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The Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation


This is your opportunity to learn a complete, balanced program of Integral meditation in six week nights. This class introduces ten different aspects of meditation drawn from Eastern and Western sources. You will learn the theory of meditation, practice the techniques of meditation, and you will receive seven Light Immersion sittings to deepen your experience.

The course will include:


(1) Introduction to Integral Meditation

You will receive an overview of the Yoga of the Seven Mudras. You will be introduced to maps of consciousness, models for understanding the whole being, the purpose of spiritual evolution, and the Integral meditation approach to accelerating spiritual development. You will be taught seven techniques for Centering.


(2) Kundalini Yoga

You will learn what the Kundalini Shakti is and how it works to open your Superconscious mind. You will be trained in a technique to awaken your inner power of energy and awareness, the Kundalini Shakti. You will receive the first Light Immersion sitting, the Kundalini Mudra.

(3) Nada Yoga

You will explore the inner path of Light and Sound, the Nada. You will be instructed in contemplative mantra, given visualizations to allow you contact your spirit in the inner spiritual domains, and shown methods to focus upon your spiritual heart. You will receive the second Light Immersion sitting, the Nada Mudra.


(4) Invocational Methods

You will explore seven methods for accessing and using your subconscious, unconscious, and Superconscious mind: prayer, autosuggestion, affirmation, process meditation, intoning, chanting, and opening (latihan).

(5) Mantra Yoga

Different uses of mantramic invocation will be explained, including the use of seed (bija) mantra as a transformational method. You will be given an individualized transformational mantra and practice it. You will receive the third Light Immersion Sitting, the Mantra Mudra.


(6) Raja Yoga

You will be shown how to control your attention and transfer your consciousness at will from the waking state to ecstatic union with your Soul in the state of deepest absorption (Samadhi). You will be exposed to the threefold process of Raja Yoga: concentration, contemplation, and absorption (Samyama). You will receive the fourth Light Immersion sitting, the Raja Mudra.

(7) Guru Kripa Yoga

This will elucidate the concepts of spiritual empowerment, your Soul Purpose, how a Master works with your Soul, what Initiation is, and the process of inner re-integration. You will be led to visualize your Soul Purpose, and receive the fifth Light Immersion sitting, the Guru Kripa Mudra.


(8) Jnana Yoga

You will learn about the intuitional methods of reflective and receptive meditation. You will use six techniques to help you receive guidance from your Soul. You will receive the sixth Light Immersion sitting, the Jnana Mudra.

(9) Agni Yoga

You will be revealed the mystery of the Inner Light and Fire that enables you to raise the vibrations within your body to attune with and become an instrument for your Soul. You will work with issues in the unconscious mind and transform them using the Rainbow technique. You will receive the seventh Light Immersion sitting, the Agni Mudra.


(10) Dharma Yoga

You will explore what it means to live a balanced life, and contemplate the four pillars of spiritual life. You will learn how to get into touch with your inner sense of Truth (Dharma). You will do processes to gain insight into what constitutes integrity and right action for you. You will encounter the Soul's expression in your life through the process of the four times.


A summary of core concepts of Integral meditation will be presented. This is also your opportunity to have your questions answered. You may also make an appointment for an individual meditation consultation at this time if you desire additional guidance for your meditation practice.

About the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation

If you're going to take one meditation class in your life time, this is the one for you! Look at all you will get in this extraordinary class:

In six weeknights, you will experience seven complete systems of meditation. You will learn and practice 28 powerful meditation techniques. You will receive seven light immersion sittings. You will be able to simply understand the concepts of how and why to use each meditation.

Streamlined for our current times, this timeless knowledge is yours for a fraction of the time and cost you would have to invest if you had to search out this material for yourself. These are invaluable tools that will help you to combat stress, develop powerful concentration, enhance your creativity, show you how to find life direction and answers to your deepest questions, give you the keys to having mystic meditation experiences to grow closer to God, and much more. These are the same secret methods taught by the Mystic Masters to accelerate spiritual growth and promote success in every area of your life, now available to you in this inspiring course.

These are tools that will benefit you for a lifetime—compelling methods you will find uses for every day. You will find yourself practicing them again and again to help you successfully reach your dreams and aspirations.

Here's how you can enroll.

The Master Course Add-On
to the Accelerated Meditation Program

Some of you who have started the Accelerated Meditation Program has discovered to your chagrin that you just don't learn well from reading a book and listening to a compact disk. You feel you need the live one-on-one contact with a teacher, and you want to experience the empowering mudras that the in-person class brings.

We hear you! We have decided to make this course available to you for the balance of the cost of the Master Course. This offer is only for those who have actually purchased an Acclerated Meditation Program, or who have completed the program and feel they want the extra guidance from a live instructor. This is a limited time offer.

The course will be taught as a live webinar once weekly for nine weeks—It will be broken down into smaller modules to make it easier for you to learn these materials on-line. The course will include your private meditation consultation, which we will schedule individually. You will get the same attunements that you would get in the live Mudrashram® Course in Meditation class with us.

You will need to have a video camera on your computer and have a fast broadband internet connection, as we will do a live video feed where you will see your instructor and get to ask questions in real time. Because of the bandwidth limitations of our webinar provider, no more than four of you can take this class at once with the instructor.

Upon completion, you will receive your certificate of completion. This entitles you to obtain books of the level one Initiate's Library, the Satsang Program Home Study Course, and the MudrashramŪ Correspondence Course. After six months of regular study and meditation, you will be eligible to enroll in the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation.

At the time of the consultation, you may also arrange receive a Master Course workbook for a nominal extra charge and postage, if you believe that this is something you absolutely require. [Please note that you already do have essentially the same material in your Accelerated Meditation Program workbook—it is simply presented in a different way.]

If you are interested in this add-on, please contact us george at


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