How Do You Contact God?

By George A. Boyd ©2015

Many people do not believe in God, because they have never experienced this Divine Being directly. Like discovery of the Soul, the encounter with God also appears to pass through several stages. These are summarized below.

  • Atheism – No other essence other than the brain and the universe that can be known through astrophysics is evident to you, and you do not believe that God exists.
  • Agnosticism – You have no experience of God, but you notice that others seem to have experiences that indicate to them that God is real. You entertain the idea that God may exist, but you maintain the belief that until God reveals Himself, you will continue to hold an agnostic belief about God.
  • Mystery – You have an experience that you cannot explain within the parameters of science or what you have previously known in your life. These experiences can include consciously journeying out of your body (astral projection), suddenly feeling one with the universe (a peak experience or mystical experience), or feeling the infilling of God’s Light in your heart (anointing with the Holy Spirit). You cannot deny this experience: it may lead you to quest for an answer or explanation, or you may consider that you went temporarily insane, and you will seek to suppress the experience.
  • Encounter with Spiritual Grace and Power – You experience this when you spend time in the Presence of a highly spiritually advanced human being—a Master or Initiate. You sense great Light emanates from them, great love and purity pervade the space around them, and you sense a powerful presence within them. Their words seem to come from some deep reservoir of wisdom. They have penetrating insight and knowledge. You leave their company touched and moved: you see something of your own spiritual potential mirrored in them.
  • Numinous encounter – You experience a numinous encounter in meditation: here you may behold an angel or a radiant Ascended Master, who tells you about God. Through what they describe to you, you sense something of this Divine Being, and sense that this Being is at a deeper level of the Great Continuum of Consciousness.
  • Faith and dialog – At this stage you come to believe in a form of God, and you pray to this Being, and listen for the Divine to answer your prayers. You may begin a question and answer dialog with this Being through the cord of faith and remembrance. This is the level people experience when they adopt religious faith.
  • Mystic union (Samadhi) – At this stage, your attentional principle, your spirit, or your Soul enters into the Presence of God at one level of the Continuum, and you directly encounter this Being. Here you can verify that God exists—at least this form of God you have directly encountered. As you progress on the spiritual path, you encounter even greater forms of God beyond this first encounter.
  • Empowerment – When you reach this stage, God empowers you with Light to teach, initiate, or guide others. This is the stage of spiritual Mastery. You dwell in the Presence of God. You know God’s will. You become the conduit of God’s love, wisdom, and Grace.

If you have gone through the barrier of mystery, and have begun to experience the Superconscious mind, you will ultimately directly encounter the forms of God on the Great Continuum of Consciousness. People believe in God, and pray to this Being; those that learn the key techniques of transformational, spiritual, and attentional meditation can actually ascend into the Divine Presence—and ultimately become a conduit for Divine Grace and Love.

We teach these methods through which you can experience Soul Realization and God Communion in our intermediate courses—the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program and the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation. If you persist in your meditation using these methods, you will discover God in the many ways that the Divine appears on the Great Continuum, and ultimately, you will rise into your own state of Mastery and Empowerment.

Ways You Connect with the Soul

By George A. Boyd © 2015

Seekers are often unclear about how they get into touch with the Soul, and how the Soul communicates its message to them. There appears to be a progressive deepening in receptivity to the guidance of the Soul, ranging from being completely cut off from your Soul to knowing without a doubt that your Soul is directly communicating with you. These seven stages are shown below:

  1. Dormant – you have no connection with the Soul. You are not aware of any spiritual essence outside of your brain.
  2. Coincidence – your Soul communicates with you through signs, omens, and serendipitous encounters during your waking life. These seem confusing and mysterious, and you have no rational explanation for these events.
  3. Symbol – you receive cryptic communications in your dreams that are conveyed by symbols or images, whose meaning is not clear to you. You attempt to interpret these meanings to understand them.
  4. Felt sense – you have a hunch or felt sense that something is not right, or you have a felt sense that you must do something. It is insistent; sometimes it is hard to ignore this feeling. This marks the dawning of intuition.
  5. Still small voice – your Soul makes its ideas and wishes known to you as audible thought: you hear its voice. You cannot always be certain at this level whether this message comes from the Soul, or from some other level of your mind.
  6. Inner guide – your Soul appears in an archetypal or radiant guide form, and you dialog with it directly. There is some question here whether or not the form you see is actually communicating from the Soul or some other source.
  7. Direct reception – you unite with the Soul and you listen to it directly: you are absolutely certain that the message you receive is coming from the Soul.

You can directly communicate with the Soul through a process called Receptive Meditation. We describe seven methods for receiving guidance from the Soul in the Introduction to Meditation Course, and teach you a method called the Remembrance Method, by which you are able to communicate with the Soul over the cord of remembrance.

In our intermediate courses, the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program, and the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation, we teach a more advanced form of Receptive Meditation. In this method, you will travel in full consciousness into the presence of your Soul, and ask your questions to it directly.

We encourage seekers to learn to know their Soul and to unmistakably identify its communications. Once you reach this state of clarity, you will be able to verify the source of these intuitive messages genuinely is coming from the Soul, and not from somewhere else. You will build your foundation of spiritual knowledge upon this bedrock of certainty and clarity—instead of signs and symbols, and voices and visions—you will know your living Soul and know for certain that it speaks to you, unequivocally.

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