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Attentional Conditioning Factors


By George A. Boyd © 2004

A variety of religious and spiritual experiences arise because the attention is focused on different locations on the GCC. Factors that condition where the attention is focused on the GCC include:




Language specific to a band of the Continuum: chants, songs, scriptures, etc. to specifically focus attention.


Images and archetypal figures specific to a band of the Continuum. Pictures, sculptures, idols, movies, etc. draw the attention to certain levels of the GCC.


Feeling states specific to a band of the continuum. Ecstasy, great sadness, etc., evoked by focusing the attention by invocation or worship.


Movements or postures specific to a band of the continuum. Ritual movements done during prayer or worship ceremonies, sacred dances or mudras.


Beliefs delimiting the level of the continuum in which one functions. Defining who is the Master or Savior, what happens after death, etc., directs attention on the GCC. Descriptions of God, cosmology, origins or spiritual essence, purpose of life and evolution, landmarks or delineation upon the path.


Identity states specific to a band of the continuum. Social identification with a religious group or sect (external), internal identification with one of the 12 spirits, a nucleus of identity or other essence within also focuses attention.


Intuitive resonance with one of the octaves of being. A disciple or initiate within a band of the continuum mirrors and resonates from a specific octave of being (darshan).


The way in which songs, chants or sermons are intoned resonates with different bands of the continuum.


Different images and archetypes arise at different bands of the GCC and have a powerful suggestive effect.


Feeling states may become conditioned to words (e.g., Savior, Demon, Heaven, Hell, Salvation, Damnation, Liberation) or images (Jesus on the cross, Krishna with his flute, the Buddha in meditation, Siva as Nataraja dancing).


Certain movements spontaneously arise from the unconscious; others personify forms of inner vehicles.


Beliefs can condition the entire gamut of emotions from fear and dread, to hope and faith, to awe and reverence, to joy and gratitude, to love and compassion.


"Rebirth" experiences, revelation of mysteries, or initiation into meditations that focus the attention on one of nuclei can shift the foundation of individual identity. External group identity conditions acceptable behavior, speech and values.


Satsang, inspired speaking from an ensouling entity, preaching under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, prophecy or channeling from a form of the Divine or other allegedly advanced spiritual entity can powerfully resonate with one of the octaves of Being, and awaken that ensouling entity and its corresponding spirit.

If you have been active in one or more religious or spiritual groups, then you may wish to examine these factors in order to see where the beliefs, rituals and the meditation/prayer practices of these groups focused your attention.

We have our meditation students examine the effects of different chants to see their differential action on their awareness. When you can clearly understand how these factors influence the focusing of your attention, you can learn to direct your attention at will to any band of the GCC that you wish. This brings Mastery of Raja Yoga.

Disciples of the Mudrashram® tradition learn to recognize these factors and identify where certain beliefs and practices focus the attention on the GCC. It is important to ultimately establish inner landmarks to delineate where these factors lead the attention. This will help you to gain the ability to understand and, later, guide others.

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