Contextual Understanding of the Divine Will

By George A. Boyd ©2017

Q: Judging from the various scriptures of the world, it appears that the Divine Will seems to want humanity to do different things. Each spiritual teaching also seems to espouse a dissimilar version of what the Divine wants people to do. Which version of the Divine Will are we supposed to believe?

A: If you understand the Divine Will as a force that spurs spiritual growth and development towards completion in different bands of the Continuum, the instructions conveyed through that Divine direction are distinct for each level. For example, if I were going to guide you to climb a mountain, I would be giving you different sets of directions on what to do than if I were telling you to cross a powerful river.

The Divine Will for the Subtle Realm and Probationary Path portion of the Planetary Realm—the Biophysical Universe, the Abstract Mind Plane, the Psychic Realm, and the Wisdom Plane—is a calling to develop the Soul to qualify to enter the stream of the First Planetary Initiation.

  • In the Lower and Middle bands of the Subtle Realm, the customs, rules, and laws of tribal groups and the world civilizations that are embedded on those levels condition people’s freedom, but their Soul Spark learns specific skills and knowledge drawn from these levels.
  • In the Lower Astral Plane, they must ultimately choose to renounce power over others to become a servant, or wind up becoming a slave of the Dark Force.
  • In the Subtle Illumined Mind, they must discover how they can help those caught in the morass of the Lower Astral Plane become free.
  • In the four levels of the Probationary Path, they must master the skills and knowledge that each level confers upon their Soul.

Those Souls who successfully navigate this labyrinth arrive at the doorway of the Planetary Initiations.

Within the five Planetary Initiations, the Divine Will guides individuals to complete their Soul Purpose, to master the knowledge and abilities each Initiation confers, and to develop the ability to minister to others. This ultimately culminates in the union of the Soul with the Light that sent it forth, which we call the Nirvanic Flame.

The Transplanetary segment of spiritual development has three segments.

The Planetary Logos segment, in which individuals become Adepts and Adept Masters, the emphasis is on serving those who are in the Planetary Realm.

In the Solar Logos segment, individuals are trained to minister to those who are working on the sacred planets of our Solar System.

In the Pleiadean segment, they are trained to minister to those who are working on the sacred planets of the other seven solar systems that make up our Monadic Life Wave.

In the five Cosmic Initiations, the Divine Will guides the Astral Soul to gain Mastery over the content of the first five Planes of the Cosmic Sphere, and develop the nucleus of identity of each Initiation and its associated vehicles of consciousness to completion. Upon completion of these five tasks, the Astral Soul is given the choice to enter Liberation from the Cosmic Sphere, or to serve in the Cosmic Hierarchy.

In the Supracosmic Sphere, each of the 64 active Paths has as its mission the liberation of the Supracosmic seed atom and raising the Supracosmic Soul to the stage of Mastery on that Path. These apparently variant directives that each Path communicates can be understood from the coordinating influence of the Supreme Guru, who guides each Supracosmic Master to assist those who come to their Path to complete these objectives. The next stage of development is for the Supracosmic Soul to ascend to Liberation in its origin, which is called Mahaparinirvana.

For each of the Transcendental Paths, the Bridge Path, and T1 to T7, the Divine Will calls the spirit to return to its origin and the ensouling entity of each path to ascend to Mastery and Liberation.

If you understand the Divine Will is ultimately guiding you to Mastery and spiritual completion—and that different instructions must be given for discrete stages of the Path—these apparent contradictions dissolve. So if you go to a Guru of one of the eight paths of the Vishnu Plane, he is going to give you distinct guidance for that Path, and this will be very dissimilar than the directions you will receive if you are traversing the degrees of the Rosicrucian Mystery School of the First Esoteric Initiation.

If you are studying chemistry, you will have another textbook and course of instruction than if you are studying English. The same thing applies to the diverse spiritual schools, which teach you to gain Mastery of their Path.

The Divine Will is going to whisper to you specific instructions for the completion of your Soul’s Purpose, its spiritual destiny, and its Aeonic mission of Mastery of every level and band of the Great Continuum of Consciousness. We encourage you to cultivate the ability to hear this voice within and follow its direction, as it will unerringly lead you to Mastery and Liberation—to which it has called you from the beginning of Time.

Concerning the World Mind

By George A. Boyd ©2017

Q: What is the world mind?

A: There are several constructions of the world mind, which are described below:

  1. A purported neuro-electric network connecting the brains of human beings – this allows us to understand other people’s communication.
  2. The Internet – the collected assembly of human knowledge on a series of storage devices throughout the world, allowing dynamic intercommunication of this knowledge. This is humanity’s concretization of the information Aether.
  3. The international forum for resolution of world problems – this includes international organizations like the United Nations and the World Court, which however ineffectually, attempt to work with the needs and concerns of disparate nations at different stages of economic and social development. This brings a global perspective on human affairs, and reminds us that we are one world—and humanity, however diverse, is one family.
  4. The mind of Nature – In the Gaia hypothesis, the world itself is a conscious being. It operates to nurture, care for, and sustain the different kingdoms under its aegis—the deva-angelic, human, animal, plant, monera (e.g., bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and viruses), and mineral.
  5. The collective mind that absorbs humanity in materialism – This vision of the collective world mind appears to conflate the maelstrom of evil that the Lower Astral Plane embodies with the combined progress of humanity in science, technologies, and humanistic social advancement outside the circle of the Planetary Initiations.

Aspirants and disciples need to be aware of the content that arises from the Lower Astral, and keep themselves free from its influences. They also need to be aware of the advances of science and humanism, and utilize these advances to enhance their career and carry out their life’s work.

  1. The “mind” outside the spiritual Path – Viewed from spiritual traditions embedded in the Cosmic, Supracosmic, and Transcendental levels of the Continuum of Consciousness, it appears that the Subtle, Planetary, and Transplanetary bands constitute an outer darkness, a matrix of nescience, or a cloak over the “higher truths” revealed upon their Path. What these traditions fail to grasp is that the darkness they see is their own unawakened potentials in these realms—what they have done is skipped ahead to Higher Octave spiritual work and failed to complete their spiritual development in these realms.

Even though it takes longer, in Mudrashram®, we complete your spiritual development in these lower bands first, before working in these higher octaves.

The Subtle, Planetary, and Transplanetary Realms have been construed as a series of lower chakras in the feet and legs below the spine, as a series of “lower worlds,” or a collective matrix of illusion (Maya). Some groups consider the personal integration centers of the human personality—the ego and the Self—are embedded in this “outer darkness” and must be transcended. Spiritual work, in their view, is that spiritual work is contingent upon restraining the personality and detaching from it, living instead in union with a higher spiritual essence.

  1. The Great Continuum of Consciousness – This vision of the world mind construes a continuum of consciousness reaching from centers below the waking state of consciousness in the Conscious mind to the highest levels of the Transcendental Sphere in the Superconscious mind. We have mapped this Continuum and explicated its many levels in the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course. In this perspective, spiritual groups colonize discrete levels upon this Continuum and open tracks through it—these are the different spiritual Paths. This view of the collective mind does not create splits between an outer mind and an inner Path—it instead describes and delineates the content at each level, noting where it dwells upon this Continuum.

We are concerned when spiritual traditions embrace world mind conceptions five and six that demonize and deprecate the material progress of the world, or write off entire bands of the Continuum as an illusion or as outer darkness. This can lead to paranoid belief systems that see evil everywhere; and produce protective “lighthouse” mindsets, where they confine themselves to the safety of the Light of the Path they have opened—and split themselves off from their personality and the rich content of the bands of the Continuum they have rejected.

We recommend that aspirants and disciples contemplate these seven types of world mind conceptions and familiarize themselves with them. They should pay special attention to see if they are creating inner splits between the “Path” and their personality, or between their Path and an “outer darkness.”

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Why Do People Want to Learn to Meditate

By George A. Boyd © 2017

There are a variety of motivations why people adopt meditation and other modalities to work on themselves. Here are seven major reasons people take up this practice:

  1. There are those who want to experience stress release, more conscious presence, and more control in their lives. Mindfulness training helps people achieve this aim.
  2. There are those who desire to deal with their life challenges. For example, people want to find a girlfriend or boyfriend, lose weight, earn more money, or be more successful in their business. Modalities such as autohypnosis, hypnotherapy, affirmations, belief in the Law of Attraction, or targeted coaching for their life concern assist them handle these practical life concerns.
  3. There are those who are on a quest for meaning, authenticity, and the discovery of spiritual truths. These benefit from the study of spiritual books, psychotherapy, self-introspection, personal inventory, journaling, philosophical inquiry, and contemplative reflection.
  4. There are those who seek the experience of mystery, enlightenment, and union with the Divine within them. These gravitate towards Taoist breath work, martial arts, hatha yoga, meditation methods that unite the attention with the Soul, and the Jnana Yoga practices of spiritual discernment.
  5. There are those who yearn for a conscious relationship with God, and want to live in harmony with their Soul Purpose and the Divine Will. These find solace in faith in God, prayer, worship, study of scriptures, and practices of mystic spiritual communion like Nada Yoga and Guru Dhyan Yoga (meditation on the form of the guide form of the spiritual Master).
  6. There are those who aspire to gain spiritual powers, to breakthrough into ecstatic union with the Divine, to gain Samadhi and Self Transcendence. These are attracted to Mantra Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Raja Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga Paths.
  7. There are those who choose to make their conscious ascension, unfold their core spiritual potentials, and gain spiritual salvation—fulfilling each aspect of their Divine Purpose and Plan and ascending to Mastery in this lifetime. These are drawn to Integral Meditation.

The Mudrashram® System of Integral Meditation has programs to assist seekers who approach meditation with any of these seven motivations.

  • For type one, we train you in mindfulness and stress reduction practices in our Introduction to Meditation Program and Foundations of Practical Meditation Course.
  • For type two, we teach you powerful meditations to access the subconscious mind—autohypnosis, affirmation, and process meditation—in our intermediate courses, the on-line and by-mail Accelerated Meditation Program and the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation.
  • For type three, we teach you contemplative practices in our intermediate courses, and how to do introspection and inventory in our Introduction to Meditation Program.
  • For type four, we teach you methods to awaken the Soul and gain enlightenment in our intermediate courses; in our advanced course, the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation; and the Samadhi Week Program.
  • For type five, we teach the practices of Nada Yoga and effective prayer in our intermediate courses, and the practice of conscious communion with the guide in our advanced course and in the on-line Satsang Program Study Course.
  • For type six, we train you in the key practices of Mantra Yoga, Raja Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga in our intermediate courses, and introduce you to Kriya Yoga in our advanced course.
  • For type seven, we teach you the three core practices of Integral Meditation—transformational mantra, opening the channels of the Nada with the spirit, and ascension in full consciousness as the attentional principle—that enable you to accelerate your spiritual progress and travel the Light Stream to conscious spiritual Mastery in this lifetime.

We invite you to explore the teachings of our system of Integral Meditation on this website through reading articles on our Open Stacks page and in our Library. If this resonates for you, you may wish to study our webinars and read our books, or obtain a personal guidance session. If all this makes sense to you and you feel ready to meditate, you are welcome to begin studying meditation with us on this website or in person.