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The Significance of the Mudrashram® Work of
Mapping the Great Continuum of Consciousness


By George A. Boyd ©2010

When we examine the ways in which individuals interface with a particular band of the Superconscious mind along the Great Continuum of Consciousness, we find there are eight major principles through which this interaction occurs. These are:

  1. Existence – This means dwelling as the ensouling entity in a band of the Continuum.

  2. Sentience – This is dwelling as the spirit in this band of the Continuum contiguous to that ensouling entity.

  3. Witnessing and mapping – This is the process of observing and describing the features of this band of the Continuum using the attentional principle.

  4. Communication from this realm – This is speaking, writing, or using other creative expression to capture the phenomena of this realm, the experience of dwelling and progressing within it, and the truths and insights discovered through traveling on the Path in this realm.

  5. Emotional reaction – This is the higher order emotionality of the spirit that reacts to the impress of the Divine Spirit in this realm, which gives rise to the virtues, love and devotion, and the wish to serve humanity, the spiritual Master and the Divine.

  6. Volitional augmentation and empowerment – These are the abilities and powers that are gained through opening these bands of the Continuum, which may be channeled through the personality, or may be operated by the attentional principle, spirit or ensouling entity from the region of the Superconscious that has been colonized.

  7. Wisdom and understanding – This is the intuitive knowledge that guides behavior as the faculty of wisdom, reveals the symbols and archetypes that layer on the Plenum in this band of the Continuum, and brings understanding of its mysteries and metaphysical principles.

  8. Behavioral influence – This is the effect of above factors on values, beliefs and behavior. At this level, spirituality shapes character by influencing values and beliefs, which in turn guide behavior. This may influence people, for example, to attend a worship ceremony, to go on a pilgrimage, to pray or meditate to maintain their connection to this band of the Continuum, to read scriptures and books written from this realm, to donate money or perform volunteer service, and to restrain their speech and behavior in keeping with moral principles revealed from this realm.

The first three of these ways are a function of the attention. By meditating, the attention unites with the ensouling entity in this realm, explores its vehicles of consciousness, focuses on any nuclei of identity that are in this realm, communes with the spirit, and follows the attentional principle as it sojourns through this realm. This brings this realm into conscious experience.

The next four of these ways are a function of the volition. This higher octave of the will operates the faculties of the Superconscious mind at this level, giving rise to communication, expression of virtue, manifestation of its abilities and powers, and revelation of its truths and discoveries on the Path through this realm. This brings this realm into conscious expression.

The last of these ways are a function of the interaction between the personality and the spiritual principles. The overshadowing influence of the conscious expression of spirituality shapes personality. This brings this realm into human life.

The Attentional Principle’s Role
in Mapping the Continuum

The process of spiritual development has three major themes: (1) expression of spiritual realization, (2) abiding in the bliss of spiritual nature, and (3) the transformation of the Soul’s potentials—moving forward on the Path and transmuting the karmic material of the unconscious mind.

Those that actively transform their Soul’s potentials remove the obscuring blanket of karma and bring the buried realms of the unconscious into consciousness. As these realms come to light, the ensouling entity can operate within them, and the attentional principle can clearly see what is in them.

We can visualize this interface of the attentional principle and the Continuum of Consciousness as comprising four modes. These are summarized in the table below.

Attentional principle projects to this location Band of the Continuum is Opened
Yes No
Yes Conscious activation of this zone Awareness of
the Higher Unconscious
No Unawareness that this zone exists Nescience

What the attentional principle sees is a function of where it projects and whether that band has been opened to consciousness. Those that give spiritual guidance to humanity—the spiritual teachers, preceptors and Gurus—describe the path within the realm of the Continuum that they have opened, and prescribe that those that follow in their footsteps will likewise focus their attention and do their spiritual practices there.

This has resulted in groups of people colonizing a discrete band within the Continuum, which their technology of transformation allowed them to open. This Path or segment of the Continuum appears to them to be the complete cosmological explanation of Creation and mankind’s place in it, so they stop their development within the limits of this realm.

The Multiplane Masters of the Mudrashram® lineage noticed that this limitation imposed by lack of knowledge of other bands of the Continuum, coupled with ignorance of a transformation technology to open these other bands has resulted in these the different religious groups inhabiting isolated islands of spirituality. Surrounding these islands of consciousness are vast tracts of karmic accretion, blanketing the rest of the Continuum in nescience and oblivion.

To remedy this oversight, the Multiplane Masters identified three objectives of transformation: (1) to unfold the ensouling entity along its Path to achieve Liberation, (2) to open the channels of the Nada to free the spirit, and (3) to unfold the vehicles of consciousness associated with that ensouling entity to their origins.

They then determined the effective transformational methods that operate on these three objectives in each band of the Continuum—Subtle, Planetary, Transplanetary, Cosmic, Supracosmic, and Transcen-dental—and actively used these methods to clear away the entire karmic obscuration on the Continuum. This enabled them to map what is in each realm of the Continuum in detail.

They did this by first opening each realm, and then guiding George A. Boyd’s attentional principle to go to this realm to observe and describe what is there. This progressive, complete mapping of the Continuum was summarized in the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course, which was first released in 2006—the product of nine years of George A. Boyd’s work of meditating, observing, recording, writing and producing these two volumes.

This act of describing this grand vision of the Con-tinuum is equivalent, in the field of consciousness studies, to the sequencing of the human genome in biology. This work has effectively filled in the gaps of humanity’s knowledge about the Great Continuum of Consciousness.

For the first time, we can genuinely see what is this grand potential for humanity’s spiritual development, plus we now have a technology of transformation matched to each zone. This effectively opens the unlimited spiritual potential of humanity: there are no longer limits to humanity’s spiritual growth. This is the significance of the Mudrashram® work of mapping the Great Continuum of Consciousness.



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