomatic of your ignorance and delusion.

It is given under Divine Law that only one teacher can establish a disciplic relationship with you at a time. While any number of aspirants can work with a teacher, while concurrently studying with others, the disciplic relationship is exclusive.

Once an Initiate has “declared and made known” by “the evidence of the Light” that you are his or her disciple, other Initiates will back off from you. They will not work to transform you. They will not work with your karma. Most will not guide your attentional principle or spirit, either. Some will give you counsel or advisement. But they are not permitted to intervene with your karma or work on your vehicles of consciousness if another Initiate has made the declaration that you are his or her disciple.

For this reason, you must break this connection. A disciplic relationship is a mutual covenant. This means the Master agrees to accept you and work with you and you agree to work with him or her. The Master can withdraw the Light if you are disobedient or break vows. But this covenant also allows you to break off this connection.

But this connection is not lightly established, nor is it lightly broken. A Master will not break this connection because it is inconvenient for you, makes you uncomfortable, requires that you make sacrifices or undergo hardships, or because it limits your personal liberty. For example, telling the Initiate, “Oh could you please send the Light at another time? I have an appointment with my hairdresser” will not convince the Initiate to stop his or her ministry because of your inconvenience.

To break this connection break this connection requires your highest efforts and energy, your greatest sincerity, and your deepest conviction that this is best for you. For some of you, this is not an easy decision, for even as one part of you pulls away, another part paradoxically embraces it.

Some of you tell us that you do not remember consenting to this relationship, that it was somehow forced upon you without your consent. You tell us that you have been unfortunate enough to be “chosen” by this Initiate, who works his or her will upon you despite your “bootless cries.”

It may be in your prayers to find a Master that this One has heard you. It may be because of your background of service, your inner purity, and the qualities you have developed that you meet his or her standards to be initiated—and you have been selected. It may be that you have this One while traveling as spirit or attentional principle on the inner Planes in meditation or the dream state, and you have asked this Initiate to help you. It may be that in your quest, you practiced some of the meditations of this Initiate’s path, and this brought the Grace Waves of this Initiate to you.

However this relationship began—whether you established it voluntarily or involuntarily, knowingly or unwittingly, with your conscious awareness or without—the choice remains with you: do you sever this relationship or maintain it?

We cannot tell you what is best for you. Only you can decide this for yourself.  We place before you the means to sever this relationship with the Initiate who overshadows you, if you choose to do so.

Once you have broken this relationship, we can assist you with the sequelae of this mystical interlude, by rebalancing your vehicles and helping you normalize your kundalini.  But we cannot help you until you do, for only you can break this yoke and be free.


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